Honouring Heroes and Facilitating Future Ones?

The heroes of a country are considered its irreplaceable asset but in Pakistan they are left forgotten.

A few years ago, it was discovered by a private TV channel that Pakistan’s star squash player was selling chips on a road-side.
Recently, more stories like the aforementioned are emerging by the day.
Of Pakistan’s once Olympian Bicyclist driving a rick-shaw and offering to sell his medals, a national heavy-weight lifter is also living a life of poverty and has put his medals and awards for sale to earn money.
Pakistan’s young boxer from Quetta who participated in many national and foreign boxing events is now working at a burger shop for a meagre amount of money to earn bread and butter for his family while his foreign peers reach new heights of glory everyday.

What we see in all these cases is one evident factor that all of these heroes have one thing in common, they are jobless.
It is definite that an athelte will have to travel down the mountain of success and glory after reaching its peak, they will have to do something to support themselves if they haven’t earned a great amount of money.

The Government should ensure these people who crowned Pakistan with numerous jewels of prestige and prominence, means to suppport themselves, that is to give them appropriate jobs. They Government had guaranteed and promised them of full facilitation in this regard but as usual, it reflected their attitude in politics of unfulfilled promises and lip service.

As far as the new and emerging talent of the country is concerned, such as Naseem Hameed who has proved to be the fastest woman in the region in SAG and young boxer from Quetta who selles burgers today, they should be given full attention and provided with the best of facilities.
Pakistan is not short of talent nor potential but only lacks the facilities to polish the skills of its future stars who can be a cause of great pride for the nation in the future.

If the heroes of a country are not valued and honoured, they country will eventually stop producing them at a point in time.

– Hafsa Khawaja