Jamshed Dasti And The PM

My letter in the NewsPost on the appointment of Jamshed Dasti, whose graduation degree was proven fake, as the advisor to the Prime Minister:

Saturday, April 17, 2010:

This is with reference to your editorial “Dasti and the PM” (April 12). The PPP has once again decided to give party ticket to Jamshed Dasti to contest the by-election. He had resigned recently after his graduation degree was proved a fake. Rather than reprimanding him, the PPP has once again taken a step that will damage its image. On the other hand, another MNA who had to resign due to the same reason has been welcomed by Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseer because he decided to join the PPP. What kind of message are they giving us? That fraudsters will be rewarded rather than punished? While the PPP has learned and admirable people like Raza Rabbani and Aitzaz Ahsan it is patronising dubious characters like Jamshed Dasti. The PPP should maintain some standard. Where are Sherry Rehman and Naheed Khan?

Hafsa Khawaja