Studying history, always reading, occasionally writing.

Can be reached at hafsaomarkhawaja [at] gmail [dot] com.

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  1. Hashim Butt says:

    your aspirations are commendable indeed. I hope and pray that one day you have hundreds and thousands of followers carrying the same thoughts and objective(s). If only our youth could be so enlightened, they can surely make this country (if not the entire world) a better place 🙂 keep it up!!

  2. Yasser says:

    We as youth also need to plan how to spread the voice to those who are living in rural areas.

    Welcome and good luck ahead 🙂

  3. you are making a remarkable effort and doing your part very enthusiastically . Need of the hour is that we should change ourselves first. i believe that the person who veils the truth has the same share as a liar does. May allah help you in every positive effort you are making.


    • Thank you very much for these heartening words of appreciation!
      I hope to keep up with the expectations and do more in this aim.

    • sadiq ali khoja says:

      hello Hafsa, how are you this Universe is so humonguous, you cannot get rid of extermism, as Allah has said in Quran, had I wanted i could have created one religion one sect but it was my decision to make so many religions, so you will get cultural inequalities and persucation which is not right regards Ali

      • Hello, thank you for visiting the blog.
        Indeed persecution is not right and that itself, I believe, burdens us with the duty to stand up against it.

  4. Mohsin says:

    Hey there Miss Hafsa, This is Mohsin Mirza ( President Reform Fraternity). Basically I’ve created a social network and org aimed at youth activism. I wanted to enquire if u would be interested in contributing on the forums and blogs of our website, if so i ll be very appreciative!


  5. Your focus and zeal is highly laudable..

  6. Nooruddin Jalal says:

    I’m inspired. Wonderful work Hafsa…………Actually we both are yearning for the change in this loam. But some time I feel that we are trying to catch a black cat in a dark room or may be suffering from a bad dream and have started acting like a blind man groping in the dark- when we talk of “The Change”. Because we are already under the command of an eye.They have various unethical ways of controlling our mind and have invented many inventions to scatter our attention. First we need to get ride of the addiction and need to ponder because the 10th century crusades born again and have started to destabilize the peaceful nation……Peace

    I appreciate your thought and work for Pakistan. Keep awakening us.

  7. Pakistan is indeed full of mystery – such a young country and thus far achieved so much and yet to achieve so much. I’m not surprised by the kind that live in Pakistan as I find them to be full, fearless and achievers. The only negative aspect which ruins it for all is the Political drama – but I guess this then gives Pakistan two wings to fly and not just one.

  8. I think the first step to begin the revolution should be to “Own” this land as ours and not point fingers at other calling them “Sindhi/Punjabi/Pathan..etc”. Entering this phase in entirely in our own hands.. so let us begin!

  9. Ahmad says:

    your writtings are commendable. Keep it going!

  10. Blood-Ink-Diary says:

    Hafsa, am glad we have come across each other’s sphere! I have relished going through some of your writings (shall continue more during the weekend!), what a remarkable expression in your writings. Keep the veins from running dry, keep penning, dear Hafsa. We shall be in touch! Cheers. Ssd

  11. Mudasar says:

    I came across your blog while goggling something and ended up reading your reply to Mr. Hitchens “The Problem Isn’t With Pakistan’s Name Mr. Hitchens!”. I am really impressed by your patriotism and knowledge.

    Keeping in mind your flare of learning I would like to extend an invitation for a Society Lecture on “Reflections on the Ethical Foundations of Pakistan” on Saturday, June 2, 2012 at the Serena Hotel, Islamabad, if you happen to be in Islamabad at that time.

  12. Abdul Rauf says:

    Wow. Superb writing style you hold the quality of online writing. I’m proud you’re a Pakistan. Pakistan must be proud of you. You are also an icon for the youngsters of Pakistan. I’m very happy at success of your blog. I also write a bit about life’s lessons and happenings on My Life Blog. Hope you’d contribute to that by gues-posting. Thanks.

    • Although neither I nor my writings warrant such praise, but thank you for such generously kind thoughts, Abdul.

      I appreciate that you spared time to go through my posts, comment and leave such an encouraging feedback.

      Why not? I would be most happy to write a guest post in near future.


  13. Used to enjoy your tweets, just skim read ur blog, tum tou kafi serious blogger niklee.n unlike me, http://legslip.com/about/

  14. Dee says:

    Hafsa, I really enjoyed and appreciated some of the articles that you have written on your blog. I wanted to bring your attention to a gentleman originally from Pakistan that is helping to bring about interfaith harmony in our world. His name is Shawn Rae at http://www.ShawnRae.com
    His interfaith harmony efforts are as follows:

    Also here is his tribute to Malala & World Youth

    Thanks for all that you do for enlightening our world.

  15. HS says:

    I am very happy to come across your blog, which offers some refreshing insights. I am also a fellow concerned Pakistani..just beginning to pen my thoughts:


  16. MuhammadBilalSaad says:

    dear Hafsa Khwaja
    i have read your blog you are a really good writer
    and your profile is also good i have also write few of articles and need your help to become a good writer.

  17. Haris Naseer says:

    Good work with:


    You are absolutely right, today one is seen as stupid and highly unpatriotic if they are not a PTI supporter. I don’t know if we(they) will see the change we(they) hope for, but I have seen one change already; people (especially PTI’ites) have started judging other’s morals, intelligence, and patriotism based on the party they support. I hope this attitude of PTI supporters change.

    Great read! Keep it up.

    • Thank you for reading Haris.
      I apologise for temporarily closing the comments section on that post due to the seemingly-never-ending bombardment of comments on it, I thought I should slow them down a bit so I can respond more evenly.

      I wholly and completely agree with your views, can well relate to it.

      Thank you again!

  18. Osama Saddique says:

    Just read your latest post (PTI supporters..) and if it wasn’t almost sacrilegious to me, Id ask, ‘ app mujh say fraandship karein gi?’. Refreshing to be reminded that Pakistan still has great minds who can articulate a good thought.
    You would make for a great chai buddy…tsk, the distance. In the meantime Ill manage with just your blog.

  19. Asad says:

    Hi Hafsa,

    I have read your post “An Open Letter to PTI Supporters”, it reflects my sentiments as well. I myself have been in a similar position and had to find myself to vent out on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/asad4/posts/10151544854160914

    I own the blog Read.PK which a platform for writers to write about their views and opinion. I can share your story with your name and blog url on my blog if you agree


    • Hello Asad,

      I’m glad to know that it reflects the sentiments of many, thank you for reading the post.

      I would certainly have no problem with the post being shared on Read.PK, feel free to republish it.


  20. Asma says:

    “An Open Letter to PTI Supporters”

    Well said.Hoping you’d write more before 11th May. 🙂

  21. Chosen a good words with a fine sense to deliver the thoughts.
    Wish to hear more from your side soon…

  22. A.S says:

    Dearest Hafsa,

    Apologies for leaving a comment here which is actually a very specific question but I couldn’t find a more private contact button.

    I’d really appreciate any help in getting in touch with Aatif who made the docu ‘postcards from Lahore’.

    On a different note, I work for the UK chapter of and strongly support a charity called The Citizens Foundation (TCF). I don’t know if you are familiar with our work. In a nutshell we build and manage schools across Pakistan for the disadvantaged often going into areas no one else cares to go, rural villages and slums. http://www.tcf-uk.org

    If your focus turns to education for one of your blog entries, I would highly recommend you look into TCF’s model, which is know to be astoundingly cost-effective and yet imparts a high-quality education. We don’t believe in poor schools or schooling for poor kids. I’m happy to help in any way I can along the way.

    all my very best,
    from another patriotic Pakistani,

    • Hello there Amina,
      I’ve responded to your comment in detail regarding contact with Aatif and TCF, please do check your email.

      Thank you for visiting the blog.


  23. Their is much to argue about especially welcoming Mengals, Vote for Nawaz Sharif and his achievements. I think reality may be some thing else rather than what u have portrayed.
    Well over all i appreciate your effort and respect your views and wish you have a good time ahead.

  24. Khaula Nazir says:

    That is a pretty beautiful blog you have here….
    Off to read some posts now.

    • Hi there, thank you so much Khaula!

      • Rehan says:


        I can’t seem to write a new comment due to some internet glitch so I am inserting one here ( sorry about the clumsiness). I try writing myself and I am bad at it ! All the same , I am very critical of what I read and most of the time , I am quite put off by the tone of the articles.

        I must say that the passion and pride in your articles is really refreshing. I really liked the title of your blog ( Resonance of a Pakistani Mind ). You have yet another follower , congratulations!

        Keep up the great work . Thumbs up !! 🙂

      • Hello,
        Thank you so much for these words of appreciation and encouragement!
        And you should write, I believe there is a writer in all of us, just waiting to be discovered.
        Hope you keep visiting the blog and keep up with the feedback. 🙂

  25. Asma says:

    You should write more often.

  26. Rai M Azlan says:

    normally i refrain from reading “About” page just like i forbear to write one. however, reading this one made me realised that you are my classmate, somehow, this “student of life” is a tag line i have been using for my self for ages. good to see another one from my class 🙂

  27. faiza khalil says:

    Dear Ms. Hafsa Khawaja

    I’m writing you this letter to invite you to visit us at Karachi vocational and training center (KVTC). This is a wonderful institute located in P-10commercial Avenue, Phase IV, DHA, for intellectually challenged children. This institute is preparing our children for a better tomorrow, showing them there is more than just what they may see when looking out of their front door.

    Since its inception in 1991 KVTC, offers a complete rehabilitation program where intellectually challenged people can develop, learn trade, find jobs and earn their livelihoods. The Centre’s annual objective is to find gainful employment for 20 trainees from simple, manual jobs to office jobs in multi-national companies. Last year through our significant awareness efforts, we were able to find jobs for over 50 trainees, three of which were at Unilever Pakistan, one at the Sir Syed University Lab, one at Attock cement, and over 30 in in-house jobs. In-house jobs, at KVTC’s premises, involved making Brand Ambassador Uniforms for Unilever’s Blue Brand margarine, office shelves for Bayer Pakistan, high quality exclusive block prints for exhibitions, and working full time as assistant Skill Trainers. You will also find our graduated trainees working in the HR department at HSBC Bank’s head office, at United Bakery, and Mr. Burger.
    I believe your words not only instigate people but grab their interest in a cause too, shedding light on how these children our differently abled and not disabled through your work will help people understand persons with mental retardation also have the potential to work, just as normal adults work to earn their livelihood.
    This is an Institute you can be proud of, and it is worth you taking the time out of your busy schedule to come and see for yourself.
    We welcome you and look forward to your visit anytime between 9.30 a.m. and 1.30 p.m., Monday to Thursday (9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. on Friday). For any questions or to co-ordinate your visit, please call on 0321 826 7326.
    Apologies for leaving a comment here,but I couldn’t find a more private contact button.
    Faiza khalil
    WEB: http://www.kvtc.org.uk
    EMAIL: Faiza.khalil.pt@kvtc.org.pk

  28. Muhammed shahzad says:

    Slamoalikum behun g ALLAH PAK aap ko kamiabi say nuwazy

  29. meenat94 says:

    okay so im super new here (as in wordpress), and idk how to send personal messages here, maybe you cant so ill just write it over here
    hi, imma media student currently working on a project and am interested in your writings/posts. hit me up, if youre interested in publishing your work on a platform encouraging, promoting pakistani youth

  30. Sarmad Ali says:

    May I have your email id?

  31. Usman says:

    You better complete your studies and get married, miss. You don’t understand politics.

  32. You are having great art of putting arguments in a sequence that pushes one to agreement’s point! Love reading such persons!

  33. Emad Shah says:

    Read the Headline of your Blog: Civil Disobedience: Another nail in PTI’s political coffine; published unfortunately in dawn.com; needless to say I did not read the article. Did you do any research before coming up with this sensational headline? obviously not.

    • Well, to inform you, publications more than often decide headlines and titles themselves; and same was the case here.
      Thank you for reading……the article title.

      • Rehan says:

        I read the entire article and I completely agree to it . I voted for PTI and I have been witnessing PTI make it’s own coffin in Islamabad for the past several days . IK is in-charge of driving in big nails in PTI coffin which would be left to rot . A terrible demise for a party that held such promise of a bright future !

      • It is tragic really that, as I wrote in one of my articles, a party with such immense potential to be a potent force of opposition (which PML-N sorely needs) and completely transform the politics of it in Pakistan; and which had a whole province to practically demonstrate the change it claims to represent, would embark on such callow politics of destabilization, and destruction.
        You don’t need to be in government to make an impact in the country; opposition and government are two wings of governance. One can not do without the other, their balance is what drives a smooth flight towards whatever goals.

  34. rehanud1975 says:

    Hi Hafsa !

    Can you please list your top 10 favorite books of all time (non-fiction) . I love to write as well and am forever updating my to-read list . Hope it’s not too much to ask 🙂

  35. rehanud1975 says:

    PTI indeed had a golden opportunity by having KPK to it self . I consider KPK to be the most challenging province , despite being the smallest one. IK could have tried to turn it around and make it a living example of progress. People from all over Pakistan would probably have voted for him then.

    IK has lost support now . I am not saying he is totally all alone . But the supporters that are not “hardcore” ( and there are quite a lot of those) have left him due to his “Dharna” and “Long March” Politics. One may blame the supporters for being “fickle” but I do not believe in the politics of “Individuals”. I was told by a PTI supporter that he voted for IK and it does not matter who enters or leaves it ( referring to Javed Hashmi). I don’t think a party can last long when it’s survival depends on the “charisma” of one individual !!!

  36. Sara says:

    May God Grant you with all the success in the world. Your writing is a true inspiration and possesses one of the rare quality of being able to touch people’s heart.

    • I’m truly humbled and heartened to hear this. Such warm words are what keep me going and strengthen my grip on the pen for times to come.
      Thank you very much for reading what I write and sparing the time for such encouragement!

  37. Isbah Hameed says:

    I must say Hafsa,,,,started with one article with no intention to read any further, I ended up reading all the worthy comments and most of your articles..keep it up…the passion, flow and above all the ideology behind ur writings astounded me. feeling proud!!!

    • Thank you so much for reading and such uplifting words of encouragement and appreciation! It is truly heartening and I dearly value such sentiments.
      Hope you continue to read what I manage to humbly pen.

  38. Salam,

    We are a political platform striving to revive the socio-political ideology, methods, and legacy of the founding fathers. Simply, the opposite and the ‘impossible’ when it comes to contemporary politics in Pakistan.

    We are not a one-man-show. Our principle on party offices and electoral representation is to provide opportunities to common Pakistanis, in democratic manner, without bias of any kind.

    We stand absolutely against any kind of discrimination and hatred.

    You are most welcome to join, participate, lead!



    Apologies if you cosidered this as advertisement or spam.

  39. bismafaiz says:

    I really impressed from your work. Good going!

  40. Nazir says:

    Wow! How nice this entire blog was!

  41. Israr Bashir Chishti says:

    AoA Hafsa! Today I first time visit your blog and read out some pieces of your writing. As many people have commented and praised your words, I am really impressed, the way you think, the way you shape your words to make such an impressive piece of writing…Keep it up.
    Israr Bashir chishti
    Investigation Officer NAB

  42. Khawaja says:

    I don’t agree with your views but i like the fact that you’re Kashmiri.

  43. Dear,

    I just found out about your post on the siddi people of Pakistan. Such an important topic to share with those unaware amongst us. Very intersectional also. Is there any social media account on which I could follow you? Twitter? Instagram?

    Anyway, keep it up!

  44. Chris says:

    I am an American who travels and works frequently in Pakistan. I came across you blog because of an article in the October 30 edition of Dawn. In your words I hear the hopes, desires, dreams, and passions of young people for the future of Pakistan. Please keep writing. The world needs to know what Pakistan is really like and what young people aspire to for the future of their country.

    • My profuse apologies to you for responding so terribly late, I just came across your comment while checking the blog.
      Thank you so much for having read my article and for having spared the time to express your thoughts here, which I value greatly and which have left me very heartened.


  45. Hi! Hafsa I’m final year student of BS(Electrical Engineering) from FAST NU Islamabad. I am very impressed with your writing style. I am also fond of writing about stories/topics on current affairs and international relation. You can check my articles from my blog and please give some suggestions to improve my writing skills….
    M.Mudasir Rasool

    • Hello Mudasir!
      Hope you’re well.

      Thank you for your kind comments. And it’s great to hear you like writing on the same issues!
      Sure, I’d would be most interested to read your posts.


  46. Chris says:

    From an American working in Pakistan: I think the future of the country is reflected in your writings. Its youth have a desire to improve and grow and take the country to another level. God willing, they and you will have success. I will share your blog with my friends in the West, who badly misunderstand Pakistan.

  47. nfhzqs58 says:

    Really great page and i am banker and belongs to Peshawar and i will be very to read your articles and comments and if you guide me how can i go through to read your article. Today your article published in the daily The News under the tittle of ” The National inertia Plan: and very excellent and well balance articles. thanks regards

  48. Adnan says:

    Heart touching writings by you maim, i believe if you keep continuing such remarkable articles that would definitely inspire many more, like me.

  49. Naserruddin says:

    Respected Madam, i appreciate your valuable work. Pray for your sucess in your mission.

  50. very thoughtful wording, enjoyed reading your blog.
    nice work !

  51. ahmad says:

    Hi Hafsa, chado in sub baton ko…when are you gonna tie the knot 🙂 I mean the guy who will steal the heart of such a brilliant girl you must have been born under a very lucky star because Hafsa is truly a genius. xxx

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