~ On These Roads, Flowers Sell

To the beautiful children of Pakistan; a future forced to be spent on the roads of today.

Photo credits to Maryaa Sajjad on Flickr


Weary faces,

Crushed fragrances,

Shoulders small but burdens big,

Tiny hands, roughened and stiff,

Not a wink of sleep and undreamt dreams,

Wilted before they bloomed,

For on these roads, flowers sell.

~ Hafsa Khawaja

4 comments on “~ On These Roads, Flowers Sell

  1. Muhammed shahzad says:

    my sister blog likhny say kia hou ga

  2. Sarwat AJ says:

    Dear Hafsa, beautifully put words, at least indicate that there is some feeling for these kids. And what else can be brought about in a society, where every common person is suffering at any level. PAIN

    • Thank you for reading Sarwat, I can’t agree more.
      There really is nothing more heartbreaking than the sight of children on roads every day, for years and years.

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