Status Symbols and Moral Handicaps

My thoughts on the emerging trend in Pakistan’s urban cities of taking domestic helpers to public places posted on The Word Theatre. (Do check this new and dynamic blogging platform out!)

Very Bad Apple

| By Hafsa Khawaja |

Status Symbol (n):

A status symbol is a perceived visible, external denotation of one’s social position and perceived indicator of economic or social status. Many luxury goods are often considered status symbols.

In a society like ours, the system of social stratification is unconcealed; palpable through striking disparities between people; and often,the use of status symbols to either signify or project differential higher status.

A recent phenomenon has become a common sight in urban cities these days: the accompanying of domestic helpers to public places.

Go to the supermarket, restaurants or bazaars these days; and some women or families would be carrying helpers around.

It seems to be the case that being accompanied by domestic helpers has become an added accessory that can be strutted around with just like those new Marie Claire handbags,Elan lawn prints, Rayban Aviators or the latest Audi; exuding an air…

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