An Open Letter to PTI Supporters

Dear Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf’s supporters,

This is something that I’ve wanted to write about for long.

I’m not a supporter of PTI but I am miffed at many of you who are, and no, this is not another in the long list of posts written by victims of the trolls. This is about the general, average PTI supporter that I have come across. (Now, now. You may say these are just a handful, but what matters is, they are still there).

With the rise of PTI there has been inevitable and palpable rise in your numbers; its supporters, their visibility and their displays of support to the party.

There is nothing at fault with this, it is only vital to the cultivation of a democratic culture of political choice, participation and support in a developing democracy like Pakistan.

Talking of democracy, and this is where my problem with you appears.

Urban PTI supporters, by their sheer force of numbers and assertions of party support, have created, consciously or unconsciously, an environment of fear, uneasiness and reluctance for others to openly declare or admit their differing political choice of another party.

This reluctance and uneasiness lies in your attitude, which may exist in segments of other parties too, but I have personally found it to be greater in prevalence in PTI’s supporters.

There is an air of self-righteousness about many of you, which seems to stem from your support for Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.

Here is a revelation: every single citizen of Pakistan has the prosperity and progress of Pakistan in both his heart and mind when chosing a political party to support. Supporting a different party does not make him to be a Pakistani who wants it any less than the supporter of another party, which in your case, is PTI. It does not make him an unintelligent individual who must, and must, be voting for the other party on the basis of ignorance, ethnicity, religion, sect or biraderi.

Nor do you, by the virtue of being a PTI supporter, become a better, more patriotic or a more wise Pakistani than others.

At7dZfJCAAINElJAnother question that I have and continue to frequently face from you is “Why don’t you support the change?”
“The change” has been converted, by you, into one that is synonymous with Imran Khan.

Another realization knock: change is a very subjective word. What may constitute  change for you, may not constitute change for me. Imran Khan is the torch-bearer of change for you, and with all due respect and my admiration for him as a cricketer and a philanthropist, I do not subscribe to his political ideology. And if I state this as a reason for ‘not supporting the change’, it is best that you accept it.

And in contrast to what many of you tend to turn to as a course, it gives you absolutely no right to corner, mock, intimidate or question another party’s supporter for having a political choice dissimilar to your’s.

No voter is accountable to any other voter for his own political choices; he is neither bound to justify those to him nor is he obliged to feel awkward or uncomfortable for having a political party that seems to have lowered in mainstream popularity or in your/his eyes.


As supporters of PTI, you have been at the forefront of canvassing for your party’s candidates and convincing others to vote PTI. What you must realize is that there is a difference between convincing and forceful political proselytizing.

If I haven’t asked to be ‘convinced‘, and don’t push you to support my party and have already made up my mind, kindly cease the over-assertive attempts at my conversion from your high horse.

Everyone has the provision of a single privilege, by which he exercises his prerogative of a voter’ one person has only one vote; and to you, your vote, to me, mine.

I wholeheartedly respect your political pick, you respect mine.

At the end of the day, you must realize that you are not doing anyone a favor by this attitude which you have adopted. Especially not your own party.

What you must realize is that difference of political opinion and choice is a natural composition of the political landscape of any country wishing to espouse democracy, and as we inch towards its establishment, it will be the sooner the better that we all come to accept and adapt to it with tolerance and respect.

Here’s wishing these elections help and heal Pakistan, and we begin to mature ourselves as citizens, party supporters, voter and above all, Pakistanis.

With regards,

Another party’s voter,

Hafsa Khawaja.

456 comments on “An Open Letter to PTI Supporters

  1. she tried to make sense out of her good english but all in vain. just a simple answer to her that i support PTI because it is not tried and tested whereas other Major parties have been tried and tested some at provential and some at federal level.

    • Hasan says:

      U proved what she just said

      • Usman says:


        I came across your blog for the first time through facebook.
        Regarding the true fact that PTI youth is extremist in nature, the reasons of such extremism were long ago told by the respected writer Orya Maqbool Jan. It’s the product of long-running oppression. People are sick-n-tired of being used and sold out again, and again, and again. They are at the verge of exploding. But why are they in majority in PTI? Oh well, because they are the ones who are about to explode so they were the ones yearning for change. They so badly needed someone to lead them; some idol/ideal to follow. They found a flawed but sincere and honest man, in the form of Imran Khan.

        Though I’m not a blind supporter of PTI, but i had written this short note you might like to read:

      • Khan says:

        perhaps u cant see violations by other parties…perhaps u cant see abusive language by other parties..perhaps u dont know Mushahid Ullah Khan’s language..perhaps u dont knw Abid Sher ALI’s language…perhaps u dont know PML-N FB pages…if u need any help, ask me, i will help u and show u everything…but before u write something NON-SENSE like this, do your homework…lastly, m not stopping u frm writting…nt soppting u from writing even this Non-sense..but if it appears non-sense and bullshit to me, i also have the right to say that!! so no offence…and please dont start crying after reading this…just try to realize that the way u feel that u have the right of differing in ur opinions from anyone, similarly, i also have the same right..if u do it, and still u remain openminded, then plz dont call me narrow-minded..somehow i can guess what ur commnt over my commnt would be, after reading this…so u keep writing Non-Sense..and i will keep calling it Non-Sense!…and lastly, WE ARE NOT FOOLS!…Perhaps m more educated than you!

      • Perhaps you should read my post than hyperventilating like this, perhaps you should know that I talked about a party’s supporters not leaders, perhaps you should know that Imran Khan has used the most rude and crude of language against his opponents unmatched by them, perhaps perhaps..

    • Atif Khan says:

      Waqas, your fault is that, you jumped in between without knowing the depth of water…staying at bank will be better choice for you…

    • Fakhar Butt says:

      ahhhh i just wished u should have read that !!!!
      keep pros and cons of your party to you and let others go with there choice. don’t come up with intimidating words to mock others to change there opinion. you are totally contradicting the definition if freedom and humanity by doing so.

    • Sonia says:

      good English? Someone (the author) needs a grammar lesson.

    • Seerat Hazir says:

      Precisely. 2 sentences have made her whole article look largely unnecessary. Blogs are used mostly by people to hone their writing skills for school essays or creative writing classes etc.

    • waqasamirza says:

      what a wired logic . there are sindhi nationalist parties n many other parties in pakistan which has not been “tried n tested” .

      • Ashar Pervez says:

        Yes anything sensible sounds weird to so called brainiacs such as yourself. These regional parties have no hope of ever forming a federal or provincial government. PTI has done that. Also, the main issue is do you want to vote for PPP and N because they have experience? That is the real craziness.

      • ali says:

        Ok so accordig to your criteria its ok to let these bunch of corrupt people rule?

  2. Ali says:

    Very nice. Good job. I share your ideology and found the well written words .

  3. babar says:

    Very much the sense a mature political worker must possess… good work!!

  4. Zawar Hakeem says:

    Well understood. and respect for your voting views. But i support PTI and IK because all other parties have a core problem which is their fundamental transparency is missing within!

  5. Sameer Malik says:

    Well written – as far as the diction is concerned – but the argument substantially lacks logic. I am not a PTI fellow but the same questions be asked to other political parties as well. Why to single out one political party? This is an open bigotry. Please take bit of courage to ask some questions from MQM and BNP.

    • Suman Abbas says:

      ^ I wish there was a like button here, I’m sorry to say but the writer merely just does not have guts to face people with different views, well in that case maybe you should just stay out of political discussions, just quietly go and vote for who you want to vote for

      • Fakhar Butt says:

        Its good to have contradicting views but the problem is that u should feed those views to other but rash words … until unless you change others mind or choke him to death.

    • Thank you for reading.
      I am sure much of the bigotry I’ve mentioned in this post can be found in almost every party’s supporters, but as far as I am concerned, I’ve only encountered this from PTI supporters. This said, it does not mean all of them possess it.
      There are just segments of some parties’ supporters which have this in greater degree.

      • ahtasham bajwa says:

        Not making any sense…you sounds like you are a PTI hatter…these type of problems are present everywhere in every party..Doesn’t make any sense that only PTI supporter does this..and talking about PML-N supporter they use words like jawari khan yahodi kadiani for IK on social media …is it ok for you…

      • Not supporting a party does not translate into ‘hating’ a party.
        That said, it is equally wrong for any party’s supporter to behave unethically, rudely or aggressively with others or talk such gibberish about other leaders, and that applies to the supporters of all parties be it PTI, PPP or N.

      • Faheem says:

        The article is an open letter to PTI supporters…why should she discuss other parties…its meant for you. Its a critique of PTI’s supporters.
        Have you people ever even heard of democracy? If I don’t like a party I can rip them as much as I want, but they can rip mine too.

      • Thank you for saying that Faheem, I’ve grown rather tired of repeating the same again and again here.

  6. Rania malik says:

    You seem to be very intimidated by the PTI, for no reason. i think its the only party which has no armed wing, no corruption of any sort, not responsible for pakistans current dilemma, no links with america, no links with secret agencies or the so called establishment, which has taken nothing from pakistan only it has given with both hands.
    Our leader in only leader who is not corrupt, according to wikileaks.
    The debate u see, which u call forceful political proselytizing, its a tradition in pakistan, from 60 years and above. I think being young you havent seen this before.
    You should have written this letter as a neutral voter not an anti-PTI voter.
    Only looters and plunderers should be intimidated of us, as we have decided once and for all to rid pakistan of these leechers.
    Can u write an article educating people that building new infrastructures in the cities is not the only characteristic of an efficient and deserving government.
    Also write about the plans different parties have presented regarding the wave of terrorism, which is the core issue pakistan is facing. No party except pti has talked about drones, idps, unarming the terrorism, separation from this war on terror, freeing pakistan from the shackles of western aid which has lead pakistan to its death bed.
    Also are u 100% sure that pml-N is not influenced by america and it will work only for the people of pakistan and not for american will. or u think it doesnt matter, if so then……
    I am 100% sure my leader is truthful, brave, unintimidated by america, a philanthropist, kind and above all a good muslim.
    Now are u more intimidated?

    • Afran Hamid says:

      Sir! Your Post is Awesome! That’s a perfect response you gave to her!

      • Salman Dasti says:

        It would be good for PTI if they take this article seriously, there is no need of being defensive. As she said all are pakistanis and every one has the right to have different opinion and I, without disrespecting you and your leadership, can be disagree with most of the PTI views, due to my own rational reasons. Lets vote on 11 may.

    • Mjay says:

      If I could whistle and give your reply a standing ovation!!! Very well put

    • I am not intimidated by PTI, but I am incredibly and terribly annoyed by PTI’s supporters attempts to intimidate others for having a political choice that is not PTI.

      This post isn’t about PTI, it is about the behavior of PTI’s supporters but now that you’ve chosen to make this an argument about the party, I am most happy to address it.

      It has no corruption charges, sure, but it has taken under its wings many people who do have them. Aleem Khan, anyone?

      Having no armed wing is no favor on Pakistan, no political party is supposed to to have any armed wing in the first place.

      Not responsible for Pakistan’s current dilemma? That is rather laughable considering PTI has wholeheartedly welcomed the turncoats of almost every other party, all of those that have had a chance at ruling in government.

      As for the links with the Establishment, you’ve got to be kidding me here. If there is one thing that PTI has been consistently and constantly accused of, this has been that: being Pasha’s Party. And mind you, PTI has had association with it in the recent past.

      “PTI has only given to Pakistan” since it hasn’t had the opportunity to rule, I must ask, how has it ‘given’ to Pakistan? Imran Khan’s philanthropy is his own, an individual’s, not his party’s work. And if philanthropy were a merit to rule – and I quote Fatima Bhutto – Edhi Sahab must be our President first and foremost.

      Why is it that we as a nation suffer from this inferiority complex which makes us seek validation for our opinions and beliefs from foreign lands? Not that I am implying he is corrupt, but Wikileaks speaks zilch on Imran’s corruptibility, please do reference where it specifically states that it is the only un-corrupted leader of Pakistan.

      Canvassing for votes is indeed a beautiful Pakistani political tradition, but the type of canvassing that such a segment of PTI’s supporters are doing is anything but that. It is more likely to drive people away from the party than to bring them into its fold.

      Disagree. The whole crux of this post was the need for acceptance of different political views and choices, and it could’ve only been written by someone who has faced such attitude at the hands of PTI supporters for differing with them politically.

      Infrastructure development DOES include construction of roads. It would take a really narrow view to see roads as mere roads when in fact, they facilitate trade and its growth to an astounding level, as trade is facilitated so are its benefits; they widen geographical mobility hence opening up greater employment opportunities and this is just to say the least.
      I see alot of PTI supporters these days deeming the construction of the Motorway and the introduction of Lahore’s MetroBus as unnecessary and the lousy opinion they have to give for that is ‘those resources could’ve been used elsewhere’. Their benefits to the people have been innumerable.
      Infrastructural development is not and should not be the sole priority of a government but why is it that infrastructural AND other development is considered mutually exclusive? When it certainly is not.

      No doubt PTI has focused extremely on drones, but it isn’t the only party to have given plans for eradicating terrorism. Every party has in their manifesto.
      Now that we have approached the topic of PTI and terrorism, I must voice what I feel is one of the most important aspects of my lack of support for PTI: its confused, misguided stance on the plague of terrorism in Pakistan. Not only does Imran Khan reinforce the ridiculous narrative of ‘good Taliban’ and ‘bad Taliban’ by perpetuating the differentiation between the Afghan and Pakistani Taliban, he also considers the epicenter of all terrorism in Pakistan to have been the Afghan War and the War on Terror, a painfully simplistic view. Not to mention, his declarations of this being ‘Amreeka ki jang’ when this war has now become ours, having swallowed more than 40,000 Pakistanis into its fire.

      What do you define as ‘influenced by America’? Since the military establishment controls our foreign policy, and share complicity in the drone programme in Pakistan, I completely disregard the view that it is our civilian political actors that make Pakistan bend in ‘American subservience’.

      For a party that revolves around the political messiah fixation and whose supporters suffer from a certain degree of personality cult, I feel anything but intimidation.

      • Usman says:

        Marvellous! Simply marvellous!!

      • mK says:

        I can write a longer posts on other parties and how they have each in turn robbed from our people instead of giving back to them. As you have very rightly pointed out, PTI has never been in government, so give them a chance. If the supporters of PTI are being this way, they have their reasons. For them, its about the only ray of hope. Lets face it, in the history of Pakistan, we’ve seen the same parties, break up and form more wings, come into government, steal from us, ruin our economy…. Let’s be very honest here, sadly the only better economic conditions we have seen is during the periods of the martial law (not in support here but a fact is a fact). Now, after decades, we finally have a new political party, a new leader who has a better agenda, why will we not follow him?

        If you don’t want to, that’s perfectly alright, but you have to be strong enough to bear through the campaigning. If the youth, IK’s supporters want to try to change your stance, let them try, Nobody is telling you to listen to them. Nobody is saying that they will disown you. Sadly that’s just a very paranoid way of looking at things. Remember back in school, the elections for the student council and how friends of the candidates would come and try to get your support? Let them campaign. If you are scared of a political debate, then you need to stop being paranoid. Nobody is belittling you because you have different opinions. Likewise, there is absolutely no need to belittle others’ opinions by saying things like “For a party that revolves around the political messiah fixation and whose supporters suffer from a certain degree of personality cult, I feel anything but intimidation.” If you can’t face the fact that people around you want to follow a new leader, a saviour they believe will truly change the face of Pakistan, and you think the best way to go about it is by degrading their efforts on a social media forum then unfortunately you have a pretty terrible sense of right and wrong yourself.

      • There’s a gulf of difference between passion and aggression. If Imran Khan is a ray of hope for them, I am most happy to acknowledge that, but they must reciprocate and acknowledge that the party I have picked to vote for is my choice and for them to tolerate/accept/respect.
        I have mentioned NO WHERE in my post that the supporters of PTI are misguided, should not vote PTI or why I am not voting for PTI – I’ve only stated and asked them to be respectful of my political choice as I am of their’s. Is it too much to ask?

        Canvessing/campaigning and aggressively cornering someone for not supporting PTI are aslo very different things, Maha. I am ALL for political debate, if you scroll through the hundreds of comments here, you will that I happily engage. But I will not engage if I am made subject to attempts of intimidation all because I do not support PTI and am voting a party that for PTI supporters is the ultimate evil.
        “Nobody is telling you to listen to them” You really don’t get it, do you? The supporters I’ve spoken of DO THIS.
        I reckon that you have never come across any of those because you, yourself are a PTI supporter and thus, not subject to such behaviour by them.

      • mK says:

        Also, sweetie if someone here is writing down why they are voting for a political party, that’s their PERSONAL opinion. For example, the very first comment where you and a boy Hasan immediately lashed out, she is just trying to justify her position. And it DOES stand justified considering the fact that it is based on facts. She hasn’t written that you are supporting PML-N because you might’ve gotten that free laptop, or you are voting for MQM because you are a muhaajir, or you are voting for PPP because you find Bilawal (Pakistan’s very own Katrina Kaif) cute. She is not belittling your political stance in any way.

        So please, LIVE WITH IT.

      • My, my. Please do calm down.

      • Saad Riaz says:

        your reply confirmed it once and for all. NOORAN LEAGUI

      • And your reply confirmed and strengthened the argument that I presented in this open letter. Thanks!

      • Fakhar Butt says:

        awesome answer!!

      • Khan says:

        Good job and good response.

      • Fahad says:

        The reason why there is a big gap of understanding and mutual respect between PTI and non-PTI supporters is probably because of their own mistakes…. As this article outlines addresses this aspect from non-PTI perspective.. I will just give one example from the PTI-perspective and that should rest my case:

        The author said: “For a party that revolves around the political messiah fixation and whose supporters suffer from a certain degree of personality cult, I feel anything but intimidation.”

        While writing this comment are you aware that there is a party called PPP(bhutto party) and PML(N) (Nawaz party) in Pakistan?

        I mean you can support any party that you want, i respect that…. But is this statement only true for PTI, if not then are you intimidated by PPP and PML(N) supporters also? if yes then why only PTI… just because they are relatively more common?

      • PPP and PML-N may be dynastic but clearly, with PTI, I seem to notice the political messiah fixation to be at its peak ( and cult personality status is quite there too, albeit to a lesser degree.
        If PPP and PML-N have these elements, and so does PTI I don’t see where’s the ‘change’ really.

        Thank you for respecting it.
        I’ve clarified time and again, I’m not intimidated by PTI’s supporters but merely irritated by their incessant attempts to do so.

      • Jehanzeb says:

        I understand what you are saying but i think there needs to be an understanding of why pti supporters appear to act like this.

        In my experience, when you are passionate about an idea or what you are doing, your conviction to that idea or act comes accross to most people as bullying or as aggressive attitude towards anything but that idea.

        In my humble opinion pti supporters including I, have this passion. Most people supporting other parties are doing it for reasons other than the genuine belief in ehat their party is promoting; and becauseof it have the view that you have shared.

        The biggest problem our country faves today and which is the basis of all of our problems is the open acceptance of cheating, lying and stealing! This view is used by everyone from the street hawker to the president and everyone is trying to take advantage of whatever opportunity they get!

        As for people on this chain supporting other parties, i have a simple question! What do you expect from the parties in status quo? The same or different, if the answer is something different, then i would have to question your reasoning for it. If the answer is the same then the right thing would be to try someone new!!!

        Above all, i love my country and i am and will always stand against everyone who had, has or is likely to take advantage of this awesome country and its people!

        Let us do the right thing for the right reasons, whatver that may be but i am certain when you ask the hard questions, it will be hard to ignore imran khan!

        Long live pakistan and long live its sons and daughters, we shall prevail!!!!!

      • Mona Nain says:

        Very well said Rania Malik..

      • Rehan says:


        I am a PTI voter but I am not a supporter or a “Jilaaya”. If anything , my voting for PTI has made me even more critical of it as now my VOTE is at stake here!

        Anyway ,I just wanted to say that please do not let people lure you into a PTI vs PMLN debate. We get enough of those elsewhere. I sense you have a lot of potential so let not these small issues about who voted for who distract you . I would love to see a blog about Education from you . Let us see what people have to say on Education

        Finally, can the people PLEASE stop using slang words here ? Please ?

      • ali says:

        Really? When PMLN has always been the facilators of terrorist in Punjab. Many outfits in southern punjab are under the umbrella of PMLN leaders.
        Imran Khan is struggling for a very long time. He is capable of taking the country to sky by snatching it from the hands of corrupt shareefs and bhuttos/zardaris. He is the ray of hope.

        Keep on promoting that Agency backing propaganda. PTIs rise is undigestable to Nooners and others.

    • Fakhar Butt says:

      That is the problem you are trying to feed your views to others . and if they dont want to open there mouth u are still persistent to use spoon and force. i have made my mind to whom i support , know if u dont like that party just go and vote for your party dont keep on criticising others that they become frustrated and respond you. and then in return your only weapon is abusing and that is evident and open on all social networking. Be patient and repect others tolerance and decision . you never know what may come upto you .

    • No-To-Arrogance says:

      “You seem to be very intimidated by the PTI”

      I was outside, had a flag (non-PTI) in my hand. Couple of “PTI” supporters snatched it away & hit me. I was intimidated at that point, totally agree with you. Like KHI is intimidated, no one knows if they’ll come back home from work. And I “LOVE” how Imran Khan has addressed MQM, the killings in karachi and what not.

      “I am 100% sure my leader is truthful”

      Imran Khan once said, on live television, that he will not even hire Rehman Malik as his “chaprasi”. He then again, on a different stage, said; “Allah mujay Rehman Malik jaisa politician na banaye”. And as soon the elections came, he joined hands with Mr.Malik. – Truthful move.

      I was once a PTI fan, but those Jalsa’s or should I call it “Concerts” where IK’s arrogantly/continuously, in a abusive tone called out other politicians made me get out.

      Yes, the PTI supporters are a’holes! why wouldn’t they be? they’re following steps of an arrogant man.

      The solution is not to create a new inexperienced political party every time a water conduit gets blocked.

      “A good muslim” never says ” I won’t bore you with the Naat’s”. But concerts? hell yeah!

  7. Moomal says:

    you poured my Heart out!

  8. Kamran says:

    PTI’s rise is quite accidental. They who refuse and rebuff the central role media played in Imran’s emergence as the forerunner of ‘NayaPakistan’ are either naive or dishonest to the core. Thanks to General Pasha, the October 30 rally was projected as the singular most epoch-turning event in the checkered political history of Pakistan. Sheikh Rashid was also a sole runner, but he could not quite woo the like and support of Generals in GHQ because Imran was a more saleable item than Sheikh. So Qureshi, Tareen, and Hashmi were injected along with Umar to alter the view of the party. There you go, the patriotic-cum-fascist party has got an incredible birth! Tolerate their presence now until they mature into a party that gracefully accepts dissent, and responds logically.

    • I find myself to be in complete agreement with your views, although PTI supporters wouldn’t find this well.
      Thank you for reading, certainly hope to see the day when PTI and its supporters mature.

      • Javed says:

        Thank God! You didn’t take much time to show your true self. Whatever you have written in your blog is discredited by your concurrence with vitriolic, far from truth and absolutely prejudiced view of some historic facts? I would have expected the high moral wielding person in you to at least ask him if he has heard of Asghar Khan case? Can you be so naive to actually believe that one General could have altered the fate of this nation by organizing 30th Oct rally of IK. For God sake , show some political maturity, discuss the weakness of manifestos , argue on issues … But Don’t become the mouth piece of politicians who have taken the Pakistan where it is today.
        But nothing allows PTI supporters to coerce of force a favorable opinion for their leader or party? At the same time it is incumbent on them to spread the message of Naya Pakistan which is so fresh and so much filled with hope.

      • Qasim says:

        Well you certainly can write i’ll give you that. But you need to work on hiding your biasses. I guess your agreeing with the above gentleman gave you away. Nice try though

      • If I had to ‘hide’ this view of mine, I wouldn’t have written it in the first place.
        And ofcourse, I don’t support PTI. I began the post with this admission, and it was the results of the experience of a voter who does not support PTI and has gone through it for admitting his different political choice amongst many urban PTI supporters.
        If that is a bias then it’s not any’s to deal with.

      • ali says:

        lOl. Billi theelay se bahar aa he gayi.

    • ali says:

      lOl. Still the lame propaganda. Blame it on Military. As if its indian army. Imran khan is clean. Honest sincere brave and only true leader. Thats what you cant digest.

  9. Fawad Ahmed says:

    I agree that the PTI supporters have created an environment where it is difficult to express your support for any other party. I believe IK is no different than other traditional politicians. What he has a bunch of veteran politicians who have enjoyed the govt over the years. Now they are with him to fool the so called youth. I think supporting IK at this stage is only going to benefit the PPP as he is totally focusing N league and just ignoring the atrocities done by PPP lead coalition. He also has changed his stance against MQM. This all hew and cry in the media is only because he has marketing ppl like Asad umar.

    • It is good to hear that I am not the only one who has experienced or felt this.
      These are the very reasons that have turned me away from picking the PTI as my choice for these elections.
      One can only hope they grow, learn and mature along the political path with time.
      Thank you for reading!

      • Jehanzeb says:

        I will have to disagree with your comment on maturity of pti supporters! Most of them know why they are voting for pti, sounds pretty mature to me!!! Anyhow, may 11 will decide what happens an god forbid if any of the old jokers come back to power we will head straight and fast towards a revolution!!!!

      • Rehan says:

        Agreed . It’s sort of hard to find out where Asad Umar is , don’t you think? I have to actually *look* for him as he has simply vanished ( almost) ever since he got elected from Islamabad.

      • That is what happens usually after elections in Pakistan, sigh!

      • Asad Umar might be heading another covert operation to increase fertilizer prices by colluding with other manufacturers and hence punish poor farmers for voting for PMLN

    • ali says:

      You nooras make a fool of yourselves.

  10. Agreed completely.

    The following is not a justification, but an insight into the mind of the ‘average’ PTI supporter, in the words of one of the most renowned intellectuals:

    “The impatient idealist – and without some impatience a man will hardly prove effective – is almost sure to be led into hatred by the oppositions and disappointments which he encounters in his endeavors to bring happiness to the world.’ – Bertrand Russel

    Again, this is not a justification for the stated behavior.

    Mohammad Mansoor, PTI voter, supporter and TR.

    • What a wonderful and befitting description of the average PTI supporter’s mindset you have given through the words of Bertrand Russel.
      I strongly believe it is the excited idealism that mostly leads to such reaction from their side.
      Thank you for reading and commenting!

  11. Farhan Anwar says:

    ppl react this way bcz they are fed up with the current system. so who ever support the current system / parties is a criminal in their books. the old minds cannot bring new ideas and any change.
    Change is the only constant here !!

    • Change is indeed what every Pakistani wants, that is a common want amongst all Pakistanis.
      However, the means that they wish to see that change through are different by their different choices of political parties. This, does not nullify the former point though.
      Thank you for reading.

  12. Hassan A Butt says:

    Good piece of work …

  13. Basit says:

    True PTI supporters can often be over the top. True they can come across as indignant when opposed. However there is something fueling this attitude – their passion and zeal for the party and the party leader. Something that seems to be totally lacking in other party supporters. If one is a PMLN or PPP supporter, their support typically is mostly intellectual based on their understanding of the party’s past performance and future platform, but much less passionate and emotional. PTI supporters support is fueled by both teh mind and the heart with sometimes the latter leaping way over the former. Supporters of other parties can take this into account when confronted by an overzealous PTI supporter and cut them some slack and force the discussion to be more cerebral rather than emotional.

    Great blog entry. Great observations.

  14. oach90 says:

    Great article. And let me highlight here that such political immaturity is not confined to PTI alone. I’ve seen people from MQM, PMLN and JI acting in the same manner too. But I got your point and agree with it.

    • I’m glad you got my point, and I agree with your’s. It is only that I have encountered such characteristics from PTI supporters mostly.
      Thank you for reading.

  15. BIlal Saeed Khan says:

    The author needs to improve upon the interpretation of people’s thoughts. Imran Khan has an ideology. No one supports him that he was a cricketer, or just a cricketer. We all PTI supporters are with him as he has the most powerful leadership skills. PML-N tested for 26 long years, PPP tested for approx. the same time. They have always disappointed us. Vote for Imran Khan. It is very easy to write a blog and criticize a group. Go out, see the operations of his hospital, see the operations of Namal University, (an International standard university affiliated with Bradford University. Not even your money minting institutes like LUMS and IBA have those standards) you will come to know what is leadership. It is high time that we all should think about our beloved Pakistan. All had a great time filling their pockets, now it only Pakistan, its only PTI.
    Stop debating that he has no experience. He is a well learned individual with a well defined approach. To him building a nation is much more important.
    This discussion can go long but we all need to improve upon our choice of selecting our future government.
    Long Live Imran Khan, Long Live Pakistan.

    • Clearly, you did not read the entire post. This was not about Imran Khan or his ideology or his proposed policies. It was about a certain segment of PTI’s supporters and the characteristics they tend to possess.

  16. tariq729me says:

    You have right to think your way…we endorse it.

  17. saad says:

    I think its wrong to pinpoint one specific party that tries to alure voters towards there own gain,, people mite not agree but we workin as a democratic state will never work,, bradariz,,ignorance do exist here,,and what we do need is a true leader,, imran khan is not a politician ,, he doesn’t know how politics work,, in Pakistan u need some sort of “dunda” on ur heads for economy and prosperity to work,, so what we need is a leader,, I disagree wid da fact dat PTI supporters are forcin there way in for other parties too suffer,, this so called inkalab for da first time is not set by the chairperson lik bhuttos n da sharifss or even da altafss,, but by the people,, normal people who would never even go out too vote ,, every person has diff tastes n standards ,, n some people like what imran has to offer,, so what’s the harm,, so instead of writing articles bout how negative PTI supporters r workin at their end,, vote for your choice n stop being party biased,, our loyalties r wid betterment of Pakistan n nothin else

  18. Ali says:

    I am a PTI supporter and I agree with the arguments you have given. But as it has been mentioned above, this attitude is not only confined to PTI.
    I would have loved this post more if it had been addressed to the supporters of all the political parties.

    • Thank you for reading Ali.

      Indeed it isn’t confined to PTI only, but personally I have come across this most through PTI supporters which is what I did specify in this post.

  19. John Snow says:

    To the Author : Your profile description reads and i quote “Just another youth of Pakistan, yearning to bring a change, working towards it and awakening the need for it.” I would very much like to delve into your subjective definition of change and I will definitely be disappointed if that change in your opinion somehow arises on the shoulders of failed politicians. (Maybe this should be your next article’s subject) ?

    As for the subject matter of this article, no one I have ever come across, no matter how staunch a supporter of PTI has resorted to verbal or physical abuse to inflict their opinion on me or anyone else and therefore this so called formation of an “atmosphere of fear” is completely uncalled for. I would like to point out that a healthy debate never did anyone any harm. Please approach the issue with an open mind and try to realize that these people are only yearning for a change and for a better Pakistan and want others to be a part of this, not through violence or bigotry but through reason.

    Flaunt your opinions as much as you want but at least have solid reasons behind whatever or whoever you support. Peace out.

    • With due respect sir, why would I be concerned if my political choice or channel for the change I desire for my country disappoint you?
      This is the very attitude I wrote of in my post, the attitude of expecting that others’ political choices should fit your expectations.
      Also, who may be a failed politician for you, may not be for me. No one is obligated to subscribe to any other’s view.

      If you haven’t come across such PTI supporters, doesn’t mean they don’t exist which is why I made sure to specify in my post that I wrote it from my own experiences with urban PTI supporters.
      The issue of PTI’s trolls became so disturbing that it was not only taken up by media personalities but also ended with Shafqat Mehmood and Imran Khan himself issuing a statement to restrain such supporters.
      Precisely, all supporters of different parties yearn for a better Pakistan, but the different political choice of an individual, in contrast to one’s own, should not be treated as treason or be made subject to ridicule or intimidation.

      Thank you for reading.

      • ali says:

        So why dont you write about the other PTI supporters rather than focusing on this section? And why you are not talking about any other parties supporters? Or you dont have gutts to? Hmm??? Mqm may be??

      • ali says:

        You asking it really. They have been rulung for years they have done nothing but just corruption

  20. ammar says:

    I really appreciate and respect your ideology. This will no doubt be the ideology people will follow 3 days from now on. The forceful political proselytizing should not be the practice here. However I do realize and have experienced as well that there is lack of knowledge among the masses about the progress Pakistani economy have been experiencing and how exactly the political parties are playing mind games. I have tried on my part to explain everyone in a friendly way (with facts and figures) as to where the nation have rooted to in the last few years and to my amazement people did listen to me with interest and I have set their minds to change their opinion (not by forceful means by all due respect but through logical facts and figures).
    PTI supporter

    • Thank you for reading, respecting and understanding my point of view.

      Ofcourse, and as you saw yourself, people are most willing to hear another’s views and willing to engage in a conversation if the person grants them the privilege of respect, tolerance and offers concrete reasonings within a proper discourse.

      May and hope you continue to support PTI on these lines.

  21. Jami786 says:

    This is a revelation to me and many others like me that person who votes on the basis of ignorance, ethinicity, sect or baradri is not unintellligentas explained in your following words.

    Supporting a different party does not make him to be a Pakistani who wants it any less than the supporter of another party, which in your case, is PTI. It does not make him an unintelligent individual who must, and must, be voting for the other party on the basis ofignorance, ethnicity, religion, sect or biraderi.

    Nor do you, by the virtue of being a PTI supporter, become a better, more patriotic or a more wise Pakistani than others.

    • You misread the revelation, my friend.
      I wrote:

      ‘Supporting a different party does not make him to be a Pakistani who wants it any less than the supporter of another party, which in your case, is PTI. It does not make him an unintelligent individual who must, and must, be voting for the other party on the basis of ignorance, ethnicity, religion, sect or biraderi.’

      To explain this, I meant, it should not be assumed as many PTI supporters do that anyone voting for another party must be doing so because EITHER he is unintelligent OR he must be voting on the basis of biraderi, sect, religion etc and not by reasoning their support.

  22. Suhaib says:

    O Imagine, If it was that much simple the case.

    Reality is, that people are dying because of these “other” parties. So from there originates all the hatred for these other parties, which were ruling one way or another in last 5 years.

    Have these so-called “leaders” suffered anything EVER ?

  23. Dr. Habib says:

    Tussee chaa gaey ho…

  24. The dilemma is that anyone who can write good English is trying to portrait that he/she is the one who is above others. This writer is no exception either where she is trying to put everything to PTI supporters only. Many has asked this question earlier; what has IK done wrong, is is he ruling the country for last 10 year and responsible for all this, what is your arguments against him, do question him but first question the one you are supporting.

    • Have you read the post? There is no mention of Imran Khan’s ideology in this post, but the behaviour of his supporters.
      Just because Imran Khan has not had his chance at ruling does not mean none can oppose him on other grounds.

      As for my English, why, thank you!

  25. Ayesha says:

    You are just targeting pti supporters. You will find such supporters in every party. And am sure if you go out, you will see bunch of these people in all parties.

    • I do not doubt their existence in other parties, but I personally have found them to be greater in number in PTI than in any other party.
      Thank you for reading.

  26. Umair says:

    Your message is good, you are right but it is matter of saving Pakistan, its not political fight, this war is for Pakistan, war which we can’t afford to lose.

    • Indeed it is a matter of saving Pakistan, and no Pakistani’s sincerity for winning this fight should be doubted by the mere ‘vice’ of him considering a different leader to lead it.

  27. Sadiah Khan says:

    That’s a very well written piece Hafsa (y) I share the same sentiments as you… And the way PTI supporters are still trying to be convincing (or defensive) in response to your post doesn’t surprise me at all… 😛

  28. Something that I’ve always wanted to say, u said it! Even though I’m a supporter of PTI, I hate this attitude of PTI supporters. People should respect each others view and make them understand about the ‘Change’ instead of shoving it under their noses.

  29. Myra says:

    I think this is a very ‘upper class’ problem. Masses voting from Imran Khan don’t think like it. It seems like this is just what YOU encounter and how you feel, and it isn’t a testament to all people who work for the PTI.

    On another note, one of the main reasons PTI supporters would ‘look down’ on others is because almost ALL other major political parties – PML-N, MQM, ANP, PPP – have had heinous corruption charges against them. They like ‘dirty’ politics, and, as the causal link of assumption goes, by voting for them, you condone their behaviour. Please, say I am wrong. I would like to be very wrong about this.

    This isnt just claiming an extra car on a tax expense, is losing literally millions of dollars of USAID, building a zoo in your backyard and having hundreds of other workers of political parties killed on Kathi Parahi.

    That’s pretty black and white. And if people choose not to support parties that indulge in that, does it not grant them moral superiority at all? Then what constitutes what is wrong or right? How does one even choose what morality they want to follow? I’d love to get your thoughts.

    Just FYI – I am not one of the ‘PTI supporters’ you refer to. People can criticise both sides knowing one is doing more wrong than the other.

    • It certainly is, which is why I specifically mentioned the word ‘urban’ and ‘many’ not ‘all supporters’ in my post. I reckon you missed that out.

      Myra, no party in Pakistan right now is squeaky-clean, if PTI doesn’t have charges of corruption against it, it took members of those very parties under its wings who had those charges.
      When voting in Pakistan, you don’t have a choice between ‘good’ and ‘bad’, it is always between evil and lesser evil.
      We have to pick one, regardless of how much we want to vote for a party that is entirely politically pure.
      You don’t have to condone those dirty policies, you can and should be critical of those, vociferate against them.

      Not supporting PTI doesn’t mean that one condones the obscene practices and customs of other parties, or their bloody indulgences.

      I reiterate, PTI may not have charges against it but it has welcomed members – Aleem Khan, to mention one – who had such charges so there goes the moral superiority.
      As for what is right and wrong, those are very subjective terms which establishes the fact that no one should impose or try to impose his or her definitions of those on others – something that PTI supporters do, by creating this dichotomy of PTI, the good and others, the bad.

      Thank you for reading.

  30. FoY says:

    “An environment created by PTI supporters where others can’t openly support their own parties.” Well, unlike MQM, PTI isn’t using any force or weapons to shut the other parties’ supporters’ mouths. PTI supporters are so many in number and they KNOW why they’re supporting PTI, unlike other party supporters who support their parties blindly. They can’t confront PTI supporters because they know their leaders are all corrupt. That is why they get intimidated by PTI supporters.

    • You don’t necessarily have to use a force of weapons to intimidate people with different views or shut off political discourse. Behaviour is a force too.
      Other parties’ supporters don’t ‘confront’ PTI supporters because of their over-assertiveness and lack of tolerance to accept dissimilar political views.
      Your last two lines actually provide a testament to my argument relating to the self-righteousness that is found in PTI’s supporters.

  31. Naeem Khan says:

    Very basic and amateur analysis. Other political parties have kan-tuta. Thana and Patwari culture. Imran has aggressive youth as his supporters. I am one of them

    • Be as enthusiastically aggressive as you like, Naeem, just don’t force that aggressiveness down people’s throats for not sharing it with you. That is all we ask.

      • rehanud1975 says:

        Encore !! That’s what all PTI supporters need to realize . If someone does not feel very passionate about Imran Khan ( PTI essentiallly *is* Imran Khan and nothing more) then it is not a wise idea to force them to feel enthusiastic and passionate about Imran Khan , Naya Pakistan , Tsumani or Change …

  32. The typical “PTI supporter” does more harm to their cause than they realize. With a few days to go to the election they should be sweet talking their way to converting individuals to vote for PTI. Instead all you get is self righteous vitriol that just reinforces their critics.

    Also, what really gets me, is that no one wants to be the change they talk about. I dont see the millions of supporters going out and paying their taxes, obeying the law, shunning the use of contacts to get things done.

    Now some people will argue that why not lay the blame on other parties, and the simple answer is that other political parties are not promising a “revolution”, “change” or “naya Pakistan”.

    • Exactly what I said, Nadir. They do more damage to PTI itself than anyone else does.
      Precisely, this over-assertiveness and intimidating behaviour is rather astounding.

      That is the change that no one wants to talk about actually because it requires us to start with ourselves. No one will ever approach the subject of societal reform or citizen reform, it is only the populist rhetoric of change that appeals to most. It is a convenient comfort.

      I am in complete agreement with you.
      Thank you for reading and the meaningful contribution to the discussion!

      • Well the comment section seems to have a life of its own.

        It appears that getting PTI into power is the sole goal, post 11 May no one wants to take responsibility for their own actions. Lets see how many put their money where the mouth is.

        From all the people I know, they are no takers.

  33. anonymous says:

    all advocating PTI suppoters… i appologize for my language in advace.. with all due or undue respct.. you dont know jack shit about what you are talking about. if it was one person saying that you guys are abusive that would have been another story.. everybody as in everybody is pointing a finger at you for it. then you call yourselves educated.. hardly.. a certain part of the supprot may be it but they pretend otherwise… you should see the corwed on the jalsas, youth on bikes misbehaving, abusing etc. and these are just few examples. For a carfull observer there is a lot to see and assess.. so just be realistic, shut the fuck up and correct yourselves.

    Yes you might get the popular vote of the masses but you will most likely not form the goverment or will have to go into unwanted alliance with parites you dont like.. like they say “thooka howa chatna”.. we have already witsned some of that in the recnt past. More to come…

    lastly you are expecting too much form IK.. the poor chap. He will not be albe to deliver and then you YOU will be abusing him too.. this will not take long .. 6 monts to an year….

    and on top of that you dont have a plan B… cheers mates.. have a nice day…

    10:30am (ET) 5/8/2013

    • Komal says:

      Well written. But I believe that this is just your view, which shall be respected totally. But , I am a PTI supporter and I do not having these things in comon which you have pinpointed about PTI supporters in your article. And I am sure no rational PTI supporter has such aims of forcing any1 to vote for PTI. Vote wisely is the campaigning agenda and that is pretty much what all other parties are saying. May the Best option come in to power, which is best for Pakistan.

      • anonymous says:

        you still think after the polls.. it was just my view??? as pti supporters you guys pretend to be pretty naive…

        The real election starts from the 12 of May.. you were just counting and calculating until 11th of May… no one thought what would happen on the 12th or made an escape plan……

        but i admit this is a sad day for Pakistan, IK and me…. we all were looking for a positive change…

    • random says:

      Awww a bit frustrated are we ?

      • anonymous says:

        the least bit… lets end it that i have certain skills which help me assess a situation on a neutral level… without any affliations….

        by the time im replying back… results are out and half of my predictions/ conclusions are ture.

        i just wrote what i wrote coz yes every as every ture Pakistani wants a change and that too @IK .. becharay IK kay khanday per bandook rakh kar chal rahy hian..

        The stupid lot does not understand that the change has to come from within.. IK cant do jack shit if you dont change yourselves….

        PTI’s general supporter attitude has effectively turned a hero into a zero…

        and just an fyi.. i didnot cast my vote.. a decission made before the elections were announced…

        i knew then something like this would happen though today i am sad.. for Pakistan…

    • ali says:

      What disturbs you guys is the educated wise and sensible Pakistan is standing with IK for the first time. The profile of PTI supporters you described are the creation of your mind out of utter ignorance.
      Your tone, your choice of words and your style of composition reflects which family background you belong and obviously which political liking you have.
      Dont worry about PTI you people just keep your head bowed down before your corrupt rulers.

    • ali says:

      PTI is hugely popular for the support from educated and civilized class. Thats what you cant digest and barking like a mad dog.
      Have you ever seen the Jalsa of PTI. Its like a family Carnival in terms of attendance and conduct. The youth, women, kids,youngs, women, men, olds every one is out there.
      By the way, you talk in the same uncivilzed way to you mothers and sisters too?

  34. Farhat Ikram says:

    I am PTI supporter and I also feel whatever she has said is partially true. But there is very logical reason for this kind of attitude. And that is we all PTI supporters feel that there are OVERWHELMING proves that all the major party heads have done massive corruption in the past. And all the suffering of Pakistani people are becuse of their massive corruption and dishonesty. On the other hand even the enemies of IK cannot blame him for any financial corruption. Unless we get rid of Corrupt/Criminal leaders Pakistan cannot progress. Remember they are loan defaulters, money laundrers, kick backs etc. I can provide you undeniable proves of all that.

  35. Muhammad Omer Farooq says:

    Ms. Hafsa, I am a PTI supporter and i highly respect your opinion. I wont go there that the troll that you come across over social media might not necessarily be an actual PTI supporter and may be some other party member working to malign PTI. The point i want to make here, and it does not justify the wicked behavior of these trolls a bit, is that the new generation of Pakistan has seen and grown up in the worst of time of this country, and they see the old and tested faces in the politics and army as the responsible of this deplorable situation. Now they have found a new face as their leader, that too a man of high caliber as Imran Khan is, they believe that now their dream of a vibrant and just Pakistan will finally come true, so that is why they just want everyone to get the hell out of the way of their dream. These volatile emotions should also be an eye opener for every future leader of Pakistan that they have to finally give the people and specially the young generation their rights so that they can live a respectable life.

    • Abdullah says:

      I agree with you as well as the author! Every party has such over-assertive supporters and PTI might be the one with most numbers of such individuals possessing different levels of assertiveness. But as you rightly said, its more of an emotional thing. They’ve witnessed so much going wrong in this country that it had shaped their minds such that whoever has been in power in someway or the other has to be a bad choice in the elections (which is certainly debatable). All I am saying is that we shall differentiate between the more logical and intellectual supporters and the less learned and emotional ones, and respond them, or debate with them, accordingly.

      A patriotic young Pakistani waiting for Pakistan’s turn! Our time 🙂

  36. TNT says:

    just a stint to gain fake respect. Respect comes with conduct…. the anger of PTI supporters is the anger of the public for these goons…for wat they have done to pakistan since decades…

    and yes they assert it becoz even a brainless child would know who is responsible for the destruction of pakistan from the past 30 years…and when they see you still supporting the ppl who destroyed pakistan, they get furious….. and it is very normal and natural…

    and normally it doznt make sense that a sincere and truthful person will support these parties..only ppl with personal interest or biradari interest will support them…. no one in their sane mind would support these looters,murderers and crooks…

    so plz stop crying when ur shown the mirror… looters deserve to be spit on…

    and wait..this is not it.. let IK come into power…and then we ll ask for each n every looted penny back… all ur so called leaders will be in jail coz they r looters not leaders…

    the junoon in Insafians is actually the image of revenge for looting us for decades…we WILL get back wats ours and wat belongs to the poor of this country…

    • Thank you for providing an example to go with my post.

      • Ashar Pervez says:

        Why do you support some other party? There must be reason?

      • Kazmi says:

        Well that goes to show how illogical the author of this letter’s argument was in the first place. There is no point of saying ‘oh please leave me alone if I can’t present a logical argument to support any XYZ party’. The ‘PTI phobia’

        The dramatic stance of PTI supporters is the ultimate weapon, people who are supporting hypocrite leaders need to be exposed at every platform.

        And before you reply, I know what you are gonna say: ‘You just proved my point’ etc. So what does that prove if everyone is ending up proving your point ? That there really wasn’t any point. If you feel intimidated and can’t defend your party (by any logical explanation) then its better not to come on the social media and silently vote using your ‘privilege’ to vote.

        So a very humble request is that I ask you to say this to yourself: ‘I will not cast a vote to a party whose leader is corrupt’.

        Its funny (and even cute) how you use the example of Aleem khan every now and then to prove your point. So i’ll give you that one, a couple of bad sheep maybe, but (as was saw in lahore) I believe if the cases against him materialize he will no longer be in PTI. Its more about the leadership here and how IKs priorities are different from the rest, you don’t have to believe in him if you don’t want to (belief comes from within). You are right though it’s a battle of hearts. I can only hope you find within yourself the heart to give a selfless person a chance that (I believe) he deserves.

  37. Abubakar says:

    Your concern isn’t wrong, but same thing that you are blaming PTI supporters for is being done by PMLN and IJ supporters. The fact that most of your friends are PTI supporters and thus you are only seeing their posts (or whatever you think is trolling) doesn’t mean it happens everywhere.

    • This phenomenon isn’t restricted to just PTI, but as for me, I have only found it to be or mostly found it to be in PTI supporters.
      From my own experience, I can say that it is more prevalent in PTI’s supporters than of any other party.

      As for trolling, that is an issue that actually forced Imran Khan to issue a statement calling for a restrained behaviour from his supporters.

  38. maheenmahmood says:

    No doubt you are right and i respect your view but still i would vote for Imran Khan because we have seen the others for quiet a time , so why not somebody new. Although i agree that all the candidates are the same people with new faces, yet i will go for Imran Khan 🙂

    • Fair enough, Maheen. : )
      As long as any PTI supporter respects and accepts my views and different political choice, I have and no one should have an issue with him or her.

  39. waqas amin says:

    The first question you need to ask is whether Pakistan really is a democracy and wehther a real choice exists. This system is flawed; it is status-quo and anyone who partakes in it will be envoloped in the politics of its corruption. The only solution is massive overhaul of the whole system and to allow a team of patriotic caretakers to implement the original vision of Pakistan as determined by the founding fathers.

    • Pakistan is a developing democracy and these elections, although they may not solve everything, are a step in the right direction. This is the very solution, continued democracy that will bridge the faults within the existing system itself. It is a self-correcting mechanism, in my opinion.

      • Abdullah says:

        Can’t agree more on this point. Rome was not built in a day. Similarly, a wrecked, almost Failed state like Pakistan will take ages to match the real democracies around the world. But continued democracy and the choice of electing your leaders every 5 years is the only way forward. Look at India, it is in a much better position than us; mainly because they had no dictatorships and they got uninterrupted democracy which is taking the nation forward, though slowly, but FORWARD. This election is certainly a step towards a brighter future. It is completely your discretion to whom you’ll give your nod but every Pakistani who loves his country should come out on 11th and participate in the process. It certainly, is a self-correcting mechanism and hence, needs time and patience on our part.

      • Your views here completely resonate with mine, agreed completely!

  40. Shayan Emran says:

    Dear Hafsa
    With all due respect, i have to say this rant was un necessary and extremely biased. How can you say PTI supporters are the one being too AGGRESSIVE and ASSERTIVE where as they are less in number and only aim to pray a RIGHT leader comes to this country ? im a bit sad to inform you that majority of dirty play and dirty name calling has been from PML-N supporters, mostly saying Imran Khan as a non muslim, drinking and white wife :/ i mean come on .. so next time you do decide to talk about something for public, please get your facts right 🙂
    with love from Australia

    • Dear Shayan,

      With due respect, the unethical behaviour of PTI’s supporters – popularly and openly referred to as ‘trolling’ in Pakistan – is a known fact. From media personalities to politicians, all have experienced it. The situation got a point where Shafqat Mehmood and Imran Khan himself had to issue a statement calling for better behaviour of PTI’s supporters.

      I don’t really need to get my facts right, you need to acquaint yourself with more of these 🙂

      Thank you for reading.

      • ali says:

        People are knocking you up badly. And you dont have anything sensible to throw back at them, hafsa. Lol

  41. Obviously the emotional side desires that I ask, “Who do you support?” since I don’t know anyone in the political arena in Pakistan who offers hope. And even though I am not in a position to vote I am supporting hope that PTI does offers, and I think that is what majority PTI supporters believe too, they hope that with change of leadership, the change in lives will come. It remains to be seen if it will or not.

    Having said that, sadly I also agree with you. Majority have no idea what they want. All they know is that they want something different, can turn out to be good or bad. Knowing the change you want makes the difference in being ruled by choice or by ignorance.

  42. hafsa says:

    It’s a little (just a little) silly that you’re pointing fingers solely at PTI supporters, all parties have overtly passionate people trying to convince others to join their cause. This is not just in reference to political parties but anything where there are teams or sides to be supported. Take football for example or even the mind boggling Twilight vampire vs werewolf fiasco.
    So, you can’t just be like, ” Oh, boohoo they’re bullying me.”
    I’m pretty sure someone from your side is bullying some other innocent soul. Given that you are just sharing your opinion but your remarkably high level of self righteousness left a bad taste in my mouth.

    • Sure, other parties’ supporters have these elements too. Passion is one thing, but over-assertiveness is another; they are not mutually exclusive.
      Um, no. Pakistani politics and the associated discourse isn’t similar to Twilight or football.

      Really? I did? Damn it, those PTI supporters really rubbed it off on me.

  43. Farzan says:

    How about you fuck off!

    • Ladies and gentlemen, presenting NAYA PAKISTAN.

      • Abdullah says:

        I always feel sad when I see such comments between a serious, intellectual and positive debate. We might support different parties for different reasons but using foul language and being abusive doesn’t help at all. It is doing nothing else than strengthening author’s point. Before correcting the country, we have to correct ourselves because it is WE who makes up this country, not the other way around.

        Although there are a lot of learned, serious and sensible young people in Pakistan; unfortunately an equal amount exist of people like this gentlemen who despite having a degree; lacks in basic manners and culture. 😦 Very sad yet true.

      • aayjay says:

        …..which I fear may be worse than the purana Pakistan

      • ali says:

        You see Naya Pakistans reflection in this idiots comment and not the uprising of youth and educated class.

        Sorry to disappoint you but most of the PTI supporters, excluding these bunch of fools who you pointed, belong to civilized and educated sect of our society. They dont have time to jump in and go through this mud.

  44. Baloch says:

    Hafsa I dont think that this article actually explains why PTI supporters believe what they believe…
    The thing is PTI supporters think they are voting for the right party. But it is the same with other party supporters. They believe the same thing.

    Secondly, PTI supporters are trained to change other peoples mind… change their mind so they can vote for Imran’s party…

    I dont think you understand the core aspect of why PTI supporters keep on promoting PTI online why they dont support other parties and why you shouldnt either. Thats their AIM.

    Why is there a tabdeeli razaqaar program? Why is there insafians? Because they are converting other people’s ideology to support the ideology of PTI..

    You should have first gone to the core of a PTI supporter to actually write an article like this. Because Every PTI supporters mission is to change their families to vote for PTI to change their friends to change the people who work under them…

    The only thing i do not support is them abusing people for their choices… that is not what our religion teaches us.. danday kah zor par keo ap kah saath nahi milta. Piyaar ki zubaan istimaal karni chaye. they are jazbaati and they need to stop being jazbaati

    • Baloch, I am very well-acquainted and aware of the PTI’s razakaar programme.
      I do not oppose attempts and efforts by other parties’ supporters to convert others, provided those attempts are tolerant, balanced, logical and not overly-assertive and self-righteous which I have found most attempst of the mentioned PTI’s supporters to be.

      Thank you for reading.

    • Aroosa says:

      Do u thiink Pakistan cn go even a single step ahead wdout “Jazbaat” & “junoon”??
      Fr de past years wt dd u nd all the other Pakistanis get by being good followers of de so calledd “corrupted” government??

      Pti supporters dnt force other to vote they tryy convincing them to vote bcoz they want a bettr Pakistan, because they know that bcoz of the materialistic people Pak ll hv to ssuffer agn

      Its nt agression, Its their love fr the true LEADER

  45. Sadia says:

    I don’t understand the reason why Jaffa have just chosen to speak about PTI supporters. It’s to be passionate about your leader, I have lived in Karachi for a long and let me tell the type of forcible admiration I have experienced from MQM you cannot believe. I think every one should be open to verbal discussions about what party you support or like and people can be quite passionate about it, there is nothing wrong with it. I sort of agree with what your view point is but just to point out PTI supporter is not right! I think I have experienced quite hostile behaviour from supporters of other parties.

    • Sadia, thank you for reading firstly.

      As I responded to someone before, I repeat, intimidation is not only enforced by force of weapons as you say MQM does, it can both be behavioural and verbal. Many PTI supporters resort to the latter to achieve a resulting forced admiration and support for PTI.
      In any case, both are wrong.

  46. nabeeljafri says:

    Dear Hafsa,

    Today is May 8th. In three days, we will witness a Naya Pakistan. Our beloved leader, Imran Khan, who is infused with the same will that Jinnah was in the 1940’s, will be elected in by the people of the Confused Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

    I have followed Pakistani politics for a life time now. I remember being only twenty one in 2011 when I first heard of Imran Khan’s attempts to motivate a nation. Since all my friends were passionate about him, I jumped on the bandwagon. Today, I am a diehard PTI fan. Imran is the only choice we have- if you disagree with me, my first retort would be ‘When everyone else has had a chance, why not Imran?’

    You see, Imran is against drone attacks and has openly said so. He will also put the United States in his place and end world poverty. He also brings the dead to life and is middle name is Midas. So what if he voted against the use of scientific evidence in rape cases? Islam clearly says we need four witnesses to testify in a rape case- who are we to argue?

    All this talk about economy and manifestos is mere rhetoric, Hafsa. Imran Khan said he would make us a nation of humans, not roads. We can live with roads but not without humanity. Never mind that our version of humanity includes a strong stance in support of the second amendment- in fact, we will cleanse the country and add other amendments to clarify exactly who is a Muslim and who isn’t. There is no human, Hafsa, there is only one true Muslim and his name is Imran Khan.

    I am disappointed when people argue against Imran Khan. They are not true Pakistanis. Imran Khan will win all four provinces, Kashmir and even a couple of seats from India because he is a man of the people. How can people vote for PPP in rural Sindh? How can rural Punjab vote for PML-N? Why does Karachi vote for MQM? Who is ANP and how come regardless of his personal party affiliation, Aftab Khan Sherpao keeps on winning a seat?

    All this talk of competition is propaganda, Hafsa. I see none of my facebook friends supporting ANP or Qaumi Watan Party; nobody tweets about independent candidates in FATA. I assure you I am a keen observer- I have seen none of my middle, upper middle class urban friends represent the views of an average Pakistani. Such views do not exist. If they did we would see them on social media.

    The only views that we see is your critique of Imran Khan’s ideology. So what if he is a political candidate running for a public office? So what if we Imran Khan himself criticizes others for corruption and inefficiency? He is the real Quaid-e-Azam- Jinnah was just an attention seeker.

    In fact, I have reason to believe that you, Hafsa, are an army fan. That is the only explanation that makes sense. No wonder you are against Naya Pakistan. You are a traitor and kafir, I will not try to be rational with you anymore.

    Good day.


    A fan

    • Dear troll, thank you for gracing my blog post with your commentary-presence. You are the perfect example of the PTI supporter I have talked about here.

      • nabeeljafri says:

        Hahaha I actually wrote my thing earlier this morning and then a couple of hours later I stumbled across your post- it made for good reading indeed! Also, I really like your blog- good job!

      • Did I just fall for satire and sarcasm thinking it was real? Damn, all this arguing here has really burned my brain !
        Also, now that I’ve read it again in the context it was supposed to be read, this was brilliant. 😀
        Do you have this up somewhere?
        Thank you for liking the blog!

      • anonymous says:

        LOL…. and today is the 11th… did you write up anything for today lets assume earlier in the day just in case you stumble in to something like this…..

      • ali says:

        Seriously. She came up with total sense. And you??m

      • ali says:

        See. Its a paid stuff. Anothet paid goon popped up with a comment made to look like ither way. Jaffri you are sick. And Hafsa you too.
        You were pointing the “Handful” supporters and now you being compilled by your habit with your idiot friend targeting directly.

      • ali says:

        Jafri then keep you heads shoved up in the asses of your corrupt rulers then.

    • ali says:

      You are an asshole Jafri. I know what you are upto here.
      You paid pricks need a life. How much you getting paid for this nonsense. Ill pay you double to stop it.

  47. Bilal Farooq says:

    perfect… !!! (Y)

  48. Humaira Mustafa says:

    I totally agree with the writer. She makes 100% sense but unfortunately pti supporters don’t possess the vision to comprehend all this.

  49. Mateen Ahmad says:

    people want system to change themselves no one cares about changing their own thoughts , actions or beliefs…
    as it seems from their acts (PTI supporters) that its only a matter of their EGO now….

    • Exactly Mateen!
      Every single one of us avoids the need for changing our ownselves, instead we tend to blow the trumpet of the need for political change first because of the convenience and comfort that it provides to us.

      Thank you for reading.

  50. Zubair Bashir says:

    Could Share nothing more than the inferiority complexes among those who are not a part of revolution.
    You must know and understand that every revolution inspires the youth first. And once the youth is inspired, you should expect happening of things that are, most likely, not as delicate and sophisticated as your speech is. Sometimes very aggressive, impolite, unrealistic, but full of passion…

  51. Bilal Farooq says:

    i swear i was telling the same to PTI supporters … but nobody was listening.. they behave as if Pakistan belong to only those who are PTI supporters

  52. Tabraiz says:

    So, who do we vote for? Follow inheritence politics or following leaders appearing via video links. The youth has seen the political maturity of their elders and have seen Pakistan suffer endless. Let the youth decide. Our elders have failed to secure our future. Our kind of democracy sucks thanks to the arrow, the lion, the kite and every thing else. I believe in IK and I will vote for him.

    • Nowhere have I stopped anyone from voting for PTI, or have I? I mentioned again and again how each has the freedom of choice and vote.
      I do not have the right to stop anyone from voting anyone and that is where my argument lies, no one has the right to mock or try to intimidate another for having a different political choice to his own.

      This post wasn’t about the PTI, its policies or Imran Khan. It was about the trend of reactions of many PTI supporters.

      • Abdullah says:

        Hafsa, I completely acknowledge and accept your point of view and it would be great to know which party you support for the coming elections and your reasons for that. I certainly will not be judging you based on your choice as you have every right to make up your mind according to your beliefs, conviction, thoughts and most importantly, preference. It would just add to your well-composed arguments and responses.

        Cheers 🙂

      • I’m voting N, Abdullah.
        The reasons are as follows (I wrote this as a post but guess the comments here are really calling for it)

        The acute civil-military imbalance that characterizes Pakistan’s power disequilibrium is an issue that I view to be not only pressing but whose offshoots are several other troubles in the country. It demands a rectification, and the PML-N has shown the clearest stance in this regard: upholding the rule of civilians; respect for the mandate of elected-representatives; autonomy from the military establishment, its ventures, adventures, forays into the political and policy-making arena. Picking and sticking to such a stance, in my opinion, is the first right step in the direction of its redressing.

        Having read through the entire manifesto of the party, I was left immensely impressed with the practical consideration and measured thought lent to many areas: the economy, infrastructure, social development, education and more.

        Its track record already testifies to the PML-N’s special focus on infrastructural development and the economy.
        Ranging from the infrastructural improvements; the largely successful Metro Bus Project in Lahore that has benefited countless people, most belonging to the lower segments of the society; to the establishment of the outstanding Danish Schools – it has already given a good glance to the actualization of its commitment during the rule (2008-2013) in Punjab.

        [1] The implementation of reforms in public schools all across Punjab and their remarkable results, which, although largely underreported in Pakistan, have been widely lauded by the World Bank and other international organizations. Punjab was previously referred to as a ‘model for proactive governance’ by them.

        A specific characteristic that has struck me about the party, has been its sense of political maturity and responsibility. It is frequently discredited and demeaned for having helped to maintain the corrupt and inept PPP coalition government by assuming the role of a ‘friendly opposition’ or not attempting to bring it down.
        Contrary to this, I believe the PML-N displayed judiciousness by allowing the last government to complete its term and not bestowing the cherished crown of political ‘martyrdom’ and victim hood, that the PPP banks its votes on, on its head. It is also about time that the absurd and ridiculous concept of toppling governments is consigned to oblivion. We have already witnessed what the regular ousting of democratically-elected governments in the 90s achieved: a weak state, incomplete policies with zero results, haphazard functioning of government and its organs and the eventual paving of path for the boots to come marching in.
        This culture of chaos, which has bred nothing more than crisis and more chaos, will hopefully be a closed chapter upon the completion of this transition.

        If the PML-N’s role is seen in this regard and context, then it also gets the credit for contributing to the milestone of the first term completion of a democratically-elected government in Pakistan and thus, facilitating the transfer of power from one democratically-elected government to another which these elections will herald.

        In its continuous display of political sagacity, the PML-N also brought together all opposition parties against the “circus” that Tahir-ul-Qadri put up in Islamabad; a reiteration of the party’s pledge to stand by democratic principles.
        PML-N’s leaders have also made none of the tall and high claims of either sweeping the polls to taking potshots at other party’s leaders who routinely target them.

        It is a party that has reached out to Baloch leaders and called upon them to contest in the elections.
        Back in September 2012, the PML-N announced its backing to the six-point proposals of Akhtar Mengal in removing the deprivation of the people of Balochistan. PML-N had also submitted a resolution over the issue of missing persons in the National Assembly during the government. Recently, it has come to an agreement over seat-adjustment in Balochistan with Mengal’s BNP.

        [2] As per news reports:

        ‘Leaders of the party from South Waziristan have asked the Election Commission of Pakistan to establish adequate number of polling stations in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas so that the people could exercise the right to vote in coming general elections.
        They urged the ECP to ensure adequate facility of balloting in various tribal agencies, particularly in South and North Waziristan agencies; calling upon the election commission to make special arrangements for the internally displaced persons from the tribal agencies at their makeshift camps so that they could cast their votes in the coming elections. ‘

        In their program, the PML-N also states the intention to reintegrate FATA into the political and social mainstream – a much-needed initiative.

        As an avid follower of domestically-popular sports, and having been the audience (along with the entire nation) to the havoc that was wrecked upon cricket and hockey in the country by the appointment of feckless individuals at the helm of their boards, I found the PML-N’s idea of depoliticizing sport boards in their manifesto quite attractive.

        The section of ‘Media, Art and Culture’ in it was also appealing. One can gauge the interest and dedication of the party for cultural revival by the initiation of projects for the restoration of famous cultural and historical sites and places in Punjab, particularly in Lahore, that many citizens are well-aware of. The beautification of the provincial capital and the opening of the New Lahore Food Street only add more weight to this measure.

        From Sartaj Aziz, Ishaq Dar, Khawaja Asif to Ahsan Iqbal, PML-N hosts a competent and capable team of veterans that will certainly assist in the implementation of its vision.

        Lastly, the PML-N is an alternative for me to PPP and PTI, parties that I do not support for a number of reasons.

      • ali says:

        I am sorry. I am not of those who you penned down about but seriously PMLN?
        The corrupt half of statusquo.

  53. Ghausia says:

    Oh lord, this was desperately needed.

    I’m outspoken, mean, and crude, and yet, I’ve been terrified of saying ANYTHING against PTI for the past month or so for fear of having the cyber mob descend upon me. And I’ve never, ever been afraid of saying or writing anything at all.

    Thank you so much for this.

    • Ghausia, I know EXACTLY how you feel. I’ve been feeling this way since months and because it was so contrary to my nature, I finally had to chuck it and speak my mind.

      Thank you so much for reading and liking!

  54. Zuhaib Khan says:

    @ Dear Writer,

    I strongly support diversity in political opinions and PTI supporters respect others. The other should also give better alternatives while criticizing PTI or Imran Khan. They don’t should also behave like self-righteous. You may agree or not agree, some attention seeking people also try to write on those topics which can grab them some attention.

    Now lets come to an important statement in your article.
    You wrote this ” every single citizen of Pakistan has the prosperity and progress of Pakistan in both his heart and mind when chosing a political party to support”

    Could you please support your argument with some proof ? How you made this statement that every singe citizen make his or her choice that way. Its a complete wrong statement and I highly doubt if you are aware of the ground realities. People are made to make choices to support political parties. Their worker support them for their personal benefits. Very few might think about Pakistan. I have come from rural area but most of the people there vote certain political parties for the following reasons.
    1) They are influenced by a relative or family member ( Women always go for the choice made by the head of the family)
    2) They see small benefits from them like they will be appointed a school guards, they might get a road to their village, some other personal benefits like when in trouble of some illegal stuff so these politicians can help them out etc.

    3) Some of them sell votes and these political parties encourage buying it. They have agent who buy it.

    I would like to see your argument based on which you made that bookish remark to support your article.

  55. Haris Ali says:

    I agree with you.
    PTI supporters like me tend to impose our views on others. We should try to convince people to vote for PTI but not force anyone.

    Just out of curiosity…. Which party are you going to vote for?

    • I’m glad if you really mean it, Haris.
      Thank you for reading.

      Having been non-partisan for the past 5 years, I have decided to vote for N in these elections after much consideration.

      • Aasim says:

        its when you say these things that lose all credibility towards your intellectual growth and/or your moral compass. good luck surviving in the world. especially in a world ruled by your “much considered” lustful tyrants. plus had the article come from a neutral writer, it would have weighed more. some damsel from PTI may just as well say the same about pmln supporters. though i dont know if they’d be that waila to write about it. anyways- for your sake, i wish and pray pmln comes and rules this nation for your entire life span… see what i did there?! consider this MUCH.

  56. Zuhaib Khan says:

    Correction: PTI Supporters should respect others*.

  57. ZQ says:

    I’ve been wanting to say exactly this for so long! They’re so militant and frankly, antagonistic to anyone who dares question, express skepticism or even try and analyze/think through anything. It really puts one off the party completely. I guess someone should explain to them the psychology of how they’d be a lot more effective if they were a little less ready to pounce on you.

  58. naureen says:

    change will only come in Pakistan when the mind set of Pakistani will change, another 50 years i guess, so there is hope, its part of the process. our society has to evolve politically socially, religiously, economicaly and culturally. where we dont even have basic human rights who cares for fundamental rights guranteed by the constitution like freedom of opinion and association. good work hifza

    • So, so well-said!
      It is indeed a process of evolution on all scales: political, social, economic, religious and cultural and not something that can be changed overnight.

      Thank you for reading!

      • sahar says:

        And yes evolution is through continuous change not by reinstalling old ideas to run parties,govts let alone countries.

  59. Haya says:

    Absolutely brillitantly written! Thank you for this. Couldn’t have worded it better.

  60. True, to the core. PTI supporters are already dictatorial in approach. This is a democratic country. the basis of democracy is the belief that every adult has a sound mind, and can make his own choice while electing a government. Live and let live, youthias. Pakistan is everybody’s.

  61. I find it pretty biased! even though i agree to the most part of it but still change only happens when you are willing to take risk, and I think Imran khan deserves a chance! after all every one had their part in Pakistan progess! the outcome is visible!! isnt it? about the supporters I think let them have that sort of confidence in the leader they are looking upon, as much as you have right to vote or chose the one you think is right, just like that his supporters has the right to show their love as well again not harming any individual! I find a bit of commoness and positivity in the crowd of PTI becuase Imran Khan is delivering it successfully and that again because of his honesty that he has build from his “years” of dedication…! What worse can happen to Pakistan, I support the risk to change, you never know it might lead into a better standing and better reputated Pakistan in the world!! Be positive…

    • I hope you read the whole post, because it was neither about Imran Khan, his ideology nor about why people don’t support it.

      They have the right to show their loves as long as they don’t shove it down people’s throats to achieve a forced conversion to admiration for Imran Khan and support for PTI.
      Which is my entire argument.

  62. Michael Dean says:

    The writer is just trying to show off her writing skills (which I feel aren’t very good either). She is trying to say that PTI supporters mistakenly think of themselves as wise, while implicitly saying that they are inferior because of this sort of a thinking. She is just as judgemental and opionated as the people she is criticizing, and has no logic to her argument, but rather poorly attempts to play at her emotions.

    I am not saying that she is, but she is coming off as just another “social media activist” who likes sitting behind her computer screen and typing away, thinking that she makes a change; the type that grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth and hardly knows a life without air conditioning.

    • nabeeljafri says:

      Your assumptions are ridiculous. I grew up inside the Khan Coach in Karachi that runs from North Karachi to Clifton and I share the same view point as the author. What has upbringing got to do with political beliefs?

    • You are just another example of the types that I have identified in my post.
      As for my writing skills, you know ‘they good!

      • ali says:

        Ok so you and hafsa share the same point makes it right?
        Even 1 billions people do something foolish will remain foolish.

  63. Sn says:


    This is what Chomsky says

    I can bet any money that your opinion isn’t worth half his.

  64. Asad says:

    taadi angraizi bari changi ae … tay gal ve sachi ae …

  65. Asif Mehmood says:

    It is always very easy to point fingers on others……..while it is quite difficult to justify your statement while providing counter statement………Madam has pointed out issues related to PTI but she didn’t make it clear that which party does she support and on what grounds……..And it is 1000% proven that which ever party she will mention, that will be rejected more strongly on the same reasons on which she rejects PTI……….Let her reply if she has gutttttttttsssssss…….!!!!

  66. Umair says:

    If someone is happy to burn him/herself and wants nobody to help him then we cant do nothing !! :/
    Go ahead Hafsa Khwaja !! Burn yourself I dont have any issue with it but make sure you dont burn us with the fire you start !!

  67. Bilal Khan says:

    1) Very well written.
    2) Democracies follow the ‘bottom up’ approach for change. Hence, we should not wait for someone to come & bring change. Its We, ourselves have to change, which cummulatively will change the whole society.
    Many IK will keep on coming & going…
    3) PTI supporters feel this like bollywood movie and emotionally want to tackle the problems of Pakistan with the hepl of super hero/ShaktiMaan/RajniKaanth/any Maseeha because of the increasing frustration in society.
    4) Even Zardari is equally Pakistani as Imran Khan is so we should not discuss patriotism during our election campaigns. Instead policy matters should be discussed in order to give more clarity about party’s vision.
    5) As much bad-tameezi IK do on stage, as much bad-tameez supporters he accumulates. Hence, there is a direct proportion.
    6) We should learn to admit/praise good things of opponents and disagree/criticise bad things our own party. Thats called matured democratic environment where no one is perfect.
    7) Having said that, still I believe PTI is a very good & new option to VOTE for…:)
    8) Thank You…!

  68. Aina says:

    Thank you for writing this! 🙂

  69. I hope to see Naya Pakistan says:

    I agree with you. I guess the only reason PTI supporters are passionate is because of the current state of Pakistan. They blame the parties who were in power for their woes (which by the way are a lot) therefore they are trying to convince as many voters as possible. But your article makes sense, we all need to be tolerant towards each other and we need to recognize the right of each individual to an opinion.

  70. Emaan Khan says:

    what ever you ve written seems a paid content and above all its vain. Nobody can stop you from sharin your views except YOUR VERY OWN SELF….so stop putting it down on PTI’s supporters.
    Secondly…this should be noted that “the other parties'” supporters have been so aggressive that they have spoilt all the road signs, shops, commercial property and even residential areas with their third class POSTERS campaign. I did not find any single PTI poster in that rubbish.
    And what it takes to convince people is FACTS…language and accent or even vocabulary would take you no where until you have the right knowledge.
    God Bless Imran Khan…MAY ALLAH BE WITH PTI and Imran Khan. Aameen!!!

  71. Ashes says:

    Dear Hafsa,

    Hats off! Great article.

    “I wholeheartedly respect your political pick, you respect mine.”

  72. Bilal says:

    hahah she has issue with the attitude of PTI supporters that they have such faith such believe in there party, and they are so sure that they can only bring change and at the same time she is sayin there no harm in supporting any party but to ths level its bad hahaha n she dnt support PTI n she has all loyalties with her party did i object did any one of us object no cuz thts her right she can have th same level of confidence in her party we dont mind go support them make thm win this election dont tel us, i dnt understand y they have issues last night a friend of mine was talkin sam n i said if u dnt lyk PTI thts ur deal i support thm cuz i feel lyk supporting thm i neva said y u sprt so called Lion wana bees or a colorful arrow or patang wateva go support th n vote he said, th thng is lady whoeva u r if we make u scare beliv me we love doing ths dnt let us scare u go suppot ur party to th best u can thts wat democracy is u r writn a letr n sayn beauty of democracy n u r criticizing supporters of a certain party beliv me u knw nothin abt democracy 😉 u urslf wrote no voter is questionable to another voter in ur face hahaha u dont even know what u r writing u said u don’t admire him as a politician than don’t who is forcing u am i or any supporter of PTI NO.
    Free advice: (On 11th May go out and vote for your party make them win if you have faith in them, We have faith in this party we gone vote for our party cuz we have faith in PTI this is the beauty of Democracy 😉 )

  73. Bilal says:

    It seems Like a Blog Publicity stunt :p

  74. uriz says:

    Never argue with fools; they bring you down to their level and then beat you with their experience. Im not going to argue with you! Here’s my advice; Do you by any chance understand the word ‘Ideology”? Go look it up.
    Of course we are passionate about PTI because we believe in it, of course we would like to convince others because thats what commitment to ideology stands for! And thats what happens in any democracy with different parties each having their own staunch supporters. Maybe you need to look up the word “democracy” also…
    The process you are talking about is a no go for fence sitters.

  75. Sikandar Hayat says:

    Hey. Hafsa let me share 2 experiences, and then you decide what is fear.
    1. Last week, i was with my family at Gizri driving to my uncles house, soon to realize I’m right in the middle of a rally. Slogans all around. I was terrified because my family was with me. The next second a caught a glimpse of the flag. PTI. Boys, like me in in tees and jeans and flags in their hands (no pistols). Instantaneously i smiled, i knew my family is safe in ‘this’ rally. And i was not disappointed. As soon as the rally car next to me realized i was not a part of that rally, and saw my family sitting, the rally was actually stopped, way was made for my car and i was allowed to exit. The boy only said, “Please vote for Imran khan”.

    2. 8 years ago, I’ve experienced from a distance of 5 feet, my colleague being shot between the eyes, during my first week of DJ Science College. For openly abusing MQM and being a part of Jamiyat student wing. Didn’t know the guy but i still have that uniform shirt that has his blood stain.

    Decide, which one is fear thank you 🙂

  76. dear hafsa!
    wonderful writing!i appreciate ur thinking and im really sorry for all those who misbehaved but u cant label only PTI supporters for being rude….u feel that coz u r a PMLN supporter and any PMLN supporter wont confront u!Im a PTI supporter and met many rude peoplee!

    • Thank you for understanding Serosh.
      I would always refrain from making generalisations which is why I have specified in my most that a certain segment of PTI supporters adopt such a behavior.
      I’m sorry for any ill experience you might’ve faced due to similar PML-N supporters.

  77. Rahber Ali says:

    First of All i would like to tell you all that my English is not Well as compare with You Guys.

    Secondly, i would like to add few of lines for Major Political Parties Specially PPP, PML (N), MQM & PTI. Furthermore i would also like to add thinkable points on our 4 provinces & their current status.

    PPP The recent Government which completed 5 years under the leadership Mr. Zardari the President of Pakistan. Many of Peoples of Pakistan think him the worst person for all. I agree, due to his poor skills he fails to deliver what a leader does. This is not his fault we Pakistani Peoples have nominated the PPP in last Elections. I respect for Mohatram Benzir Bhutto she was a leader but after her death, there was no leader left but in sympathy peoples of Pakistan made the wrong choice and the result / out come is in front of you and we are bearing it.
    But there is also a fact that Mr. Zardari by chance got the idea how to handle the MNA’s / Other important key peoples of Government he open a gate way to the corruption and he allowed every one give him share and do what ever you want. Any Body who loves Pakistan will not vote to PPP. But i assure you that, peoples who took the benefits / profit due to PPP Government will again vote to PPP.

    MQM: The Party which has a strong hold on Karachi, The party of Altaf Bahi, the word BAHI, i hope all of you heard used for which sort of person in movies. The person is not in Pakistan but he has control in Karachi City by staying in UK. All of you well aware that MQM is totally responsible for the War & Terror in Karachi. So Be Aware Don’t Vote. But you will see they get any seats from Karachi as many peoples are getting benefits from this war & terror situation.

    PML (N): The party which was Opposition in Last Government. The role of Opposition is like a Devil Advocate. But Many of you thinks that they supported and didn’t play their role as opposition. In my point of view they did good as they completely crushed PPP now we will not face any sort of party again. Similarly they did good what they can do.

    PTI: The party lead by Imran Khan who is struggling in politics for many years but till now he never got any luck. Now he is becoming famous in youth and clearly become a factor of ELECTION 2013. There are two things in Youth. There is a youth who is matured and another part of youth is totally emotional. I have met many of PTI and PML (N) Supporters and observed that PTI have few portion of youth which is emotional whereas few portion of mature youth is with PML (N).

    These are my thoughts. Might be you agree or might be not as every one has his/her own mind.

    Now moving to Provinces. All provinces KPK, SINDH (KARACHI), BALUCHISTAN are burning there is no law and order is there. Daily ratio of Murders is much higher then ever in history of Pakistan. Only in Punjab the situation is controlled.

    Now Let moves to the Parties PTI VS PLM(N)

    Here i agree with Imran Khan One Point: Structural Changes This is Good Point. I totally Support this
    Worth mentioning here that Imran Khan has no traits of leadership. Now you will ask why Simply Answer is listen his speech all time using bad language and trying to make fun of others (If any one of you have read Personality/ Traits of Leadership) you will agree with me. I have heard many of his speech and found same in all. Criticize all the time to the Opposition instead of Central Government PPP who has all the authorities to do what they want. One important thing is that control of PTI is hand of all the Old and Corrupted peoples.

    Now Moving to Very Simple Logical Point

    NAYA Pakistan: The Vision or Mission of PTI

    Now took a very simple example:

    To Build a New Home (we have to buy a new place) or we reconstruct the house by demolishing it. Now Tell me How PTI will Make NAYA PAKISTAN either buying new place or Demolishing the Current One??????????????? Think able question. Vision / Mission is not proper.

    Instead of that PML (N) ROSHAN PAKISTAN. Which Suits in every manner. What Imran Khan is talking about (i.e Corruption free, educated, jobs etc .. Not only Imran Khan every one) comes under ROSHAN PAKISTAN instead of NAYA Pakistan

    I have many of things to talk about with Basic example. But time is very short…………… Got to Go

    Thanks for reading…

    PML (N) Voter
    Rahber Ali

    • ali says:

      LOL. Author and then you say PTI supporters show self-rightenous and aggression. Just look at his slave rotten and utter bullshit mentality.

      • ali says:

        And this guys examples… hahahahahahahahahahaha. Dont have to prove why Pakistan is on its way to destruction.

    • ali says:

      And Look at the intro of PMLn. Bhaijaan the other half of PPP is PMLn. Equally corrupt.

  78. Taqi Abbas says:

    You have given words to my thoughts and experiences regarding “hit back hard at anyone who does not intend to voye for PTI” attitude!

    Great article.

  79. lol says:

    so it is like you freak out when you meet somebody supporting someone staunchly. rather than writing an open letter to get attention and traffic on your blog from pti supporters, you should have tried making peace within with the sort of attitude you’re not used to of!
    harsh words, i know! but nothing personal!

    • Staunch support and shoving down your political views another’s throat are two very different things.
      Haha, as a matter of fact, I have just realized after today that PTI supporters are pretty good for any blog’s traffic.
      This sort of attitude is intolerance, and that, none can ‘reconcile’ with.

  80. Abdulhadi Rehan says:

    Too good 🙂

  81. dr asad says:

    Well totaly my personal opinion as a neutral being n nt as a pti suporter..the whole idea ov dis blog z wrong com’on guys..are we discusing our country’s fate here or sm ice cream flavor or a lawn print keh I like strawberry n I dnt wana justify it..if u don’t wana (read can’t ) defend ur political choice de u don’t hv d right to hv 1 I I dnt see ny difference between u n any opressed sindhi haari den hu doesn’t hv ny clue whome hez voting for….n abv evythng else all dese heated discussions ,arguemnts debates dese show we surely r evolving as a society….n evy pti supporter keeps blaming mr nawaz shareef for being a very soft opposition….bt despite being a die hard pti fan I strongly believe das all cz ov him dat 1st tym ever its gona b a smooth transfer ov power IA n we r witnessing dis change……..
    Tho I wud certainly like to add dis aswel keh yup definitly sm pti supporters do get annoyingly persistant in imposing dere point ov view n lose dere tmper in d process aswel bt comm’on people ……after all its nt like smbdy z putting a gun on ur head as d blog initiator wz trying to potray…cz even mor annoying dn dis z wen watev u r talking z based. On facts n pml n ,ppp etc supporter bcms speechles n escapes d discussion by sayin IK to hai hi yahoodi lobby….last. word…if u hv a political opinion n m arguying its cz I consider u wel awared n its nt ur personal wardrobe decision….it z goin 2 affect me/ aswel.

    • MimE says:

      Speechless ??? Escapes???

      Yes I’m speechless when the leader of the party uses degrading bashing verbosity for the opposition leader in his rallies. This results in hate-ideology which echoed downstream among the masses. This article is pin-pointing to the delicacy of “respect”, which apparently most of PTI followers have no clue about. Why do you think ECP specifically issued notice to Imran?

      And yes, if you want to debate, be polite in your verbal disputes. Do you sincerely believe that every member of the opposition party has malafide intentions? As far as your tag of “escapes” is concerned, what kind of ideology are you pointing towards? PTI has got marxist and fascist under same umbrella. Isn’t the aforementioned conflict of PTI’s mixed ideological ground enough to debate for their pragmatic reforms? We are already under huge circular debts and the leaders in PTI sarcastically talk about pure socialist reforms. Do you believe that rest of the parties have no-brains and shouldn’t have no-say? If so, then why would top notch advocates be a part of PPP and why would most respected industrialists be part of PML-N?

      Its sad but true, that the delusional reforms constructed on confused ideological footings will open a Pandora’s box of domestic problems in Pakistan.

      • ali says:

        Because they ate getting political gains you fool. They are getting the share of the pie. Industrialists are the biggest group who have damaged Pakistan by not being taxed by PMLN.

      • ali says:

        Nooo. You have been speechless when the leaders of status quo parties were busy in looting Pakistans wealth.

  82. Komal says:

    Well written. But I believe that this is just your view, which shall be respected totally. But , I am a PTI supporter and I do not having these things in comon which you have pinpointed about PTI supporters in your article. And I am sure no rational PTI supporter has such aims of forcing any1 to vote for PTI. Vote wisely is the campaigning agenda and that is pretty much what all other parties are saying. May the Best option come in to power, which is best for Pakistan.

    • Thank you Komal.
      Certainly, not every PTI supporters falls into this category which is why I specificied “handful” and “many” in the post, not all.
      Indeed, may the best option come to power and may Pakistan progress.

  83. YouAreRight says:

    Just think this way.. That if every thing has been right so far. Then why Pakistan is so much lacking in every field.. You will get to know the reason of Self Rightness.

  84. Atis Abbas says:

    I read your article and i read the replies from you to some comments too.Those people proved your point here as well. Very well written and appropriate replies.I support a candidate and naturally that leads to supporting the party too which is not PTI and i have faced the criticism as they think whoever is not supporting PTI is a traitor.I think it’s Imran Khan’s fault too to some extent as the political campaigns sound more of a Pakistan without Sharif brothers than a prosperous new Pakistan.

    • Thank you for reading and participating in the discussion.
      Unfortunate to hear that you experienced the same at your end.
      I do think he has played a part, especially through the kind of language he uses against political opponents and with such excited idealists as his supporters, they take that a notch further with such behavior.

  85. Badar says:

    Just for my knowledge, what party does the author support? if it isn’t too much to ask.

    • I am voting N for these elections, Badar.
      And having faced such an attitude from this specific segment of PTI’s supporters for having expressed this choice, I wrote this post.

      • ali says:

        There is no point in writing an article then. Why specifically PTI then, have you ever tried to say about MQM goons?

  86. I feel like supporting none of them. A dilemma of sorts.

    • Can’t say I haven’t been through this at one point, used to tell people I would vote for whoever represents a progressive agenda in my constituency but then I realized that technically every candidate will be representing his or her party’s agenda so I will have to make my pick sooner or later.
      In Pakistan, you don’t have a choice between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ but evil and lesser evil, hence the dilemma.

  87. Laila says:

    Dear Hafsa

    “Awesome words, great job and very well done. You have spoken the heart of many including mine. Could not agree more! I wish these people realize it soon

  88. Yawar Omar says:

    Extremely well written and i second your view, what i’ve deduced from this article as well as my personal experience is that, PTI supporters definitely have this tendency to go overboard in their attempt to convince (rather force) others. They believe that anyone who is NOT voting for PTI is automatically “un-cool, illiterate, and not a Pakistani”

    It would be better if they could just go and vote instead of creating such a fuss, the word “super-hyper fanboys” fits the profile perfectly.

    “Living in their bubble, afraid of someone bursting it”

    • Thank you for reading Yawar.
      Not that I’m surprised, but the deluge of the very PTI supporters who I pinpointed in this post are rather typical.
      I can entirely relate to what you wrote and agree completely: quite the fuss, and go out and cast your vote. It should be as simple as that.
      So well-said!

    • ali says:

      Dont impose your assumptions. not feel that. If you get that impression. The problem lies with you.

  89. haider says:

    good job writing sister……most of it might be true but u totally ignored one bit about CAPTAAN

    he asked every Pakistani to cast vote as Imran Khan said ‘mai ye nahi kehta k mujhe vote do, mai kehta hu k vote do….PAKISTAN ……whoever he wants but they should come out and play their part…..for PAKISTAN……politics aside Ideology ko vote do

    turnout is going to be highest this time…..change is inevitable….. no force on anyone other than to cast vote on 11th

    its true that PTI supporters wants every Pakistani to follow their ideology….which ofcourse is wrong but i never heard about PTI leader ammending their policies/ideolgy planning to make alliance with stupid bunch of political society to come into power unlike the famous lahori brothers

  90. bilal says:

    mohtarema … angrezi to aap lagta hai seekh hi gaee hain .. abba huzoor must be well connected otherwise aam pakistani to urdu bhi nahin seekh paata. I don’t usually indulge on internet discussions and I am no PTI fan as such. I live in Europe but I just do not understand how can anyone not support Imran Khan. If you have a pair of living brain cells, you should be able to figure out that Imran is an honest and dedicated person. There is no comparison with any other leader in Pakistan. period. That is reason enough to support him and his party. One can always disagree with party policy on a certain matter but if you can find any other Pakistani politician to be 10% as honest and dedicated as Imran, then you are either mentally challenged or are a direct beneficiary of the 1% that have screwed this nation since its inception.

    • Europe main tau aap rahaishpazeer hain tay yaqeenan meray Abba Hazoor se ziada well-connected aap kay Abba-Hazoor hain.

      That is it, your problem should be your own vote. How can anyone else not support Imran Khan is their headache and not a burden for you to take.
      I will ignore the brain cells and mentally-challenged reference and advise you to sit comfortably as you already are in Europe and quite the bothering about why many are not voting for Imran Khan, especially since you do not have to face the political consequences of your support and vote and we, those in Pakistan do.

  91. Fakhar Butt says:

    That was something very well written and i was desperately hoping that someone shows courage to defy the behavior of PTI supporters on social media. Every party has its pros and cons every one has its thinking we should not impose our opinion on others. VOTE especially is a right to you. but PTI unfortunately acts that whether you have to give vote to them or die for humiliating words and abuses.
    The most annoying thing that i feel and experienced is that supporters of PTI coming to the pages of other parties and then criticising and abusing. If you dont like a party you should not visit its page when you can not tolerate them giving there good points. and now why i said PTI is because its evident and open on social media you will not find any PPP MQM ANP MMA PML N supporterS or may be very rare who come on the pages of parties and start a derogatory speech. I personally wrote a comment on the party i was supporting ” awesome enthusiasm ” now the PTI fellow literally ABBUSED me because he was of opinion that how dare i was to say awesome enthusiasm for my party as compared to PTI . PTI and IMRAN KHAN has tonns of good qualities but it does not mean that I have to necessarily alter my decision or air would be tightened on me. or I am not a well wisher of PAKISTAN and ISLAM.
    GEO AUR JEENY DO. i think that phrase makes sense .

    • Thank you for reading and liking the post Fakhar!
      I know quite well what you speak of.
      Hopefully, as democracy develops in Pakistan, our attitudes and mindsets will also develop to maturity.

  92. Bina says:

    Sensitivities are running high…. there will always be some good and some not so good. Change is uncertain and uncertainty can be unsettling…… I feel it is a time to be tolerant and make your choice, whatever or whoever that may be…. I am supporting PTI because I am hoping that this country and we as a nation stand a chance of turning things for the better…. that is my opinion and my belief. I will also add here that I am getting a lot of flack from non PTI’s for supporting PTI ! so the shoe can be in the other foot as well…… Anyways all I can say is be patient, tolerant and hope that we all emerge victorious for the greater well being of our people…..

  93. pagal says:

    A very well written piece..and advice that jiyalas from all parties should try and heed…:)
    On a different note scrolling through the comments I understand that you will be voting for pml-n…I find myself leaning towards them because I feel that there are perhaps only main-stream party at the moment which has somewhat anti-establishment leanings…but I wonder how you reconcile with the sect-based alliances that forms a core of pml-ns support in many constituencies…just curious ….

  94. Umar Sukhera says:

    Well job done. Me being a PTI support i would encourge other supporter to understand this concept and not to judge others by their political choices.

    And rememember “to you your vote, to me mine”

    Pakistan Zindabad

  95. sulehri says:

    I feel this has been written by me!Each and every word made sense.

    You could have added cyber-bullying. These PTI guys cannot even think clearly when they are making fun of another party.

    I initially liked PTI, but as their campaign went on, I was appalled by the behavior of their fans and decided that I did not want this “change”.

    Do yo have a twitter or something where you can be followed?

    • Thank you for reading, I knew there would be many who could relate to my views and I am glad I voiced them.

    • ali says:

      Sulheri. Most of the PTI supporters belong to highly civilized section of society except for those who you mentioned. I being a true PTI supporter request you not to turn you back on PTI as you said yourself you pinned to PTI first and there are obvious reasons for that. Dont take it to heart what these bunch of fools do.

  96. I am a die-hard PTI supporter but I totally agree with Hafsa about some of the supporters of the party have an extreme attitude which I strongly oppose. Everyone has their right to choose their own path and everyone else must respect that. However not everyone is same, so I still request to not frame all PTI supporters in the same picture. Supporters are uncontrollable as what they say or do is in their own capacity and may not reflect the attitude of the management team. Peace for all. Respect

    • Thank you for reading, understanding and agreeing Farhan.
      I do recognize that all supporters of PTI can not be painted with the same brush which is why I specifically mentioned that they may be a “handful” or “many” in the post.

      • ali says:

        Handful and many is not the roght term. As PTI has the mass support from very decent classes. Yes I too myself fed up with these fools they are actually bringing bad name to PTI.

  97. Sidrah says:

    usually i dun get into arguments of which party to vote for, because ppl usually dnt hav da patience. iv always been a supporter of MUSLIM LEAGUE, reason because yes my family has forevr supported muslim league, n i have always ALWAYS been very proud of the fact that i belong to a family who voted for Muslim League bk 1937 and actually made NWFP part of pakistan. just to clear a point, the WHOLE ov Hazara District voted for making NWFP part of Pakistan, whereas the Pathans and people like Bacha Khan wanted NWFP to be part of india. so yes muslim league it was. but with time things need to upgrade and move on, after Quaid i dun think anyone in ML worked on the party or the COuntry, most importntly. xctly aur kitnay saal before they realize that there need to be proper policies made to run a country and not just bullet trains. i support PTI becs i see hope, i dun say that the party dsnt hav issues but atlest i see hope wn i see dis: (one of the people advising IK on policies) (reserch wing)
    gime any kind of ‘logical reasons and policies that any other party has and id be more then happy to go thru em.
    the blog criticizes the pTI supporters alone, i agree that if sm1 forces their view on u, dey defntly are wrnog, bt dis prob is not just jst in pti supporters, we as a nation lack tolrnce i blv and thus here v stand. so id say that mam u need to b a lil more neutral and open minded, cz we owe it to Pakistan, dis time lets focus on 15 20 yrs dwn da lane, lets study policies and plans that we need to run our mothrland to effctvly make it a progressive cntry.

  98. a says:

    thank you for this article. my pti friends have eaten my head out to vote for pti. moreover, another disturbing thing in pti supporters is that they always talk of nawaz sharif as “Ganga” or “dengue brothers” whereas no other party followers use such name for other party leaders.

    • Thank you for reading Ahmad!
      The custom of taking potshots at political leaders has always been there in Pakistan, in my opinion, but I really do think that Imran Khan has really enhanced it with his “Oye Miaaan Sahab”s and all those “Noora” labels PTI supporters use; which is rather disappointing considering it is a party that claims to be a counterweight to the traditional parties and their politics and has already resorted to the traditional politics.

      • ali says:

        Helllllooooo! These have been used before PTIs existance. Dont put it in PTIs basket. Every MQM supporter calls Nawaz Sharif and ShabazSharif Ganja and Anda.

  99. Hasnain Ali says:

    The mental age of PTI supporters is not more than 05 years old.

    • ali says:

      I dont know about the mental age of the supporters of corrupt parties but i can say about the mental condition. Salves

  100. sahar says:

    Hi Hafza,

    Time for change and open mindedness.You seem to be complacent in whatever you get from your parties but we have had enough so come on and let us be part of a new and progressive Pakistan.

  101. Asim says:

    The writer seems to be influenced by a flawed logic, if at all any. Allow me to say sitting idle and flaunting English writing skills seems to be the mantra here. The writer finds the PTI supporters in particular to be very self-righteousness simply because Truth has no fears. You could only walk the talk (Imran Khan for example) when you have sincererity and honestly in your heart and mind.
    Never the less, it’s irrelevant for the writer to comprehend as to why such intimidation is experienced by her.
    A ten on ten for the excellant written English though.

    • Ofcourse my ‘English writing skills’ are excellent, I’ve been reading books since I was 3 and been writing since I was 14. I mean, not like I need YOUR ten-on-ten to testify to that.

  102. Malik Azam says:

    Writing few good paras do not make any one a political wizard.

    It is the content which matters.

    Article is both ” good ” and ” original “, however unfortunately the

    ” good part is not original ” and ” original part is not good “.

  103. Rizwan says:

    I am not an expert on politics and being somewhat a normal person i appreciate your efforts in expressing yourself but somehow while going through your blog i got the feeling that what you are trying to convey is similar to the concept that All Muslims are terrorist which off course isn’t true. Secondly for argument sake, if somehow you decide to commit suicide, which off course would be your own decision and would be fully logical decision in your mind so should people respect your decision or should they try and stop you? I am not saying one is right and other is wrong . I say all parties are evil but i guess its very logical to go for the less evil one ..Lastly it is for sure your own decision but in this case your decision is affecting others as well and i would say its natural for the ones’ who believe they can bring change in the system, we all complain about, to get frustrated when logic can not convince someone.

    • Thank you for reading.
      Actually, err, having a different political choice or a choice that someone else doesn’t think is ‘right’ hardly finds similarity to committing suicide.
      Also, what may be a lesser evil to you may not be the lesser evil for me, so you see, there’s far too much subjectivity in this topic and for anyone to try to distance another from their political choice. There is no defined ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ or ‘good’ and ‘bad’ in this. It is all open to interpretation and choice, for which there should be complete freedom.

  104. Hassan Masud says:

    Though I’m a PTI supporter, I do agree with your point of view completely.

    My problem however, is different. I have discussions with everyone I meet about their choices and the reasons for those choices. I’ve accepted PTI as my choice with all its pros as well as cons, the contradictions, the uncertainties, the hope, etc and my question to everyone is to tell me why they’ve made a choice other than this (I ask PTI supporters as well cos I wanna know their reasons too) – not because I’m claiming for my choice to be the most intelligent but because I want to understand if others have intelligent reasons to make theirs, which I’m missing out on.

    I’ve “unintentionally” managed to convert many because the answer has more often than not been “Imran is arrogant”, “Imran is taliban khan”, Imran is this that or something else and never that I will vote for PPP or PML or ANP etc for “this” reason.

    You seem like an intelligent person so I humbly request you to share with us who you choose and the reason why.

    • Thank you for reading with an open mind and agreeing Hassan.
      I understand what you mean, I’m voting for N in these elections and I came to this decision, quoting what you quite beautifully wrote yourself, after weighing all its pros as well as cons, the contradictions, the uncertainties, the hope.
      The reasons are as follows (I wrote this in response to someone else here too and although this was written as a separate post but guess the comments here are really calling for it):

      The acute civil-military imbalance that characterizes Pakistan’s power disequilibrium is an issue that I view to be not only pressing but whose offshoots are several other troubles in the country. It demands a rectification, and the PML-N has shown the clearest stance in this regard: upholding the rule of civilians; respect for the mandate of elected-representatives; autonomy from the military establishment, its ventures, adventures, forays into the political and policy-making arena. Picking and sticking to such a stance, in my opinion, is the first right step in the direction of its redressing.

      Having read through the entire manifesto of the party, I was left immensely impressed with the practical consideration and measured thought lent to many areas: the economy, infrastructure, social development, education and more.

      Its track record already testifies to the PML-N’s special focus on infrastructural development and the economy.
      Ranging from the infrastructural improvements; the largely successful Metro Bus Project in Lahore that has benefited countless people, most belonging to the lower segments of the society; to the establishment of the outstanding Danish Schools – it has already given a good glance to the actualization of its commitment during the rule (2008-2013) in Punjab.

      [1] The implementation of reforms in public schools all across Punjab and their remarkable results, which, although largely underreported in Pakistan, have been widely lauded by the World Bank and other international organizations. Punjab was previously referred to as a ‘model for proactive governance’ by them.

      A specific characteristic that has struck me about the party, has been its sense of political maturity and responsibility. It is frequently discredited and demeaned for having helped to maintain the corrupt and inept PPP coalition government by assuming the role of a ‘friendly opposition’ or not attempting to bring it down.
      Contrary to this, I believe the PML-N displayed judiciousness by allowing the last government to complete its term and not bestowing the cherished crown of political ‘martyrdom’ and victim hood, that the PPP banks its votes on, on its head. It is also about time that the absurd and ridiculous concept of toppling governments is consigned to oblivion. We have already witnessed what the regular ousting of democratically-elected governments in the 90s achieved: a weak state, incomplete policies with zero results, haphazard functioning of government and its organs and the eventual paving of path for the boots to come marching in.
      This culture of chaos, which has bred nothing more than crisis and more chaos, will hopefully be a closed chapter upon the completion of this transition.

      If the PML-N’s role is seen in this regard and context, then it also gets the credit for contributing to the milestone of the first term completion of a democratically-elected government in Pakistan and thus, facilitating the transfer of power from one democratically-elected government to another which these elections will herald.

      In its continuous display of political sagacity, the PML-N also brought together all opposition parties against the “circus” that Tahir-ul-Qadri put up in Islamabad; a reiteration of the party’s pledge to stand by democratic principles.
      PML-N’s leaders have also made none of the tall and high claims of either sweeping the polls to taking potshots at other party’s leaders who routinely target them.

      It is a party that has reached out to Baloch leaders and called upon them to contest in the elections.
      Back in September 2012, the PML-N announced its backing to the six-point proposals of Akhtar Mengal in removing the deprivation of the people of Balochistan. PML-N had also submitted a resolution over the issue of missing persons in the National Assembly during the government. Recently, it has come to an agreement over seat-adjustment in Balochistan with Mengal’s BNP.

      [2] As per news reports:

      ‘Leaders of the party from South Waziristan have asked the Election Commission of Pakistan to establish adequate number of polling stations in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas so that the people could exercise the right to vote in coming general elections.
      They urged the ECP to ensure adequate facility of balloting in various tribal agencies, particularly in South and North Waziristan agencies; calling upon the election commission to make special arrangements for the internally displaced persons from the tribal agencies at their makeshift camps so that they could cast their votes in the coming elections. ‘

      In their program, the PML-N also states the intention to reintegrate FATA into the political and social mainstream – a much-needed initiative.

      As an avid follower of domestically-popular sports, and having been the audience (along with the entire nation) to the havoc that was wrecked upon cricket and hockey in the country by the appointment of feckless individuals at the helm of their boards, I found the PML-N’s idea of depoliticizing sport boards in their manifesto quite attractive.

      The section of ‘Media, Art and Culture’ in it was also appealing. One can gauge the interest and dedication of the party for cultural revival by the initiation of projects for the restoration of famous cultural and historical sites and places in Punjab, particularly in Lahore, that many citizens are well-aware of. The beautification of the provincial capital and the opening of the New Lahore Food Street only add more weight to this measure.

      From Sartaj Aziz, Ishaq Dar, Khawaja Asif to Ahsan Iqbal, PML-N hosts a competent and capable team of veterans that will certainly assist in the implementation of its vision.

      Lastly, the PML-N is an alternative for me to PPP and PTI, parties that I do not support for a number of reasons.

  105. Muhammad Hannan says:

    miss another party voter,
    ur words really reflect ur maturity of being a political worker but the point u raised is somewhat goes in favor of PTI coz those who villify(PTI supporters) are in majority naive in politics and dont know anything about politics.They are just common ppl from the streets of Pakistan. but they want change from this system while following the defined procedures so there fingers followed their hearts and there feelings are translated into words. They dont recheck what they are writing and they dont require any permission before uploading, from their bosses

    THis is not new bibi this is pakistan if u r so concern about the harsh comments so u should nt have opted Politics as your career you ppl are being paid for this so get use to of it and stop mourning.

    3rd point i think you wanted to address whole PTI family which includes all types of ppl,in my opinion u should use words that can be understood by ur target readers or u just wanted to seek the attention of some particular segment.
    P.S the parties u are actually advocating are tried tested and failed for several times

    • Haan haan, everyone who doesn’t support or criticies either PTI or its supporters is “PAID”.

      P.S: Maybe your definition of failed for them does not converge with mine.
      P.S2: Why should I be concerned if someone else/random people do not subscribe to my political choice?

      • Rehan says:

        Can you please have this open letter published in a few newspapers . It would be great to have this letter ( and it’s Urdu translation) for readers that do not have access to this blog or just don’t use internet.

  106. nida Butt says:

    Pot calling the kettle black! What a horrendous generalization Hafza how can you write an Open Letter based on the behavior of a handful of rude supporters? U ask not to be judged and do the same so brazenly in this feels more like a personal rant against a possible run in with a PTI supporter.

    • If I’ve already mentioned they are ah handful, and that I’ve mentioned to allay the wrath of those very supporters, then you should already know that I have not claimed to make a generalization.
      You really didn’t get the point of the post, nonetheless, thank you for reading.

  107. Pakeezah Malik says:

    Valid point.. but then again, it’s not just PTI. You see these people in other parties as well.
    Nice analysis, though! 🙂

  108. Munam says:

    Dr Asad, please try to write properly. I liked your blog, it’s very true. Having different view from a PTI supporter is considered a sin. They think less of you as a human being. I dont vote for baradari, sect or any other reason, i vote for change too, my imagination of change might be diffrent from yours but you have no dam right to tell me wrong or call my choice stupid. You have no right to say i think less for this country. Yes I dont believe in your change, when you say you have given youth a chance ofcourse you mean its not Mian Azhar but his son, Javaid Hashmi’s son, the young Lagharis. But no son(PTI suppoters) i am a sinner for you. I believe these PTI supporters are spoiled brats, especially the urban rude supporters you were talking about in your blog. The lived there lives in poshe areas, studied in LGSsss and Becon Housesss, they have been to expensive universities. They talk about change in hypocrisy. These kids go to zouks and alantos with a driver who gets paid 10,000rs and they themselves spend more than that in there on a simple meal. They think less of the kid in their class who is not very well off, Ofcourse they would think less of me when i disagree with there change. There are a few such supporters whose families fill top bureaucracy for decades and have looted and plundered billions, now they stand for change. What a joke. Fauzia Kasoori own’s becon house and she talks and yaksan taleemi nizam. WOW! I have read in one of the comments that PML_N and PPP ruled for 26 26 years. If thats the case the sum total is 52 rite. For your kind information get your facts straight, Pakistan is 66 years old and it has been under a dictator for bloody 33 years or more. You want real change let democracy rule Pakistan, You want change, Change yourselves, thing of every human being as equal because believe you me you are bloody not better than anyone else.

  109. Ashar says:

    Since you claim to have given much consideration to whom to vote for, I do wonder whether you considered Sharif’s loan default on Huddabiya paper case, their offer of property which was not even their own as collateral, their money laundering, their blatant use of SROs (google it and you will find out how they benefited their business empire) or how SS’s daughter had a bakery employee beaten up…… Did you given consideration to all of these Miss Sofa analyst?

    • *Armchair, armchair analyst

      I have, and I’ve considered every aspect and picked them as the lesser evil to vote for. Better the devil you know than the one you don’t.

      • ali says:

        LOL. That shows your intellectual level seriously lady now dont give me that! You prive my point bla bla. IK is one hell of a patriotic sincere and honest man.

      • ali says:

        When you have openly shown your support to the most corrupt evil political party then whats the point in PTI supporters answering you back. Come on lads. Maintain your posture.

  110. kazmi says:

    I think the earlier reply was good where it would’ve been better to write in terms of a neutral person.

    Secondly, rhetorics are always present when it comes to politics. The point is PTI supporters are against corruption, and against the people who have failed miserably in the centre and the provinces (especially in the past five years) which is absolutely logical. I see nothing wrong with it. The argument is valid- because the government and opposition has failed to deliver (miserably) there needs to be a change. Be it IK or anyone, I would love to take the lead role in bringing this change. But guess what I have a better option for now, i.e. PTI’s vision and IK’s leadership.

    No one needs to be intimidated if the people are finally waking up and demanding justice (in the shape of supporting PTI), after all isn’t this what we all want?

  111. DAK says:

    It was going well, until: “Here is a revelation: every single citizen of Pakistan has the prosperity and progress of Pakistan in both his heart and mind when chosing a political party to support.”

    In an ideal world, what you say is, and should be, true. However, the more you familiarise yourself with Pakistani politics, the more you will realise that this is not the case. It may be so amongst the ‘urban supporters of PTI’ that you speak of, but not the masses. When you are dealing with the kind of poverty, unemployment, illiteracy and corruption that is so prevalent in rural Pakistan, you tend to take life one day at a time. Let’s just say you tend to vote for the gentleman who will serve you pullao outside the polling booth, or give you 500 rupees with which you might send your daughter to school. When you are crushed by the very ‘beraderi’ system that you so casually flung aside, you WILL make an uninformed and pressurised decision. The only interest that most Pakistanis have served until now has been their own (And given their conditions, I don’t blame them).

    Secondly (and for my own curiosity), as to your easily made point about having a different definition of ‘change’. Since we all have the greater benefit of Pakistan as our collective mission, I would really like to know what DOES constitute the idea of change for you, which political party embodies it, and how?

    You make sound points about having freedom to support and vote for whom you will. In politics, just like in religion, one of the most necessary things to be preached in Pakistan is tolerance. I would also like to remind you that a very important and stimulating part of any growing democracy is healthy debate and discussion.

    I am a PTI voter, not supporter.

    • Thank you for reading Danyal.

      I got your point and my own views are in concordant with your’s.
      Quite coincidentally, I penned an entire piece on the 2nd of May 2013 which stated: (

      In a developing country like ours, which is struggling to wriggle out of a siege of deep-rooted structural and cultural detriments, votes are not simply determined by a marriage between free will and choice of an individual. On practical grounds, votes are subject to a range of elements: feudalism, entrenched party loyalties, patriarchy, ignorance, poverty, threat of violence and more.

      And indeed, given their conditions, you can’t blame them.
      The point that I made in the post was more figurative than literal, it was made to remind that no Pakistan, who choses another party to support than PTI, wants any less prosperous Pakistan than PTI’s supporters.

      Coming to your question, my idea of change for Pakistan originates from what I prioritise to be the most pressing issues for Pakistan and the issue that I place at the top on my list (and this is just to compress the entire list and state one) is the deadhand of the military establishment in Pakistan’s affairs and the acute civil-military imbalance that charaterizes Pakistan’s power disequilibirum which has many other troubles as its offshoots.
      I have been non-partisan for the past 5 years but eventually had to chuck it for voting.
      Keeping this in mind, PML-N is the party I’ll be voting for. Why?

      Because I feel the PML-N has shown the clearest stance in this regard: upholding the rule of civilians; respect for the mandate of elected-representatives; autonomy from the military establishment, its ventures, adventures, forays into the political and policy-making arena. Picking and sticking to such a stance, in my opinion, is the first right step in the direction of its redressing.

      Secondly, I have been tremendously impressed by their work in the field of education during their stint in the province from 08-13.
      The establishment of Danish schools and the separate implementation of reforms in public schools all across Punjab and their remarkable results, which were largely underreported in Pakistan.

      Lastly, knowing their faults and wrongs which I have been openly critical of, I admit they are not the best of all but I do trust their governance, experience and track record. N, for me, is best described by what Feisal H. Naqvi recently called it a Newsweek article “Better the devil I know, than the one I don’t.”

      And if all fails, the PTI shall surely keep them in check either as coalition partners or a robust opposition.

      Absolutely, debate, discussion and discourse are necessary not just for politics but for almost every other thing; necessary for change, reform, improvement and progress and vital to a society’s health (something that we clearly lack).

      Hope my response is satisfactory.

      • Ashar Pervez says:

        The fact that you are willingly supporting a leadership that has been involved in the abuse of tax regulatory system, money laundering, bank loan defaults, corruption (sastee rotee) speaks volume of your intellectual dishonesty. How can you possibly claim to have Pakistan’s best interests at heart?

      • ali says:

        And yet PMLN is responsible for all the destruction.

  112. Sohaib Anwar says:

    Dear Hafsa,

    Hope you are doing well. I am a PTI supporter yet I do hold the courage to listen to the difference of opinion of what other parties or their followers hold. I would also, as a PTI supporter, like to apologize for any discourteous remarks which you might have faced while stating your political opinion in public. I agree with your statement that we all have the same spirit of love and well being for Pakistan. It is a matter of focusing on commonalities rather than differences. As a nation we are still young with this concept, however we are now realizing, at a very gradual pace, that argument for the sake of argument is never productive. We need to realize when to speak effectively and profoundly. It is better to remain quiet than to speak in vain. This transition in attitudes may take some to to happen, but as far as I see the change is looming in the air somewhere. It doesn’t have a defined picture as such but it sure is glimmering faintly. But I would only like to make a request to you, and this is for everyone in general, that when you say your vote is only yours, you are misjudging its value. What may appear to be your single vote may affect the future of the whole nation. It impacts everyone in a hidden manner, just like the circulation of money in the economy… your money effects the dynamics of markets and trade in a secretive manner. That is why you often feel over pressured by others and have closed eyes fixed around you both in case of money you spend and vote you cast. Though I am not encouraging you to vote for PTI, I am requesting you to know and realize the power of your vote, its impact on the whole nations future, do realize that its a responsibility on you to cast your vote effectively. Not just relying on your personal biases or individual perspectives but also assess the situation well before dropping that stamped slip into the ballot box, for that single drop can lift us all! Hope we all see a bright Pakistan in time soon. Ameen.

    Kind Regards,
    Sohaib Anwar.

    • Hello Amer,
      Thank you for reading and commenting.
      Thank you for your kindness too, although I believe that no apology is necessitated from supporters like you by those who behave irrationally.

      I agree with what you have stated.

      As for the value of vote, what I believe is that every Pakistani votes on the basis of who he believes will guide and lead the country to a better future for all and each and everyone one of us. That said, I do not claim that people do not vote on the basis of their personal interests, ofcourse they do. And come to think of it, even if each and every person solely voted for the representation and protection of their interests, all of that would combine into the collective votes of the entire nation and translate into the collective interests of the nation through the elevation to power of those elected.
      That said, I do not advocate voting on the single basis of personal interests at all.

      I understand your point, and I found your manner of convincing rather heartening and interesting. You seem like one concerned citizen of Pakistan, interacting with whom it is always a pleasure.

      “For that single drop can lift us all! Hope we all see a bright Pakistan in time soon” – Beautiful words!

      Indeed, as we all head to the polls in a day with sheer excitement and even greater hopefulness, we all pray that the decision we have taken about the symbol we’ll be placing the stamp on proves to be prosperous for Pakistan, because at the end of the day, that is the one thing we all really and truly want.

      Pakistan Zindabad.

  113. Tayyab Bilal Khan says:

    Hafsa I respect your views. But what I fail to comprehend is the fact why can’t you and all those who oppose the vary nature of new entry in Pakistan Political environment is the fact there are people who are very disappointed by these existing politicians and they can unite. We have been living their rise to power. Be it PPPP or PLMN what they did for the people of Pakistan. See their personal wealth rising but at same time Pakistan is suffering from their inaction.

    As far as PTI rise to fame, anti PTI view is that some agency would have helped or like what Pasha. But you and all other simply failed to understand that there is resentment against them for not performing. Take example of Brazil where they changed country future in a 20 years time.

    Now look at us when a self proclaimed Messiah Bhutto emerged with the vision of change and massive land slide victory. ….. but to our dismay nothing changed rather the status of the rich who became more rich and the poor became poorer. The split of haves and have not. The systems in the country had a shut down. Lawlessness and injustice prevailing. Intolerance to accept other views.

    The existing ruling parties existed since 1973 and the only next thing is PTI to challange them. But thanks to some of the people this change is resisted. Reality check. Osama and other terrorists are Muslim but this does not makes all Muslims terrorists. PTI supporter are abusive but it doesn’t mean all PTI is abusive.

    So challenging the very manifesto started by these existing parties where they started openly critising the view and supporter of PTI lead to some indecent comments by these person who might reflect their suffering in to words.

    So in my opinion every action has equal opposite reaction. And if these status quo parties had performed these was no need to change. …

    • Thank you for reading Tayyab.

      I do not oppose the entry of any new entrant in the political arena at all, in fact, as I responded to Amer in the comments (and I shamefully copy-paste it here), I believe that PTI has adjusted into the role of a counterweight to the traditional parties, something that has/will do good in rising them out of complacency. All in all, I believe that its arrival on the political front is an entirely positive, democratic development. The only issue I have is with specific segments or characteristics of its supporters.
      PTI certainly does symbolise the built-up anger and frustration of years of the people of Pakistan, and there is no doubt that Pakistan has wheeled into regression in those.

      But my point is, I do not have an issue as such with the party as I have with a certain set/segment of its supporters – which I explicitly wrote in my post so as not to imply that all PTI supporters fall into the category.

  114. Talal Baweja says:

    Personal political views aside, who is better who is not, everyone is entitled to their opinion and we can even discuss that with very rational arguments too, but i would like to explain you (what i think) why there might exist “such” PTI supporters more in number than others. (although i don’t endorse the forceful political proselytising in any case)

    Look, considering what our country has been going through, almost all of us are fed up of the status quo. I don’t doubt that you being non PTI supporter want any less change in Pakistan than them. You seem to be an observer, so i’d suggest you look at PTI and its supporters from a different perspective if you havent already.

    “Majority” of those who will vote for PTI, are not voting for it as simply a political party. Any educated lot can make good policies and implement them (its not a rocket science). They are voting simply for Imran Khan! For his self less determination, integrity and sincerity with Pakistan (no justification need be mentioned), considering his all previous records (need no mentioning either), plus his reputation of a national hero. He is not perfect but the cleanest of all potential leaders out there.

    So, it is this dire need of a sincere proven leader that drives people to become IK’s follower. And our unfortunate ‘haalaat’ add more zeal into this following. So, when IK fans aka (PTI supporters) see others not being able to realise this opportunity who they believe Allah has blessed them with in the form of IK to get out of the traditional family, feudal, ‘gunda’ politics of Pakistan, then they try their best to make others realise this. (let’s not argue whether they are right or wrong, im just explaining you the reasons).

    When somebody has a cause and a mission, than they will try every means to achieve it. Of course, force shouldn’t be used in a civilised society. Now the reason why you don’t find this attitude in other party supporters is because they are only “party supporters” and don’t have such emotional/rational following for their leaders, hence they simply resort to discussions here and there.

    I believe in IK and i don’t find in it any wrong to keep on convincing my family and friends to vote for him, as long as i am not belittling them. There is always a way to do things without offending and one should not stop as long as there is a room for more effort.

    • Thank you for reading Talal, and beginning with such broad-mindedness.
      I have read through your argument and I would like to thank you for providing me with such an aspect to such behaviour that is adopted by some supporters, I have understood it better and am quite pleased to see your willingness to highlight the scale of balancedness and rationality that lies in every trend and can be achieved if wanted – such as trying to convince others, but/by not belittling them in the process.

      There is indeed, always room for everything to proceed and happen without offending others.

      Thank you for your explanation again, it has added another angle to the discussion here.

  115. iftikhar says:

    Bravo….I’m sure you didn’t even understand half of what you have written. Next time please come to the point rather than beating around the bush and showing off your english skills

  116. Amber says:

    well written n explained. My sentiments exactly.

  117. Nigah says:

    If you find the enthusiasm and fervour of the average urban PTI supporter stifling, then I am afraid you are the one bordering intolerance.

    The PTI supporter is young, vocal and energetic. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. Anyone expressing their support for their party and standing up in its defense is well within their rights! If I fail to understand your plight then you could have come across more transparently by quoting an instance where you felt intimidated.

    While there maybe in your view an air of self-righteousness around the PTI supporter, there is a more priggish air of self-righteousness around the supporters of other parties, driven by their debatable sense of political maturity and wisdom. I find their silent “we know better, you are just kal ke bache” attitude much more annoying but my tolerance towards them requires that I do not write an open letter to the supporters of PPP and PML-N. i have this much a stock of patience. also, i would not associate this with the party. After all, Islam is perfect not the Muslim.

    Tolerance does not require that you let everyone go about their business. Tolerance requires that you encourage and are open to debates and arguments and yet never get down to personal attacks, which is one accusation you have not placed on the PTI supporter in your article. We sound tolerant enough.

    Your article is very well written and would have been much more appreciated if you hadn’t accused only one party. This is a doctrine that needs to be preached to everyone and adopted by everyone.

    I look forward to your response to my criticism.

    • Thank you for reading Nigah.

      Time and again, whilst responding to the comments here, I have mentioned how there really is a huge difference between being enthusiastic and aggressively-enthusiastic which includes trying to corner others for having a different political choice.
      I have no problem with the former, but considering the latter affects others, including me, I do have an issue with it.

      Young, vocal and energetic. Indeed, perfectly alright that is. Expression of support also, is only natural but if that expression of support entails breaching my right to my expression of support for another party, than it ceases to be acceptable. I haven’t been intimdated, but I have protested against the attempts at intimidating others for not supporting PTI that have come from suchs supporters.

      I haven’t claimed to disassociate such attitudes from other parties quite clearly in my post, please do see to it. This post is the result of my own, personal experience as someone who does not support PTI and has met such behavior from urban PTI supporters for admitting to it hence, personally, I have found this attitude to be in greater prevalence amongst PTI supporters.
      Two wrongs do not make a right and if other parties’ supporters also engage in such a trend, then that too is both condemnable and deplorable.

      I would like to state that I consider myself to be someone who does possess a decent degree of tolerance and it has only been after my differing political views have been intolerated innumerable times by such PTI supporters that I have been forced from frustration to pen this. This is my own view that I have chosen to present within my right to freedom of expression. You probably haven’t faced such an attitude from PTI supporters or like that of their’s, which is why your stock of patience seems to have endured. I believe had you gone through the same experience, you could have atleast been able to relate.

      Nonetheless, there is nothing blasphemous about open letters to the supporters or leaders of a party.
      With due respect, I believe the example of religion and its supporters does not fit in this case.

      Which is my point Madam, I am all for open debates and political discourse only that this has not been the case here. I have begun often by stating by political views and been bombarded with comments calling for me to take some shame for supporting a party that that certain PTI supporter does not deem good. It all ends there, doesn’t it? There is no space left for one to explain his reasoning or choice if the other already makes up his mind about the fate of discussion by the introduction of the other’s point of view.

      Personal attacks are made by trolls, to which my letter was not addressed because I chose to differentiate between supporters, who I consider more respectable and ‘real’ than trolls, who I consider mere troublemakers.

  118. Muhammad ali says:

    i have not read any of the comments so i am going to write what may have been mentioned earlier by someone.

    First of all let me just say that the whole nation has no moral fabric, no morals/ethics. this is not a PTI problem. it is just that a majority of those people who have been subjected to mola jutt movies and to making fun of phutan’s and sikhs are now in PTI. i am a supporter of PTI, but before that i was a Die hard N-league supporter. and anyone who has lived through those times, will remember the “coca cola, pepsi; maanwa- teeyan taxi!” slogan against B.B initiated by pmln and other similar slogans too inappropriate to mention here.

    so writer, let me stop you in your tracks. it is a pakistani problem. not a pti problem.

    next, about convincing people… well, there is only one truth. in religions islam is the truth- but there are many under the category of non-muslims as well who dont really know the truth yet. so, dear, pti is the truth when it comes to politics. thats it, i do not want to go into discussions or details. i have lived the better part of my life following animals who i thought were working for my betterment. i have bled and sweat for them. i have spent hefty amounts of money on them- driven them around on my cars, arranged vacations/ trips for them. the more i got close to them, the more reality dawned unto me.

    now i have come to this stage in my life that come this election’s result, if PTI does not win, i will pick up my boria bistrah and leave this country for good. i will not talk about the results, i will not get angry about the outcome. no. i am past it. i will simply leave this country to its people- those who deserve to live here. i will die on foreign soil, would get buried there and never let it slip during the time i am alive that i am a pakistani. even when it comes up in conversations i will try to dissociate as much as possible- i would claim to be an indian or a bangladeshi or arab. but no sir, never will i say that i belong to a nation so doped up that they elect their own satanic lords o’er them to rule.

    personally i think that this nation- if it can be called one- does not deserve IK. he was a fool to have faith in this nation- he should have known better. i am not like that- a saint. i will not stay in the boat when my fellow passengers are making holes in it by the minute.

    there is only one truth. it took me probably more than half of my life to find out that what i was on was not truth. if i can find it out, then others can as well. so i wont convince you, or anyone else. i will simply watch from a distance when you and this nation of fools & pseudo- intellectuals is brought down by their own choices. when your leaders sell you out to the enemies and they feast upon thy resources. i may even smile and pass a sigh of relief. there is no arguing with short sighted & blind people, hell bent on their own destruction. To each his own.
    God save my country from the Satan worshiping puppets and their followers; generation after generation after generation of obedient slaves. Or maybe God does want to give them azab through these satan’s minions.

  119. Usman Shahid says:

    I completely respect and agree with you point of view. It’s an open democracy and everyone has a right to make his or her own decisions. Great job.

  120. Ashraf says:

    Nicely Done ! Even though the two parties have been tried and tested, the problem is, Its funny how most of us educated people are fighting for and against Imran khan, while the uneducated and under privileged Majority will end up voting Idiots back in power! Idiots they do actually really love. If we need change, then it has to start from within and i am certain things will start falling in place.

  121. Saad Sohail says:

    I am a strong PTI supporter and when i say strong i mean that i strongly believe in my political party but i dont wish to enforce it on others. I agree with your article the breed of PTI supporters that are being created are ‘jialas’ which frankly we dont need and i would blame Imran’s elections speeches for that the language used in those speeches and the harsh words that have been used have had a huge impact on these supporters. I believe Khan should have been more careful in the methodology he used to criticize other parties.

    I still support PTI because although majority of its policies are very idealistic in nature but essentially thats the need of the hour as some inspiration has to unite this country. The education and health policies are brilliant. I am not a fan of his policies on minorities but i like his policy to combat terror because its something unique we have seen that there is no fixed formula on how to tackle terror as the military option has failed as well.
    I respect your political opinion and I hope that other PTI supporters do the same. =)

    • Thank you for reading Saad.
      I am glad that you, despite being a staunch PTI supporter himself, acknowledge the existence and damages of such a segment of PTI’s supporters that surely not just your own, but every party can do without.

      Good to see you so informed about your party’s policies, which is BTW, another issue that should be addressed in Pakistan.
      Thank you again : )

  122. Jaisha says:

    Utter bullshit!

  123. Saaid Khan says:

    Someone had a B. Russell quote about an impatient idealist way above and I think that should suffice.
    What I will say is that we need to raise the level of debate in this country – debate is one of the pillars of a democracy. Thank you for voicing your opinion – we as a nation need to be respectful of independent thoughts regardless of if we agree with them or not.

    • Indeed that does suffice.
      Absolutely, debate and discourse, which are as you aptly mentioned pillars of democracy, are the only ways forward for Pakistan to achieve tolerance, acceptance of diversity of every kind and pluralism, and democracy.
      Thank you for reading!

  124. Jehan says:

    exactly my sentiments! thank you so much for writing this!- 5 stars!

  125. danishaftab says:

    Hafsa no one is hindering you from speaking your mind. If anyone does be indifferent about it. With a literacy rate as low as ours you cannot expect 90% of the people to think and act intellectually .

    Your argument would be valid if Pakistan’s literacy rate was at par with some of the other developed nations . Unfortunately , its not. Its not just the PTI supporters which need to mature , its the nation in general . Be mindful of fact that maturity and education are two coherent characteristics and we as a nation have a long way to go.

    • Danish, it is not about literacy at all considering I have solely found these characteristics in their urban supporters, which I did specify.
      However, you are right that such a trend of behavior is generally found in Pakistan and must be reformed.

      Thank you for reading.

  126. Amer says:

    Hi Hafsa, this was a well written article about a relevant topic. I also agree with the premise of your blog. Everybody needs to avoid ‘trolling’ and a lot of lousy people have jumped on the PTI bandwagon, using it as an excuse to act self righteous or to just make trouble.

    Your article also indirectly points out that people from your social circle are passionate about the upcoming elections, as opposed to being apathetic.That is good.

    Lastly, in my opinion the PTI is the lesser evil in this election. It has disrupted the complete monopolies of the established parties, thereby (hopefully) raising the standard of governance and accountability. [And most of the stereotyping that has been used by its supporters to bash the PPP and PMLN is accurate.]

    I hope you are voting for somebody that is truly good intention-ed

    • Thank you for reading Amer and agreeing with the crux of it.
      Certainly a certain set of unwritten rules, ethics, principles that originate from common sense and decency should be conformed to by supporters of all parties; it is something both beneficial to them and their parties.

      Your’s is probably the only comment that has sensed this, and it is indeed true. My entire family and extended family is rather excited and zealous (or shall I say, over-zealous) about the upcoming elections. But indeed, it is good especially opposed to the indifference that has carried on in Pakistan regarding elections previously.
      There’s no doubt that the PTI has stirred many a class into enthusiasm for political participation.

      I respect your opinion. I do acknowledge that it has adjusted into the role of a counterweight to the traditional parties, something that has/will do good in rising them out of complacency. All in all, I believe that its arrival on the political front is an entirely positive, democratic development. The only issue I have is with specific segments or characteristics of its supporters.

      And that is what I hope too.

      • asif Tareen says:

        well written gud attempt to get some viewrs and readers for your blog and i think u succeeded. Thats wat PTI has done and ppl like u can benefit from this.
        as far as behavior and attitude of pti are concerned, mark my words, “tang amad ba jang amad “. and ofcorse we are far better ( not perfect ) thats why we try to convince everyone else around us, and other ppl who belong to other political parties always come up with so many lame statements being a better we have to condemn them and always try to show them the right path which is not for ourselves but Pakistan.
        you being a blogger just conduct a survey , how many supporters of PTI are professional and seasoned politicians ? Just check out the top hierarchy of PTi how many of them are seasoned politicians ? and u will find highly qualified and educated people in PTI then ofcorse they will curse the other old parties who has upto great extent destroyed this nation and country.
        Most Important,
        if you say no, other parties and their supporters are ok then the way you wrote so much about PTI go and check out about other parties and come up with such a POSITIVE criticism and share it in the same way in their circles (Social media and Internet is not their circles) e.g write some positive criticism and share it in orangi and nazimabad area of karachi with yr adress and phone number , u can imagine wat will happen to u . write some thing abt pml-n and share it with mushahid ullah and abid sher ali aur in some die hard fans pml-n in lahore rural areas let me know the results then. or if u wanna test with religious parties share it in madrassas where they have their fans and vote bank or in larkana in a speech. I am 1000% sure you will find pti supporters far better than any other party.

  127. Azeem Hafeez says:

    Wonderful article, very nicely written and absolutely true.

  128. Jasim Qazi says:

    I agree with you that people take political leaders too seriously in this country. Political affiliation in our country borders very closely with “shaksiat parasty” imho.

    Trying to relay ones own ideology and thinking onto others is a way for humans to convince themselves that they’re right. This is human nature and is not common to Pakistanis.

    Regarding the point that you see this in PTI supporters mostly, that is because for the first time in recent history, ordinary people who had no affiliations with political parties or agendas are coming out and supporting IK. Normal people, our friends and family, who stayed away from politics because it is considered not a place for shareef people are voicing their feelings. That is why we’re seeing so much PTI support on social media. Quite frankly, I think it is a good thing.

    • Thank you for reading Jasim.
      Absolutely, that is perhaps the best description for political affiliation in Pakistan: “shaksiat parasty”.

      Very well-said, people do seek validation of their opinions and confirmation of their definitions of right and wrong by the inclusion of others in the acceptance of those.

      It is a completely positive development and the achievement of bringing people and entire classes of Pakistanis from the dormancy of indifference to the forefront of political participation as enthusiasts must be conceded to PTI.
      However, some standards of decency and respect should be maintained for all times by all of them and others.

  129. Anum Jaffry says:

    Good one, Hafsa. I see much of my thoughts and words echoing in your post. 🙂

  130. Al says:

    Hello Hafsa. Excellent article. Yes, there is a fascist tinge in the supporters of PTI, but I guess this is just a phase, it will fizzle out soon enough. May I know who are you gonna vote for tomorrow?

  131. I am a PTI supported and I absolutely agree with you, but is this not the case for all the other parties, I come across my friends supporting PMLN and PPP and they also have the same mindset which you have mentioned about the PTI supporters, but I believe what ignited PTI workers are the lame accusations on PTI being a Jew Lobby, Taliban Lobby and other childish comments of being immature etc. etc. etc. At the end of the day, when people have political affiliations, this tend to happen, I am sure the cloud will get clear after the elections. Probably you have felt that due to the online social media dominance as youth is alligned towards PTI. In any case, I wish all the Pakistani’s a better future, it may be Nawaz, Zardari or Imran, all we need is a prosperous Pakisan

    • Thank you for reading Murtaza, it is good to see that you agree.

      The urban PTI supporters that I talked about in the post were ‘real life’ supporters and not those on the social media.
      Such accusations are both deplorable and condemnable indeed.

      Wonderful thoughts there, it takes alot these days for people, regardless of whom they politically associate themselves with, to wish for the election of someone – even if they do not support him – if he is better for Pakistan’s prosperity.

  132. Uzma says:

    Well written and I respect your view. I think we should all look at the bigger picture “a better future for Pakistan” and personally no one party can achieve that we must learn to live and let live and collectively work towards a brighter future regardless of what sect, religion or party we belong too. Change is good, provided it is in the positive.

  133. moiz says:

    well have you ever thought wny do pti supporters get all riled up.. let me help you out here its because the partis that are competing against pti have some sorts of records and the fact that they have been tried and tested over and over and over agian,, i wount go there its just the rival parties made the people like pti to come out and defend pti and rest assured imran khan is the only being which has made them support hope or else it would we two very harmful things one martial law again for the billiointh time and people coming out to the streets.. one thing i will definatly agree with you everybody should vote for whoever they please but with one very important aspect is that if asked they should have a proper reason and here is where other supporters have a problem then basic issue its becasue they cannot defend it against pti where other leaders have problem which one can talk for days….. so i thin that basically is the proplem. so i was to gice your blog a name it would we wet our pants when talking to pti supporters mommy make them stop…..

  134. Junaiid Khan says:

    I have been trying to say the same thing but this is perfectly written. I think it will make my job way easier. There are many people who are supporting PTI because of this peer-pressure, which is getting really annoying as you are considered a ‘parha likha jahil’ if you do not support PTI. Thanks a lot.

    In case someone gets annoying about Imran Khan being very honest and the only one who can bring change, here is a link for them:

    I vote not for an individual or of the fear of being mocked at, I vote for a better Pakistan.

  135. Shaheryar Mirza says:

    Very well-written Hafsa. You made a valid point. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a healthy debate in Pakistan. Politics riles people up. Spot on…on the self-righteousness part.

    • Thank you for reading Shaheryar and understanding what I meant to convey.
      Unfortunately, healthy debate or discourse are pushed to the brink of nonexistence by the existence of these very elements in our national mindset: intolerance for different views, self-righteousness and insularity.
      Glad to hear that you agree.

  136. Husnain Lotia says:

    My sentiments EXACTLY! Problem with being part of a “tsunami” is, you have to leave your brain at home

    • ali says:

      Yes leaving your brain at home helps you to talk about corruption and unjustice going on in this country, corrupt rulers are ripping off our skins and hence some of us, the traditional people of political arena and voters still bow down to these traitors.
      Youve hit me directly here by the way and you expect no back fire.

  137. Anam says:

    If you have a firm belief in your political view and are confident enough of your leader’s actions, past, efforts and abilities there is no reason that you should feel intimidated by ANYONE. If you can confront any political party’s supporters with valid and logical arguments then believe me there is absolutely no reason for you to feel intimidated. They might not agree with you, fair enough, but your faith in your leader should be strong enough to leave you feeling strong and confident no matter the argument or the person infront of you. And thats what a PTI supporter feels.

    Although I don’t agree with your post, I’d still say kudos to you for expressing yourself. It feels great to see that no matter what our plotical views might be, we are all arguing for the betterment of our motherland.

  138. anisa says:

    Thank you Hafsa for some much needed perspective. This appropriation of the terms ‘tabdeeli’, ‘naya’ and ‘status quo’ is far from new. If Imran Khan’s and PTI’s rhetoric has been all about changing the status quo.. to put it another way.. it has been urging people to think somewhat critically of the institution and established order. In fact his entire campaign has been buttressed by this ‘promise’. I find it actually pretty funny when his supporters fail to see how that same advice must not be heeded in relation to themselves, the candidates or the Big man himself. Funny how its … ‘lets question all else just not ourselves,’. The hope for consensus in Pakistan somehow seems to become a force. While I agree with and feel somewhat moved by his mobilization of voters in the recent past I find this fervor reveals yet again the same intolerance and self-righteousness which has trickled down from the same people in power than IK criticizes…’we know better for you so shut up and follow suit, if you dont, you are standing in the way of total emancipation you selfish, cynical pseudo intellectual. How can you possibly not be on board!??’
    Vote for who you like. Kneel before you whatever you chose. Marry who you want. People can be trusted to know whats good for themselves and if they dont it is still not you to you to force your vision of ‘change’ down their throats.

    • Thank you for reading Anisa.

      You’ve said it all in such a fine manner, thank you for adding much substance to the debate.
      With what you’ve stated, I find my views to be in complete cocurrence with.

      It is disappointing that an unhealthy tone, instead of change which is their party’s claim, has overtaken the discourse by most PTI supporters.
      It is deplorable how they should’ve been a public emodiment of what their party is a political embodiment of: a counterweight to traditional politics/parties.
      They too, have resorted to the traditional politics’ tactics of mudslinging, blind following, meaningless debate, crudeness and much more – and some have even take it further.

      So well-said! Indeed, let people have their freedom.

  139. Faheem says:

    The way some people follow Imran Khan seems like another certain guyin 1935 with a weird mustache. He knows nothing about economics, he knows less about politics. Honesty doesn’t work in politics. Lincoln lied/bribed half of congress to get the 13th amendment ratified. Imran Khan has alliances with open supporters of the Taliban, his reaction to the attack on Malala Yusuf was horrifying.
    Yeah, he isn’t corrupt and bla bla. But his party isn’t him, and he is vain.

    • ali says:

      And then you have same example of QuaideAzam and Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H. Opponents uses to promote exactly the same propagandas

  140. Patriot says:

    Very well written and true research

  141. moody says:

    Dear Author … out of curiosity how and where do you find yourself embroiled in such political debate that has obviously left you scarred … you sound like a bit of a drama queen

  142. ABA says:

    A few days ago an old pathan chowkidar whom i greet in our local masjid at Magrib and Isha asked me a question in a very simple manner, a manner as simple as a child asking where the local candy shop was. His question was ‘ I want to vote for Imran Khan, pray tell me who is the PTI candidate in our constituency”. Now if the PTI workers were really that overpowering, as Ms. Khawaja insinuates, then why would a poor chowkidar ask me this question especially knowing fully well that I am completely apolitical.
    Imran Khan may have been a devil in the past but atleast he has the gall to admit his follies by saying in his address last night from the hospital bed that “ALLAH ney mujhey Eman diya” atleast he is not a liar like the other politicians in genaral and NS and AZ gangs in particular who have reneged on the oath of office minutes after taking it with their hands on the Koran. He is atleast not as shameless as the minions in the past governments as well as in the opposition, who, despite exposure of their criminal ventures against this hapless nation have continued in offices, assemblies and the senate and looted this country with a vengence.
    NS, SS, AZ and their brothers in crime harp on the experience they have in ruling this country or rather ruining this country in the name of DEMONcracy or should I say “DACOITOcracy”.
    Undoubtedely they have 25 looooong years of tremendous experience between them, but that experience is centered just on the systematic rape of Pakistan time and time again. Their joint experience has cost this country US$60 Billion and enslaved it to the WB, IMF, ADB and the Jewish / Zionist / US nexus. NS/SS’s ‘Mulk savanroo qarz utaroo’ scam, Coop scam, motorway, Daewoo, yellow cab sasti roti scams, to name just a few are enough to make one sick.
    When the Roman Empire was disintegrating Roman msicreants use to set alight homes of ordinary citizens and then go and suggest ways to put out the fires as well help salvage their belongings by charging exorbitantly and this is akin to what AZ’s BB Income Support Programme is all about ie, first create abject poverty through absolute corruption and then dish out money to secure and enlarge your vote bank. Besides the BB support shite PPP has in its portfolio, to name but a few, the Effederine scandal, Upholder class submarine racket (it was timely checked) Haj scandal, ruination of PIA, Pakistan Railways, Steel Mills, power shortage, CNG rationing, sugar crisis ( a JV between PPP & PML (N)) increase in drone attacks, bending backwards to appease India and the US, drowining villages and their poor inhabitants by knocking down river / canal fortifications to safe the fiefdoms of their favourite feudals,

    PPP ( Pakistan Plunderers Party) and PML-N (Pakistan Mulk Looto – Neurotic) are thoroughly corrupt, incompetent, worthless, lying collection of cursed opportunists who cannot rule and hence should not be allowed to ruin this country any further.

    Ms. Khawaja i respect absolutely your right to differ by voicing your reservations but, at the same time request you to see things in their proper prospective with your inner eye.

    ALLAH SUBHANATALLA be praised, May the grip of these rogues over this unfortunate country be shattered to bits and pieces and may the filth of past twenty five years be washed away from this land forever.
    Long live Pakistan.

  143. Ussi says:

    I only briefly read what you wrote. The bolded pieces plus some of your replies. I have a few comments to make on this:
    “Imran Khan has used the most rude and crude of language against his opponents unmatched by them,”

    – I suggest you listen to the Prime minister’s questions (English parliament) that happens almost every Wednesday. You will be surprised how rude and crude the language is.

    – Instead of pointing out the flaws in PTI and IK (I have read countless similar blogs), you are better off writing who people should be voting for and why.

    – And perhaps there is an “air of self-righteousness” that you feel about yourself which is why you wrote this piece.

    • Considering you only briefly read what I wrote, I doubt you understand my point of view fully.

      -Also, just because something unethical occurs in another part of the world, or a developed place like England, it neither justifies nor validates the repitition of the same here. Two wrongs do not make a right.

      – Well, if you had read ”countless other blogs”, I wonder why you bothered reading another, even if briefly.
      No, I am better off writing what I want to write instead of writing on the dictates of another.
      I am free to write what I want and you are equally free to read or not read that.

      – Maybe you need to read the entire piece, not ‘briefly’ this time and you’d understand better.

      • Ussi says:

        It was posted by a friend on facebook which is why I read it briefly. Again I skimmed through what you wrote, it is really nothing new!

        My point was you should look beyond the type of language used as going after each others throat is common in politics whether good or bad.

        Exactly, I never said don’t write. You are free to express your view. One thing I will suggest however is to take a course in critical reasoning and logic as there are gaps in your logic and your reasoning is biased.

        Happy writing!

  144. d3bauch says:

    I would like to add my views;

    What’s the definition of democracy? Democracy is a form of government in which all eligible citizens have an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives. Democracy allows eligible citizens to participate equally—either directly or through elected representatives—in the proposal, development, and creation of laws. It encompasses social, economic and cultural conditions that enable the free and equal practice of political self-determination.

    It defines every common person has equal right to share their opinion. She had highlighted excellent points; It doesn’t matter if you are supporter of PTI, PMNL, APML, PPP, MQM etc. We cannot force anyone to vote to the ones we want. Everyone must be responsible on their own deeds.

  145. Usman Baig says:

    1906 Muhammad ali Jinnad joined Muslim League, thats criticism he used to face from other muslim leagues, that he is a part of British empire, he wears English dresses and he has a goal of diverting ourselves other than the movement. But his enthusiasm towards getting new land for Muslims were not defused by all those claims, i am not a big fan of PTI but i have a great trust in Imran Khan, and i must say after Quaid e Azam, he is the only leader Pakistan was bestowed by Allah, please don’t lose this last hope and bring him into power.

    If i was Imran khan, my last speech would have included few words,
    “please give me 1 year of politics if you or any one feel i did not perform well i will step down by myself”. But still loved what ever he said .
    Long live Pakistan

  146. Umar Khan says:

    Dear Hafsa, great article. I totally agree with your assertion that the every individuals right to vote is her/his privilege and should not be undermined at any expense. However, i don’t totally agree with your comments regarding PTI and its supporters. I think this is the first time that the ‘jean brigade’ (as one writer put it) has actively participated in any election; and what you call ‘arrogance’ and ‘intimidation’ is their youthful exuberance which is challenging the status-quo. I would submit that perhaps this energy is what threatens the voters of other parties, because since the 70’s no other political party has been able to create this passion in Pak polities. Please also note that the same sentiment underpinned the Arab Spring and managed in a matter of weeks to overthrow decades old, iron-fisted dictatorial regimes. But be that as it may, I respect your point of view and i think this kind of debate is a breath of fresh air for our country. Pakistan Zindabad!

  147. Fahim Awan says:

    No words to explain. just excellence way of expressing your own views.

  148. Jarri Najam says:

    I understand your sentiment. Overzealous supporters are a party’s worst advocate. The fact that you run into more such PTI supporters than those from other parties is because PTI enjoy’s the largest support amongst the urban population which is the segment you seem to have interacted with. Add to that the fact that the average age (and hence maturity) of PTI supporters is typically less than that of other parties’ supporters and you can easily understand why they behave the way they do. This isn’t an excuse, it’s just my analysis of the reason for the behaviour you describe. Everyone has a right to choose who they vote for and one should not be belittled for their choice.

    What follows is just my opinion and you are free to disagree with it.

    The positive thing about PTI the party is that they focus on things other than just building infrastructure which is what the other parties seem so obsessed with. We need to think about education and dispensation of justice and then focus on roads, bullet trains, etc. The priorities need to be set straight. The other parties actually prefer to keep people poor, uneducated and dependent on them to maintain their vote bank. That’s why their promises are limited to aata, sasti roti, income support, etc. People will always be beggars as long as they stay uneducated and don’t become a contributing part of the economy. As long as justice is just for the elite, poor people will continue to be excluded from society and turn to crime, violence, etc.

    I believe PTI and Imran Khan in particular understands these issues and is willing to face them head on. None of the other party leaders have my trust, what with all their corruption scandals, self serving attitudes and acceptance of VIP culture. I think Pakistan is at the brink and we deserve a better leader. Someone we can hold to higher standards than the others and someone we can trust. IK is not perfect, he has many flaws, but one thing he is not is dishonest. His dedication, sincerity and drive to serve Pakistan is something not even his opponents would doubt. People may criticize his methods and that’s their right.

    I believe we need an idealist, someone who thinks big and doesn’t settle for running the system the way it is. Those who have been a part of the system and benefit from it cannot be expected to change it. The best they can do is run it better than their predecessors, but I believe we deserve more. PTI may not be able to live up to all their promises but if they try and at least set the country in the right direction, it will be more than what anyone else has done in the last 20+ years. The fact is, I am not satisfied with the direction this country is going and I don’t want my children to live in such a society. I trust PTI and IK to steer us in the right direction. He’s someone who admits to his mistakes and admits that his candidates may not be perfect, but that we should vote for his ideology. I for one agree with the ideology as a whole, though I may disagree on individual issues.

    As a former PLM(N) voter, I don’t want to settle for the lesser of evils anymore when I can see the promise of good. Whatever happens on May 11th, I hope it’s a turning point in our history.

    Stay blessed, Pakistan.

  149. Nz says:

    Perfectly written. PTI supporters are the reason why I hate PTI now, before they started rubbing their opinions in my face, I only had a different point of view regarding the ‘change’ but all thanks to PTI supporters, I, and many like myself, detest PTI

    • I have come across alot of people who dislike the PTI just because of the treatment and attitude they have faced at the hands of PTI-supporting trolls and PTI supporters.
      It is quite unfortunate really.

      Thank you for reading!

      • ali says:

        LOL. Ok they ran away because of these trolls. Thats so ajeeb. But why they camee in first place is a karara answer to your political liking which led you to write this article. I am APML karachi supporter by the way. But I admire Khan Sahab too.

    • ali says:

      You detest yourself because of these fools? Did you attest on the same ground too?

  150. Uzair says:

    For many, the fallibility clause has not kicked in, just yet. He bleeds. We all saw that on TV. Which proves, he is only human.

    Diversity is the spice of life. We all present our case and everyone decides their own fate. Let no one coerce another’s right to choose. Your points were well presented. If one cannot even think of another perspective, then there’s nothing left. Thank you.

  151. Saqlain Afzal says:

    If Imran Khan was contesting elections in Europe or US, I bet he would have been rejected by the people. A man who ridicules a known national leader, can not be expected to respect a normal citizen, once in power. I am a witness to it, during the elections in France in 90s. The opponent of President Mitterand, who was considered as a winning candidate, just lost elections because he was rude to his opponent in the final one to one live debate. In Pakistan unfortunately, such attitude is considered as something great.
    We are here to vote for someone, who can bring a better change. I have the right to vote for anyone and so do the others. But this concept of “Tested and Not Tested” looks very strange to me. To me the performance of a party, and attributes of leadership are important. I can promise thousand things, but can I do it, or the slogans would just end up with the elections, should be analyzed by the voters, . With Kasuri family in PTI and running the Beacon House School Systems chain, I cannot, for a second, think that they will ever allow poor students to be enrolled in their schools. How can PTI talk of providing even educational opportunities and standards to everyone……….. rich and poor.
    My appeal to the people is that they must remain calm and respect the choice of others.
    I totally agree with the author and in fact it is a very well written and thought provoking article. We must read it without any bias or grievances.

    • Thank you for reading and adding to the discussion Saqlain.

      The lamentable political custom here of mudslinging and taking potshots at each other would be shocking in any part of the civilized world, but I do believe it has persisted in Pakistan owing to its acceptance by the people as part of the nature of populism here. It is both condoned and lauded by the people.
      Not only is the attitude deemed great but even bold, when it really is just plain uncivil and infantile.

      Your views, are what I would go as far to say as being completely identical to mine. Glad to be sharing them with others.

      Thank you for the appreciation!

    • ali says:

      Thats a schooling system. Rather than talking assumption talk realities. The horrible ones going on every day. But you people keep your head bowed down before your corrupt master.

    • ali says:

      Come onnnnnnnn. He would have clean sweeped. Infact weterners would have sliced these corrupt pmln and pp people in half themselves.

  152. kashifiqb1 says:

    By the way, your dearest party is finding ways to get in power – be it legal or illegal..that is the difference why PTI people suggest others to not follow the tried and tested fraud people, but seems you people have closed your eyes again without being so much educated. Vote is yours..cast it for who you want..but use some senses please..

    • Why is it assumed that support for any party should and must be uncritical? It is this very practice that has wrecked much damage in Pakistan.

      If I am voting PML-N, I am already and will be openly critical of its faults. Not just because my duty as a citizen necessitates it, or because I want the party to improve but also because I refuse to be a follower that betrays hiself by such blind affiliation.

      I haven’t closed my eyes, I condemned it before and I condemn it again.
      I have weighed the pros and cons before reaching a voting decision, and N outweighs its evils by its positives for me in the priorities of pressings matters that I see for Pakistan so rest assured, I have and will continue to apply the benefit of common sense, logic and thought.

  153. Aisha says:

    Another paid wannabe writer hired by pmln. Or maybe its Maryam shahbaz herself, given the grammatical errors. Plus it’s not one writer but trolls since no one has the idle time to reply to so many posts unless the writer is a totally farigh..

    • Well, you certainly are ‘totally farigh’ to not only read the post written by a ‘paid wannabe writer hired by pmln’ but also bother to comment on it.
      Joke’s on you, honey.

  154. Theodore Helminski says:

    Do u know what, I feel that too. I myself am a strong IK supporter and I’ve noticed this. And it is so out of character for the vast numbers of PTI supporters I know. If anything, I would associate such attitude with thug parties who use guerilla tactics and have no regard for human (or animal) life. They will smile n shake hands with whoever to stay where they are. They will achieve power by whatever means.

    The other day someone said to me ‘Black people are inherently violent. Look at the crime statistics in the US’. The thing is, the statement needs a context. We have to put into account the trials and tribulations of African Americans over the past century; be it slavery, racism or just general bias. It could be the Rosa Parks incident or the LA Riots. Hence I’ve come to the conclusion that this needs a context too.

    The thing is, we PTI supporters fail to understand why one would support say PML N or PPP. Whereas you could probably understand why we support PTI. Ever since I’ve been born, my ancestors have cursed these 2 parties, particularly the one in power. Because things got so bad under their rule, we voted for the other one the next term. And then when the other came in power … well … you know where I am going with this.

    Whether we lived in Pakistan or abroad, politics has always been a big point of discussion in Pakistani households. And I cant recall a single nice thing said about either of these 2, except Bhutto perhaps, who also made some bad decisions in his term. So there is history behind us being that way.

    Now we PTI supporters feel that we as a nation have a once in a lifetime opportunity to get rid of the last 50 years of mess … and in all honesty, we feel people like yourself will ruin it not just for yourselves … but for us too. No offence 

    But what you say is justified. You could vote for anyone and not have to feel afraid to ‘believe’. Just like no one should be cornered on religious beliefs, the football team they support or the fact that they like Justin Beiber. It is a personal choice and goes to a very core and intrinsic level of being ‘free’.

    So happy voting!

  155. fyza says:

    That’s very biased on your part. Why did you not include the mention of other parties’ supporters? We face the same criticism for our choice on part of other parties’ supporters :). That shows how much you yourself are biased.

    • Thank you for reading.

      I didn’t include other supporters because err, this was supposed to just about PTI supporters for me?
      And because I have only come across such attitude more frequently and regularly in them than in any other party’s supporters. Therefore, this post is a result of my own, personal experience not an analysis.

  156. M.E says:

    You yourself are doing exactly what you are accusing others of doing. If irrational PTI supporters are behaving like this, you are being irrational by clumping ALL PTI supporters into this category. I for one would really appreciate it if you stop clumping together all PTI supporters into a box of irrational people who don’t respect other people’s political views/opinions. Some of us support PTI but respect the fact that the point of a democracy is difference of political opinion. Some of us don’t even fully agree with the PTI manifesto, but we believe in their ability to deliver, listen and change with the country’s help.
    Vote for whoever you want, don’t stop us from being passionate about our support. And try to follow your own advice. Thank you.

    • I hope you read the entire post, I DID mention the words “many” and “handful”, not “all” supporters.

      The reasons for support of any of you PTI supporters is of no relevance to either me post or myself, you have the good sense and right to come to the decision that you have now reached and I wish you good luck with it.

      Also, there’s a difference between passion and aggressive-passion that breaches on other’s rights of expression and freedom of political choice.

  157. Agree with a lot of things said in the post, I just want to point out that not every Pakistani votes with the interest of Pakistan in mind. There are other motivators as well: Personal benefit, religious ideology, racial preference, stubbornly following family legacy of a leader, fear etc. All of these things put Pakistan far below in the priority list.

    • Thank you for reading.
      I concede.

      As I wrote to DAK here, quoting a previous post of mine:

      ‘In a developing country like ours, which is struggling to wriggle out of a siege of deep-rooted structural and cultural detriments, votes are not simply determined by a marriage between free will and choice of an individual. On practical grounds, votes are subject to a range of elements: feudalism, entrenched party loyalties, patriarchy, ignorance, poverty, threat of violence and more.

      The point that I made in the post however, was more figurative than literal, it was made to remind that no Pakistan, who choses another party to support than PTI, wants any less prosperous Pakistan than PTI’s supporters. ‘

  158. I try to read you letter but most of i can’t understand due to my english.

    I am not going to reply to your letter but i just want to say something which is very hurt me..

    In my area (Muzafarabad, MUTLAN) almost 80% voter was for PML-N since last 22 years, but know in my opinion only 40% or less PML-N voters so far… and they force people to vote for SHEER.. I am not PTI or PML-N Supporter.. but they why of PML-N supporter doing we don’t like it..

    Everyday in morning they start shouting vote for SHEER, if someone else start ask vote for (TRAZOO, BALLA, KITTAB) etc.. they start fighting or abuse the people….

    2 days ago Few peoples stop me and asked, “Vote for PML-N” and i say “No!” then they threaten me “We know who you are if you don’t vote for PML-N then you need to take care your family..”

    PPP try to buy vote for Rs. 12500 its a big amount for poor people. even in my area most of people earn this money in 2 month..

    To be honest i don’t know how PML-N supporter convince people in major city “Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi” but in my area this just insane.

    (Sorry for my very poor English)

  159. umar says:

    Although I am a PTI supporter, I understand the opinion of the author. The aforementioned problem lies with the supporters of all political parties in Pakistan. I believe its a cultural dilemma that we cannot allow each other space for thinking and expressing.

  160. oh For your english i would give you An A grade but hey the way you tried to make fun of PTI supporters, it felt bad. First of All dont you think it’s a time to make a new Pakistan where girls can walk on the streets without a fear of any-man raping them? Don’t you want your country to grow it’s industry? Dont you want all minorities to have their rights safeguarded? people like you can contribute to nation using their good writing skills but poor you, missed the chance. A friend of mine shared this on facebook lol and i wasted 15 minutes reading it and 10 more commenting. Wash your brain with Holy-water it will definitely help.

  161. Hasnain Nasir Butt says:

    Reading from the article I think Author is quite puzzled and mainly has problems with PTI supporters and that I totally recognize and consider can be well argued. Democratic process in Pakistan is in the phase of development and maturity among the voters will follow but it will take time.
    If anyone thinks that Imran Khan was a great cricketer and is a philanthropist, how does that indicate in any way possible that he will not perform as a politician? just because he is untested? well if he does not get the chance to prove that, how will you ever be able to benchmark him for his sheer performance against other political leaders? not to mention; the other so called leaders have been tried and tested time and again!
    I do not understand a basic common sense question that we also refer to as logic that if a person performs well in all his past endeavours such as fund raisers, welfare work, educational projects; why is he likely to fail in something that he has been taking a stand for the last 17 years? Even if he does; you will have a chance not to vote for him again in the next elections but for now why and how does he not deserve ONE single opportunity to perform? Is he not the only political leader who has no corruption charges, bad court case history, criminal offenses, bank frauds, money laundry claims that all other leaders sadly but proudly share!
    Lastly, I do not care whom does the author ends up voting for as I understand that voting for a particular party or a leader is her personal choice and it strictly should be! but there is nothing wrong with other people presenting their point of view. Rather than getting intimidated author should try and have a healthy discussion that will enable herself and others like myself and many more to have an open mind and develop tolerence to foster mutual learning. It is a very common practice in most developed nations.

  162. Gilani says:

    Your replies to peoples comments; very nicely done.

  163. Hafsa why didnt you come across with other party’s supporter? because you are giving wrong impression of PTI not pti supporters..there are extremists in every could be a gr8 article if u have included other party’s supporters as well..or are u just running ur blog?do u want to get attention towards ur blog?because it is working..u know if any PTI supporter get to know about this article, they will read it and comment one of them, i know..but this is my first and last comment..NICE work for running ur blog..PEACE..may ALLAH guide as all

  164. Mahreen says:

    A fairly written blog. I am a pti supporter- the only problem i saw in this article is “pointing out fingers towards only one party” what would u expect its followers will do and respond? Obviously theyll point fingers back. It was way better to address all the problems enciuntered by all the followers rther than just singaling out Pti… Those who follow IK do think him as bringing “the change” that is also their right. How can you critisize this “change” slogan ? No offence nor i hate pmln or other parties neither i love pti its just about what your heart says its correct. If pti supporters try to intimidate other people then what are u doing by writing this blog 🙂 and one should write pros and cons (both) if they dont hate one thing and are just discussing about a problem. I can only see cons.

    Peace n love 🙂

  165. Alina says:

    Very very well said!

  166. Agnostic84 says:


    Jamhuriat Zindabad!

    Every single person I am acquainted with has had his or her say on twitter, facebook etc on elections in Pakistan. In the last few years I have developed views on religion and politics that will not appeal to most. I have lived in an extremely intolerant, conservative society for much of my life and I continue to do so. So yes, call me a hypocrite but I intend to remain publicly silent about how I think.

    Amidst this election fever, I felt this constant itch to express myself somewhere. So I decided to use this blog.

    Our nation, especially our educated elite, have still a long way to go in adapting to democracy. Everyone claims to know more than the other while not respecting the other’s right to choose.

    I did not vote. It might not be the “right” thing to do but its a choice I made. For me none of the mainstream parties deserved my vote.

    I will start with the “ballay wali party”, adjudged to be a savior of Pakistan by many upper-middle class, educated Pakistanis. Imran Khan epitomizes a typical well-to do Pakistani, who claims to be an “enlightened” muslim. He dare not separate state and religion. This is blatantly illustrated in Imran’s disregard for Ahmadis during his campaign. Yes he may not use religion the way Mullahs of JUI or JI do but he remains nowhere close to secular ideals either. Where does that leave agnostics and atheists in a society where leaving the circle of Islam can result in death?

    I agree with so-called pseudo liberals and a typical secular PPP supporter when they brand Imran as a Taliban apologist. The Taliban problem runs deeper than a retaliation against Drone Attacks. Yes Drone Attacks need to stop. We need to rid ourselves of “Imperial” influence”. “Pak Fauj” has to be dis-empowered and depoliticized. But still the “Taliban” problem will remain prevalent. These imperial creations have evolved and are deeply knitted in our society with massive cache of arms. These can only be erased via force. I do not deem negotiations with them an effective method as for these imperial creations a liberal way of life is just not acceptable. And such force needs to be imposed by the state using the military machinery merely as a machine, nothing more.

    “Teer’s” manifesto reads well. It claims to inculcate socialist ideas. But where were their leftist, secularist ideals when they constitutionally labeled Ahmadis as non-muslims. With their so-called strive to achieve a welfare socialist economy they still managed to turn it into one that’s addicted to a drug called IMF. Kudos to PPP. You sure are a true left-liberal socialist party but sadly you do not deserve my vote!

    Nawaz League, yet another product of the brilliant Zia rule. Sharif sahiban have been brilliant at continuing to run the country dry with their business acumen. Their ambitious projects, largely undertaken to fill their already massive bellies, might have helped the masses to a certain degree. But we fail to remember how certain members of the party exploited their positions of power for financial interests, dishonored the same judiciary they supported in the lawyers movement and all this coupled with undying support for LeTs and continuation of the Wahabisation struggle initiated by their own creator.

    Despite all this, I still feel “Jamhuriat” has arrived and is here to stay. Last five years might not have gone well for Pakistanis but looking at the bigger picture, I feel that a nation, created for imperial reasons, has come a long way. Last five years have seen independence of judiciary and election commission and a freer media, though all three are extremely flawed and have their own selfish interests but the entire political power no longer seems to be centered on one.

  167. sk says:

    Dear Hafsa,

    I dont think I have ever commented on any blog post prior to today – but feel inclined to do so here. Your post is offensive and patronizing both in content and tone for anyone that understands the damage caused to Pakistan by PPP & PML-N leaders during the course of their administrations.

    Their lack of integrity and coherence on foreign policy or domestic policy – their lack of action to curb extremism, to protect those that need protection, to unite the people with any singular message, to curb corruption, to curb domestic terrorism, (or to even show an interest towards attempting to do so), to work towards women’s rights (beyond lip service), to alleviate poverty, address refugee displacement, to create an environment for commercial growth, to improve education, to protect minorities, to address energy crisis, to address water crisis, to address pollution, to address farming and food production, to address border issues, drone strikes – and yes literally I could go on !!!

    Both of the popular parties have clear histories of charges related to mis-appropriation of powers and corruption – no-one can dispute that. Charges and documentation that would for sure send them to jail for life in any sem-developed democracy but for sure eliminate them from the possibility of ever holding public office / let alone be leaders.

    Pakistan is largely made up of a populous that does not have the education or access to information to make calculated decisions. For too long they have been manipulated by regional leaders and institutions that have done little to bring any improvements to the daily lives of the ordinary citizen or for the safety of the country.

    You are speaking as a PML-N supporter – a party that has neither respected nor protected it’s people when given the opportunity and you have the audacity to offer up your hurt feelings for fictitious pressure from a “few”. ARE YOU KIDDING ME !!!!! Are you so removed from the reality of what the citizenry of Pakistan has had to deal with based on the policies of PML-N to have the arrogance to write something so self absorbed.

    So you try to make the point that you have felt intimidated by the PTI supporters !! That they have created an environment of uneasiness for others to declare or admit differing political choices. As one of the earlier posts by Usman mentions better then I could – “It is the product of long running oppression. People are sick-n-tired of being used and sold out, again and again … they are at the verge of exploding …”

    So if some PML-N and PPP members feel a little uncomfortable – all I have to say to that is ABOUT TIME !!! Feel a little uncomfortable, feel a little responsible, feel a little uneasy, feel something my god !!! Your party has had the leading role in destroying a nation … feel some shame, some remorse, some sadness .. anything at all !!!

    I apologize for my harshness in tone – but it stems from frustration towards someone that I believe is educated and has a platform from where she is preaching. And If I believe you are educated, it is difficult to accept your choice to vote for PML-N let alone respect it.

    We all have a right to our choices – but don’t insult me and every other remotely intelligent person out there by saying that your choice to place a corrupt government back in power is equally patriotic, equally intelligent, equally in the best interest of the country – that is complete bullshit. This is not a debate – one party and it’s leader is corrupt and the other is new and stands for something tangible. We now have to live with the corrupt one.

    We all know right from wrong – and supporting PML-N was wrong. So as an educated writer – get with the program, demand change, demand transparency, demand an end to corruption – as opposed to defending your right to support someone that is the essence of everything but those values.

    Let me be clear – I do not respect your political pick, I do believe it is unintelligent and on the basis of ignorance, ethnicity, religion, sect, or biraderi” .. or in your case just complete disconnect to reality – and yes, CHANGE is subjective – and of course it would not be the same for a disenchanted upperclass elitist who’s life revolves amongst the malls of dubai and being chauffeur driven between defense and liberty market (apologies for the stereotype). And for those beliefs I am honored to be part of the group of supporters that call themselves supporters of PTI.

    There is unfortunately no way to address your post but personally because you have written it from your personal point of view. I am not saying that I can relate directly to what the people are feeling – but by no means would i ever insult a populist movement that woke up from the nightmare oppression of a politically rigged system that has kept them in poverty and disenfranchised them to the point of revolution. There were 80 year old grandparents voting along with kids – it was great. For a brief moment .. there was hope.

    The election is over and your party has one – try to use your intellect for something other then the nonsense you wrote. It is insultingly shrouded in objectivity and reeks of political bias. You can continue to be a hack or use those writing skills to help a country in serious trouble and stand for something worth while. This is not the time for polite victory and concession speeches. The political machine hurt us today – people like you hurt Pakistan today so there is no room for politeness at the moment when lives and the future of a country are at stake.

    The only way for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing … I assure you the corruption and mismanagement of both PPP and PML are nothing short of evil. To downplay them is what has allowed Pakistan to fall into the abyss that it is in currently. Your support of them is adding to the mess. Criticize PTI all you want, but if I was Nawaz Sharif’s son, and loved my country … I would have voted for Imran.

  168. Fakhar Butt says:

    hafsa i think theres a special need for a little reconstructed blog… about the aftermath of post election….. the division and discrimination of people of different areas on just the basis of votes is too hectic and awful.. write something on that too.

  169. Bilal Khan says:

    Your point is pretty much irrelevant, In a nation like ours where a patient dies in the ambulance stuck in a traffic jam caused by a fleet of VIP movement, where there is no electricity 18 hrs a day, where justice for a common man is non existent, where you cant come back from a passport office with an ounce of self respect left inside, where police can humiliate and torture a noble person to death, where the government education system smells of rotten Zia ul Haq, where people are made to sell their vote for the price of one thousand rupees, where basic human rights are violated every second of the day, you still think PTI supporters should not be motivated to voice their opinion and make them heard? After all, the system we live in is a gift from all the previous tried and tested famous political parties and anyone with a little common sense would feel enraged and disgusted to witness another round of corrupt and malicious government.

  170. Hassan says:

    Im hearing this first time that such pti voters exist. but here in defense , there was no such supporters like the one u mentioned.Indeed, Ur right, there are only handful of them. To simply ignore this would be pointless.But same could be said for other parties as well. No? i think more matters more then few supporters you have seen. During election, there was halt on voting process, and i saw no voter doing something wrong. In fact they waited patiently. Families included.

    What happened in na-125, it was a clear win for pti. but unfairness prevailed. They have legit reason to respond to it and when they did, they were assaulted.

    I could write a blog myself, of how PML supporters are bragging their victory against PTI . Calling them Burgers, mummy daddy and grow up and stuff like that. As i have observed. OR maybe i went to certain place where supporters of different party were acting the same way as you saw those handfuls.? Its not about different supporters . its human behavior we are talking about. and we surely cant change everyone. By writing this blog (awesome one btw) , you have seen some went against you’re sayings , while a lot the pti voters agreed to you.

  171. rafia mohsin says:

    This letter is biased. this writer is khawaja saad rafiques neice: ) explains a lot, doesnt it?? i think her next article should be on new tactics of rigging.

  172. Muhammad Raza says:

    Hafsa I agree with you over the matter of respecting ones decision regarding the party he/she supports and that spreading the word for change or whatever ideology one has is different from using a condescending tone for those who have a different opinion. It is wrong in a way but to a larger extent I believe the feeling of being forced is self aroused – more like being guilty conscious. However I do respect your views that “IF” PTI supporters used that attitude and language to let down others or to force anyone then it is not justified.HOWEVER it is nothing as compared to what the other political parties did at large.

    I’m not here to defend PTI or to speak against anyone but just that I believe the following are greater attempts rather practices, of not accepting different political views and choices.

    “Taking ID cards of people who are weak enough to resist those in power already so that they’re not able to support a change or something that they might think of as right” – taking away the right to vote!! “a crime”

    “Offering money (thousands of rupees) to exploit the poor/needy and yet again taking away their right to not vote for the good whether it be PPP, PTI, PML-N or whoever”

    “Entering polling stations and using force not only to illegally change the ballot papers but in fact abusing and physically abusing women just to take advantage because they can not fight back?”

    For the first time ever, we have seen youth asking voters from all communities irrespective of whether they voted for N or PTI, if they had conveniently cast their vote. That more like respecting the difference of opinion and promoting the public to stand up for their right.

    A change for the good. I respect your views but you need to look at the bigger picture. IF you say PTI supporters did not value the difference of opinion and that they forced people either to stand by their side or made them feel bad about having their own mindset, then OTHERS including MQM are far too much guilty of opinion assassination.

    Choosing Imran Khan or Nawaz Sharif, that is one’s personal view and should not be challenged unless invited to be convinced however respecting the fundamentals of morality and giving people their right to vote is the basis of DEMOCRACY – A right given by to us by the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN; something of paramount importance which is being compromised at the moment.

  173. hannantariq says:

    Though i am too late to read this but still wanted to share my personal view.
    we live in different people with different mindsets and approach towards one common problem. Communication skills may be different as well. You may have come across such PTI supporters which were not convincing but forcing you to vote for PTI. Yes i agree that in democratic system, every one has his own choice. Its just a difference of priorities. I am PTI supporter and my wife and my sister, both for PLMN. I cannot force them. I just discussed with my wife once that why i am going to vote for PTI this time though i was PLMN supporter in past. She listened and took her time to made her mind. But i was unable to convince my sister for this as she has some different school of thought. So yes i agree, we should not force but we can try to convince as healthy discussion can spark new way of thinking.
    Secondly, yes IK has made some speeches which i personally think doesn’t suit him. This was the one major point on which i was unable to defend him morally.
    Also, its not like that PTI supporters love pakistan more than others. Its just about new ideology behind PTI. And that is SYSTEM and basic rights, which is the root cause. I wont go in details of this ideology more as it will divert my away from topic.
    Bottom line is, I am a PTI supporter, and i do respect all other people opinions. In the end, its Pakistan we are working for. 🙂

  174. ballofwire says:

    It would be great to see a piece on areas outside your urban circle. If you’re in Karachi I’m sure it would be an eyeopener for you to talk to people in the heart of Korangi, Lyari or Orangi for a view on different parties.

  175. Shahid says:

    Dear Hafsa,
    Brillantly written. Like you, I have my reservations on Imran Khan. I have also encountered hostillity at work and at social meetings from PTI jiayla s who just can not understand why I would not support PTI.

    • Thank you for reading and the appreciation, Shahid.
      I’m sure, due to your unfortunate experience of hostility – which alot here are confusing with ‘enthusiasm’, you can well-relate to what I have written.
      Hope some of that hostility has receded after elections.

  176. Furqan Mushtaq says:

    Please have a look at the previous tenures of PPPP and PML(N), don’t worry PML(N)’s current victory will give u the same lesson still u ppl will go for pppp and pml bcz u ppl have no political awareness not only this pppp will rise again in next elections that’s the truth of stupid Pakistanis and no doubt PTI has many flaws but still PTI is a million times better than the rest and ya i don’t like imran khan’s political pragmatism still he is a million times better. i tell u the truth of Pakistan, this is a stupid ethnically divided nation, Punjab voted punjabi PMLN, Sindh voted Sindhi PPPP, KPK voted Pathan PTI and Baloch voted Balochi BNP. This is the truth of senseless Pakistanis and i don’t even consider PTI’s victory in KPK only bcz of ethnicity but still we have the change & change is total number of votes clinched by PTI candidates in lahore against Purana Pakistan that’s the real Pakistan still protestiing against Political Influence & rigging in DHA Lahore.

  177. Waseem says:

    Hi Hafsa and to all

    Well i do agree with her to a little extent…but to make her clear…I live in area NA-118 and NA-119 and the allegation of on PTI supporters seems to be absolutely false. yes, of-course these are true for PML-N supporters and i do have proof of this

    after election, you need to think why Abrar-ul-Haq made the same claim, why army took charge of many polling stations in FSD, why people from defense came on roads, why people from NA-122 also made protest. I hope, you know the division of areas and certainly these are highly educated people..

    why more than 200% turnout (you can verify from GEO news) at various polling stations, Miss hafsa, you are not a supporter of PTI but you are a supporter of PML-N, favoring the wrong one..

    Yes, this blog is just your opinion and not representing the real facts..I have a too long list of allegations on PML-N but we are supporters of a sports man so we accept that we could not get what we deserve due to rigging but still we have lost the battle

    • Thank you for reading Waseem.

      With due respect sir, you are assuming that I suppost any wrong act that may have been committed by the workers of the party I support, I have, time and again, reiterated that political affiliation must not be and should not be assumed to be uncritical and blind.

      So your comment of ‘favoring the wrong one’ is not a very engaging remark. I could throw one back at you too, and say what you have said holds no objectivity because you support the very party I have talked about in this post.

      Any rigging allegations centering on any constituency should be taken to the ECP, with evidence. And if guilty after investigation, the party’s candidate should be appropriately punished and penalised and the other party compensated.

      Once again, if you have evidence, please do take it to the ECP.
      And may your grievances be addressed.

  178. Syusafzai says:

    It’s not about who I am for or who I am not for. Every citizen has a democratic right to their political preferences and if I do not think favourably about anyone’s choice I think I can allow myself to argue with them and propose my viewpoint. However, there is a line that should separate this from democratic terrorism which occurs when people are not willing to allow you a political choice and literally intimidate you for not making the same choice as them.These tactics can lead to loss of a democratic mindset ….. so where then is the fundamental change?

    • Your comment, I would like to say, is a condensation of what I tried to convey through my post.
      This is what I wanted to say.
      The fundamental change, lies within us.
      Thank you for reading and commenting.

  179. Siddhartha says:

    So, the comment chained stopped after May 11!

    Guess all the dumb aggression from the PTI’s died down, eh?

  180. Dr. Zawar Shah says:

    I have found the traits mentioned in your article in few of my friends who support PTI. You have hit the nail on the head. Well Done!

  181. Usman Yousaf says:

    Hi Hafsa,
    I read your blog. I must appreciate your effort to put down your thoughts on the table. Many people, they won’t do it.
    However, it is not compulsory everyone should agree with what you think. I am also one of them.
    I should quote from your blog

    “Urban PTI supporters, by their sheer force of numbers and assertions of party support, have created, consciously or unconsciously, an environment of fear, uneasiness and reluctance for others to openly declare or admit their differing political choice of another party.”

    Supporting a particular party is a right for every citizen. Hafsa, if I am supporting PTI and you feel fear in openly differ from my choice, then it is not my fault. You should ask yourself that why Usman(me) have openly choose a party and why I can’t. Therefore, if you are reluctant in openly supporting your party due to a fear, do not blame PTI fans for this. Infact,It is your inner reaction/feeling. I mean why PTI fan while supporting their party can express themselves freely and why you supporting your party get into fear and reluctant.

  182. Asjad says:

    Well there is a word for such behavior “Immaturity”

  183. Farooq says:

    Hello swayed and stirred up people.. I read the article and yes i agree to some of what you said. Even though i ran the streets of lahore played the dhol covered with the vibrant shades of the pti flags- i did all i could to convince people to get pulled in to the supposed tsunami and to campaign for the support of IK and his party.. I understand you feel that most of the party supporters come on strong and are ridiculously resolute and are quite self-referential as well.. I do understand that they get a bit fired up when faced by opposition or supporters of a different political ideology.. I myself get quite passionate and start kindling with intense emotions and an unstoppable urge to be aggressively argumentative.. But beyond that I have not seen in all my running around the streets cycling around and witnessing irregular events- that any of the pti supporters give in to vile behavior or dirty slang or physical violence.. I have had members and a whole mob of opposition parties’ supporters stare us down, curse and hiss at us, physically beat and harass some of us and have the police even show biases where ever they did ‘laathi charge’ AND even due to constant pestering and molestation- the majority of pti supporters would keep the crowd calm and would condemn any sort of retaliation.. And further more the reason for this sort of intellectual aggressiveness that we all face is primarily due to the fact that more than 80 to 90 percent of the party’s supporters are working people.. People who do 9 to 5 or (more number of hours) jobs and are genuinely concerned for the well-being of our people.. There was a rejected black man’s spirit or a sort of harmless but pure romanticism wafting through the air that surrounded these supporters.. I mean why would anyone in the right state of mind or untainted by the bureaucratic morass or uninfected by the inherent disease to expand possessions of land and wealth could clearly distinguish between what is resoundingly ignorant and what is harmlessly innocent yet bold.. So on behalf of these ecstatic youth and on behalf of the times they might have caused stress- i apologize.. But know this i love the people of this land so much that i just simply cannot see these puffed up goons with their highly pampered dispositions and their shameful indifference to the genuine concerns that make or break a poor family’s means of survival and a content life.. At whim at nonsensical whims and for the surge of their power hungry bellies they change the face and the urban dynamics of an ancient organic city.. And they do it with such magnanimous economic failures that it’s devilish and almost retarded to give power to maniacs who are not blessed with the sense of intuition or forward thinking (the right kind) or any sense of convivial structuring of society or without any sense of the value of design (be it social design, economic design, urban design, legal design)..

  184. ismail says:

    First of all as a PTI Supporter, I will give you a reason to support PTI and i have right to do so. Imran Khan is the only person who adressed people to go and vote which is a sign of spreading awareness among people. People in Pakistan today are not even properly aware of their rights and once they properly become aware of it, they can easily fight for their rights and no government will ever be able to oppress them, I dont know whether IK will bring change or not, but I believe once the public is fully aware, then they will bring a change themselves. A greatest example of change I have seen is The French Revolution. As for your words, I have come across other party supporters who know their had been rigging in elections yet they support it, I am from karachi and i have actually seen people supporting the idea of separating Karachi from Pakistan, guess what, support of one party is leading to those supporters being a threat to their own country. Everyday across facebook I see people sharing links which criticizes my leader IK by saying that IK cannot even handle his wife how will he handle his country, now that obviously doesnt make sense as leadership and personal relationships is a totally different thing. I being a PTI supporter will obviously not bear anyone talking nonsense about PTI, they dont have anything good to say about their parties so they go on criticizing other parties. I used to live in Karachi, and my dad had a good business over there, I had a very luxury life. All my life I have seen my dad doing things for MQM on gun point, my uncle was kidnapped by these people, two business partners of my dad were shot dead, our business is under threat and now we moved to malaysia, leaving our business behind, a business which prospered by the hardwork of my dad and it took half of his life to make it successful enough that I was living a luxurious life. Today, in malaysia, I am living safely, but for that I had to sacrifice all my luxuries that I used to have in Karachi, I live here hand to mouth and my 52 year old dad is working here day and night to earn. We didnt do anyharm to MQM but because of them I am here living on limited income where we have to think before spending money on anything. Anyone who supports MQM, in my eyes that person is a supporter of whatever happened to us in Karachi, and I dont think that person wants change, instead they are supporting MQM as they want Karachi to be separated, I have removed all my friends from fb who are MQM supporters and now I cant take it anymore. All the parties are promoting racial discrimination, PPP for sindh, PMLN for punjab, MQM for muhajir, but PTI is someone representing Pakistan. You are pointing out PTI supporters only, but if I see supporter of other parties ciritsizing IK, obviously I wont bear that. Maybe my comment is a bit offensive or immature or irrelevant but I just want to tell you that it is not only the PTI supporter. For supporters of other parties, I havent seen in any of them a wish for change. All my life I have seen my dad along with other Karachiites, getting forced to vote MQM and you are pointing out PTI supporters only.

  185. Ammar says:

    How long would we patiently burn and wait to be saved? In the end it is up to us… whether we want to be the layer of the bricks that seal our fate or would we rather be the architects, the masters of our fate!
    Oh and welcome back to the repaired pakistan!

  186. Imran says:

    Dear brothers and sisters,

    While I strongly condemn the brutal killing of Zahra Shahid Hussain, I would like to take this opportunity as an individual to apologise to the Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) supporters on behalf on my leader, Imran Khan’s statement.

    I doubt my party will issue an apology statement or agree with me so I will speak for myself.

    It was incorrect of Imran Khan to point a finger at your supporters without waiting for an inquiry and an investigation to be completed on the senseless killing of Zahra Shahid Hussain.

    Apart from the chaos felt in Karachi, it achieved what it meant to and that is to divide our people and parties further and deepen our hatred towards each other.

    As a Karachi resident I accept the MQM as a political force in our city. There are many who feel that by pointing at the MQM, it will eventually bring an end to your party and your supporters.

    MQM and its supporters are here to stay and I accept that.

    My party’s struggle for change may not have fully come but real change will only be realised when we start changing ourselves, our behaviour and thinking. As a Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) supporter I feel privileged enough that I can publicly disagree with my leader and not feel afraid in doing so.

    By writing this letter, I hope to change myself and my thinking for a better Pakistan.

    While I stand with my leader and support him, I hope to see a ‘Naya Pakistan’; a Pakistan where I can also stand with you in line and sing together our country’s heart warming national anthem.

    Pakistan First!

    Best regards,

    Imran Ahmed

    (A PTI supporter)

    Follow Imran on Twitter @ahmedi678

  187. Ahmed says:

    “I wholeheartedly respect your political pick, you respect mine.”

    That depends 100% on what your political pick is. I appreciate your effort to approach this with logic and rationality, but this not how “democracy” [in Pakistan] works. If the majority of people continue to make bad choices, everyone has to suffer. If the majority makes a good choice for a change, everyone benefits. We’re all in it together, so “to me mine, to you yours” doesn’t apply, I’m sorry. This is where your argument has failed.

    You’re asking us to keep letting our country fail, just because you like making bad choices. That’s not going to happen. You’re being selfish and stubborn, and you should familiarize yourself with the history and politics of this land so that you can make more informed decisions in the future.

  188. Ahmed says:

    The fact that you haven’t approved my previous comment (and also that you require comments to be approved) says a lot about your honesty and credibility. It’s apparent that you only approve comments that agree with your unethical political views, or comments that you can reply to with a snide remark. You do not approve comments that prove you wrong, and you should be ashamed of yourself.

    Reflect upon how you have simply ignored the election rigging allegations against your party just like your corrupt politicians do. “Take it up with the Election Commission.” How manipulative and cunning of you. Are you not on Facebook? Have you not seen the hundreds of genuine video clips that show election rigging?

    Have you ever gone anywhere outside of the Punjab? I’m not going to assume anything (even though I have a pretty good idea of what the answer is). I went through the rest of your site and I was even more disappointed. In your article about why you voted for PML, you’ve just regurgitated the propaganda fed into you and conveniently left out all the truth. You’re really not helping the people of Pakistan with your blog. You might think you are, but it’s better for all of us if you stop, at least until you know what you’re talking about. Start by traveling through the rest of Pakistan and see what your vote has done to it.

  189. Sedqal says:

    Spot on Hafsa. What is thoroughly amusing for me is the utter disregard for difference of opinion by PTI supporters yet they feel free to lecture on the ‘real democracy’.

    For all those mind less rants, for propagating your Deen i Imrani to all unsuspecting souls, for your holier then thou attitude with really got on my nerves, for your complete lack of political acumen, for calling me a Noora and for showing severe homosexual tendencies by giggling like girls at IK pictures – Pakistani nation elected PMLN (I need not use the F word as it goes without saying)

    • Thank you for reading and commenting Sedqal!
      Absolutely, the contradiction and irony is astounding.

      Ha! What an absolutely eloquent manner of articulating the results of this election.
      I can not agree any less.

      • Ashar says:

        Clearly you are blind to the rigging that took place. Height of stupidity for one who loves to play with words Hafsa?

      • It’s been around 4 months since the elections took place, time to get over the ‘massive’ rigging claims, Ashar.
        Even Imran Khan’s sort of gotten over it.

      • Ashar says:

        I am sorry but where did I use the word “massive”? Stop seeing things. Secondly by your twisted logic if enough time has gone by one should forget the wrong that has taken place and accept it, right? WEll thanks for the insight. I guess now I should ignore injustice whenever it takes place. Time for the Palestinians and Kashmiris to live with it as well.

  190. Random Byte says:


  191. waqasamirza says:

    Reblogged this on Waqasamirza’s Blog and commented:
    i think it is one of the best blog on political i have ever read.

  192. vl says:

    You should at least have some one proof read your blog posts. Or take some time to read the articles on BBC or CNN to improve your grammar and style of writing.

  193. rehanud1975 says:

    Hi Hafsa !

    Now that almost the “Azadi March / Dharna” is approaching it’s first month , how about writing ANOTHER letter . Address this letter to the “Inqilaabi” and tell him / her to come back . “Grammar” and “English” mistakes would be ignored upon being discovered 🙂

  194. ahsan says:

    You need to be a PTI SUPPORTER to understand those grammar mistakes !!!
    it was the best Hafsa

  195. Akhtar Khan says:

    MS Khawaja

    This is what you are not willing to swallow is that pakistanis with stakes in Pakistan are MORE Pakistanis than ones with properties in UK UAE ans US.

    Yes we will snub them humiliate them and one day drive them out of Pakistan.

    If you think any thing or someonecan stop us, besides Almighty none.

    This is destiny and this is inevitable to happen however someone dislikes it.

    Good Day.

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