A Land Stained by the Blood of its Own

The massacres and bloodletting in Pakistan seem to have no end, and along with 180 million other people, I too, have been riven due to them between helplessness, hopelessness and pain; to which I have given the following expression:

Splattered blood,

Splintered bodies,

Strewn limbs,

To live the living have ceased,

To rest, the dead have no peace,

Houses increasingly empty,

For graveyards now burst at the seams,

Karachi-Target-KillingA certain name, a particular belief,

Spell a license to be killed,

For the land of pure must be rid from these burdens of filth!

Apathy dances naked and unashamed,

Chiselling hollows where hearts should lie,

Mocking humanity,

Chasing it into vanity,

Fear and suffering reign,

As relics of worlds unknown, tolerance and harmony are remembered to remain,

To survive another day,

Or to die in one piece,

We make pray,

For not a speck of land in this country, is unstained by the blood of its own,

Not a single home in this country, in its cries of mourning, has been alone!

~ H. K

3 comments on “A Land Stained by the Blood of its Own

  1. So, so heartfelt.
    The helplessness is too much, Hafsa. Let’s just keep hoping, no matter what. Let’s dare to hope in a hopeless place.
    Brilliant effort.

    – Peace

  2. Aftab Ahmad says:

    a realistic approach according to the contemporary situation of Pakistan.

  3. Omar khawaja says:

    Such a heart rending depiction of unfortunate , horrendous happenings which have landed in my beloved country has saddened me, and on top of all the sensitivity of the poetess has touched my heart

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