Shia Hazaras: Guilty of Being A Minority In Establishment’s Pakistan

*Also published at LUBP.

The Pakistan of today has found itself to be nothing but a wreckage of a country, a carcass of a state and an international outcast.

A tragedy brought upon itself by both; the sharp functioning muscle of the unofficial institutional dictatorship that aggrandized itself under four decades of military authoritarians and the Pakistani nation’s obscene obsession with easy acceptance of the exacerbation, denialism, dogmatism and preposterousness.

The very characteristics have been manifest in wake of the recent unleashing of organized and systematic bloodletting of the peaceful, educated and civilized community of Shia Hazaras in Balochistan by the associates of the Establishment’s ‘Assets’.

Carrying a history replete with persecution and torment, the Shia Hazaras have found little relief and difference between their past in Afghanistan and present in Pakistan; where they are the victims of various sectarian militant groups such as Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, that deem and decry Shi’ites as Non-Muslims. ‘Impure’ creatures that they are determined to completely exterminate from ‘The Land of Pure.’

A question might arise, why is it that blame for this bloodshed is ascribed as such to them.

Amir Mir writes in one excellent article of his on the predicament the Hazara Shia have been placed in and the militant sectarian groups:

‘The SSP and the LeJ, which is considered to be the military wing of the SSP, were once the strategic assets of the state of Pakistan and have linked with al-Qaeda as its ancillary warriors, killing Pakistani citizens and targeting the security forces to dissuade Pakistan from fighting the “war against terror” as a United States ally.

The LeJ today has deep links with al-Qaeda and the Pakistani and Afghan Taliban and is considered to be the most violent terrorist organization operating in Pakistan, with the help of its suicide squad. As with most Sunni Deobandi sectarian and militant groups, almost the entire LeJ leadership is made up of people who have fought in Afghanistan with the backing of the Pakistani security establishment and most of its cadre are drawn from the numerous Sunni madrassas (seminaries) in Pakistan.’

The fact that these terrorist organizations are the ‘ancillary warriors’ of the ‘elements’ that the Establishment cherishes and avails in pursuit of its detrimental ‘Strategic Depth’ policy in Afghanistan (The Policy, to put it simply, is constructed on the Establishment’s compulsive obsession with the theme and idea of India as the arch enemy of Pakistan and envisages a Pro-Pakistan Government in Post-Troop-Withdrawal Afghanistan that counters the Indian influence there and protects ‘Pakistani interests’.) naturally transforms their position to being ‘untouchable’, considering they are part and parcel of the deal – thus the ‘failure of intelligence and the forces’ when it comes to sectarian killings similar to that happening in Balochistan of the Hazaras.

While much has been excellently chosen, written about and posted about the grave issue on LUBP and a few other sites that have proven to challenge the distortions of the mainstream media and welcoming to topics that they either ignore or willingly twist and feed to the people with their vulpine cunning – this post aims to focus on the collective, institutional and national conspiracy of silence that was concocted after the slayings of the Hazara Shias based solely on a sectarian footing.

One can only wonder where the conveniently-free-media is when fatwas, pamphlets and declarations of hate and instigation of murders are circulated around in different parts of the country?

Where does their self-proclaimed ‘patriotism’ and professional magnificence vanish to when it comes to the intentional misrepresentation of the massacres that only helps to reinforce, what those under whose patronage the groups act, want the people to believe?

Why is it that only outrageuously sparse coverage is provided to the victims and their plight but hours of talk shows are wasted on futile discussions?

And the ever-eager-to-take-suo-moto judges? Are the Shia Hazaras Children of a Lesser God in the eyes of a so-called judiciary that is anything but independent, rather just another instrument of the Establishment for furthering their goals and ambitions?

Afterall, what can be expected of judiciary that releases butchers like Malik Ishaq on grounds of ‘lack of evidence’

The Government too, brazenly watches over the the whole community being pulled down into pools of blood of their own while the Punjab Government gives the very butcher, a montly stipend and their Law Minister proudly courts extremists to garner votes for elections.

Hundreds from amongst the ordinary came marching on the streets and roads against Raymond Davis gunning down two Pakistani citizens and for a dubious ‘Daughter of the Motherland’ but as corpses over corpses pile of the Hazaras, none speak up nor the ‘activists’ hold their famed vigils.

Is the nation only moved and it’s compassion and anger only evoked when America is the proposed guilty party?

It must be made public knowledge to the citizens of Pakistan that these incidents of carnage aimed at the Shia Hazaras are not sporadic as they seem but part of an entire crusade (Note: The Shia Tooris of Parachinar, often slaughtered by the Haqqani Network members and other ‘Assets’ given refuge there) waged by sectarian militant outfits that are best-described as the subsidiaries of major terrorist organizations (in whose name and due to whom, the entire country has been struck by sheer devastation) and are under the auspices of the Establishment.

Which other nation should hold the importance of the lives, security, liberty and interests of the minorities highly than that of a country whose history bears witness that the threats to the interests and protection of the Muslim minority of Pre-Partition India was a central factor in fostering the struggle for its creation?

And today when the generations of that minority are a majority of the country – other minorities: the Shias, Christians, Hindus and Ahmedis are fraught with peril.

It is about time, that the proponents of Jinnah’s vision in this country, if any, come forward against the Establishment on all fronts and also fight for the rights of those whose only crime is being guilty of being a minority.

– Hafsa Khawaja

*Ironically, much of the non-controversial content in this post that concentrated on the lack of attention that the Shia Hazara murders deserved, was sent as three separate letters to the ‘News Post’ of ‘The News’ which they decided not to publish. So much for a free media.

10 comments on “Shia Hazaras: Guilty of Being A Minority In Establishment’s Pakistan

  1. 1st, Killing of hazaras in Balochistan is also part of “traget killing”, its not a sectarian killing.

    2nd, Dont know why we bring aafia issue in other things?What happened to aafia..She is still in jail!

    3rd, Ok,no one come out for hazara killing in Pakistan.. Who much come out for punjabi settlers killing? Btw is any one know who much punjabi killed ??

    4th, Khalid ahmed and aamir mir are also machine of “conspiracy theory” like zaid hamid.. To be care full in quoting them.
    5th, To be with a banned organization leader is Wrong? Now they are banned… than they should be killed or what?Their illegal activities must be banned.. after than they are also citizen like me and you.

  2. Nooruddin Jalal says:

    Hafsa, this is a powerful, brilliant, succinct and concise observations thoughtfully and consciously placed. It not only speaks to Pakistan, it speaks to humanity and all people also because this is a problem everywhere such as Labnan, Yeman, Syria etc ( Shared you a piece on it)

    The 17th century brand of Islam promoted puritanical teaching that has engulfed many minds. Accepting minorities is the biggest challenge to these jingoists. Our loam is currently rich with dogma as currency to get populist support to achieve personal policy goals.

    The only solution is accepting minority as an assets rather than burden.

    Would you be so humble to allow me to repost this piece on my blog?



  3. One of the most appealing post I’ve came across these days. I’m really glad that you’re more courageous than our judiciary that you’re addressing such a sensitive issue with lion-heart bravery.

    Hope Hazara People and the Shia-Muslim Community could live freely in this State of Islamic Republic of Pakistan not Lashkar e Jhangvi Republic of Pakistan.

    Saddam Hussain

  4. Ali says:

    Hafsa Khwaja you are a gem in the Islamic Terrorist Republic of Pakistan. You are really brave.


  5. Well Wisher says:

    A very daring post I must say Hafsa, indeed our judiciary too has closed its eyes towards the Shia Killing, not only of Hazara caste, but Shia may he is Sindhi, a Punjabi, or even an Arab, he is in a danger of being killed by a MUSLIM. I mean wtf. These stupid people forget, that Raja Sahab Mehmoodabad, Habib Family (Habib Bank Owner), Sir Agha Khan III, and most importantly, our beloved Hazrat Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah were all Shias. Pakistan was built by Shias, was funded by Shias, was made self sustaining by Shias.

    At the time of Pakistan creation, these Deobandi Mullas (I am sorry if it hurts anyone’s feelings but its true) including Molana Ashraf Ali Thanvi, Molana Muhammad Hussain Ahmad Madani, Molana Mufti Mehmood (The main culprit behind Bhutto Government’s destabilization) were all issuing fatwas against Quaid e Azam and his accomplices, and proclaimed that millat is not from mazhab, but its from geography, to them Allama Iqbal refuted at that time “Jo deen ho juda siyasat se, to reh jati hai changezi”.

    These Mullas were issuing fatwas against Pakistan creation, they wanted United India, including the hard line Jamat e Islami’s Molana Modoodi. And now they proclaim “Pakistan Banaya Tha Pakistan Bachayenge”. And the innocent people of Pakistan are so happy to follow this stupid Jamat, who once was against Pakistan, his Mufti Mehmood and Modoodi were against Musawaat e Muhammadi agenda of Bhutto, and now in the 2012 manifesto of Jamat e Islami, they have included Musawaat e Muhammadi as part of their agenda.

    The Difa e Pakistan Council includes all those organizations who are known for their enmity towards Shias. The proof is the waving flags of Sipah Sahaba in every DPC program.

    Well I was just meant to write about these Saudia Arab supported Wahabi Salafi Hardline Talibanized Deobandi Organizations. Sorry for diverting away from the topic if I did. My heart is full of sorrows, my land is full of blood.

    P.S: If anyone has any objection, why I called Quaid e Azam a Shia, then please refer to Imam Bargah Shah e Khurasan Karachi, whose first servant was our beloved Quaid e Azam, and he had stated in the English court in 1898 about his faith.

    No one in this world has the right to decide another person’s faith. Because I don’t know who understood what. One might have understood better than me, but jaahil mulla ko kon samjhaye. It feels so harsh, when my own friends advocate the killing of Shias infront of me.

    Najaney kab mujhey koi maar de Kafir keh kar
    Sheher Ka Sheher Musalmaan bana phirta hai

    Take care Hafsa. Zulm ke khilaaf awaz uthana afzal tareen jihaad main se hai. Allah apko jaza e khair ata farmayen.

    • rehanud1975 says:

      Dear Well Wisher,

      Did you ever think that why the “Jahil Mulla” , as you so insultingly refer to the “Imam” to, has become so controversial ? It is because that we have stopped bothering about Islam. We simply don’t have time to go into Islam’d teachings in detail and to understand it’s teachings in their true spirit.

      Since we have thrown Islam out of the window so we really can’t blame the “Jahil Mulla” since he is usually semi-literate and most of us , despite being very “literate” are complete ignorant when it comes to Islam.

      Therefore , it is a “Jahil Mulla” preaching equally ( or even more) “Jahil people” . Is it the “Jahil Mulla’s” fault that we are more “Jahil” than him when it comes to religion ? I think not !


  6. rehanud1975 says:

    The title suggests as if Army is killing minorities . My comment has arrived very very late I know. But I am sure that Army has never directly or indirectly supported such atrocities. I am a very Pro-Army individual so I can not look at our Armed Forces with the same “neutrality” that a lot of people display.

    As far as the killings of minorities are concerned , they are utterly barbaric , no doubt and it is a real pity how a few misguided Muslims get so much publicity through their criminal acts . It is due to these misguided Muslims that Islam’s image is getting tarnished. I wish media would play it’s role in highlighting Islam’s true essence . All our Media seems to project are the atrocities carried out by misguided Muslims. I believe Media is equally guilty in glorifying the terrorists by keeping them in the limelight !! This isn’t a reference to your blog but a general perception I have about role of Media in promoting extremism.

  7. asadrizvi12 says:

    Sectarianism is very old in the sub-continent. Unless Pakistan can evolve along Turkish lines with a Modern form of Islam, various minority sects will be the ‘sacrifice’ of the puritanical bigots who equate killing with confirming their place in paradise. How idiotic, don’t you think? Wither freedom?

    • The Turkish Model surely seemed like an ideal for Pakistan to aspire to, but considering how it is currently falling apart under Erdogan, we can only wonder about where to look to now. The world appears to be up in flames.

  8. asadrizvi12 says:

    Definitely a more modern approach to religion, a more humane interpretation of religious texts is a requisite towards a better Pakistan. Literacy, Economic Development and Civil political consciousness may facilitate socio-political change altering extremist behaviour. Hopefully.

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