Getting Registered As A Voter!

The most important political office is that of the private citizen.  ~Louis Brandeis

The most important political office is indeed, that of the private citizen and I add, his authority lies with the power of his vote.

The Election Commission of Pakistan recently its campaign for the door-to-door verification of voter-lists.

It began on the 22nd of August and will end on the 30th of September 2011.

Many wish to vote in the next elections but either do not have themselves included/verified in the voter lists or haven’t registered for them yet.

To sort this out, I’ve Googled and gathered the instructions from here to get one’s vote registered:



Go to your nearest Office of Assistant Election Commissioner / Registration Officer located in your area.
If you do NOT know where your closest office is located, you can find out by contacting the Election Commission of Pakistan at  (051) 920 1975  or  (051) 920 6062  and asking them the address and phone number of the closest office to you.

You can also contact 1217 to get the same information or log onto

Once at the office, collect a “Voter Registration Form” and fill it out in full.
Basic information will be required as well as a Photocopy of National Identity Card as well as Proof of Residence – this includes any kind of utility bill (electricity, gas, water or telephone).

Once complete, submit the form and you’re DONE!

PLEASE NOTE: Your vote will be registered to the address written on the National Identity Card.
For example if you are registering in Karachi and your home address is in Lahore, you will have to vote in Lahore.

For Overseas Pakistanis :

Overseas Pakistanis are allowed to be registered by their family, friends or relatives who live in the area of your residence in Pakistan. The process is simple roughly the same however please note! Any Citizen of Pakistan can get registered as voter anywhere in Pakistan and can cast their vote if he or she is in Pakistan during the time of elections. You must be IN PAKISTAN to cast your vote!


After you have submitted your registration form, in a few days confirm to make sure YOU ARE ON THE VOTER LIST!
This can be confirmed;

You can obtain the “Voter List” from the Assistant Election Commissioner/Registration Officer. Check to see whether your name is on the list.

You will also be able to see the “Voter List” on the Election Commission’s website, but it’s currently unavailable.

Once you have confirmed you are registered, you will be able to vote in the Federal and Provincial Elections.


As far as the Voter-Verification Drive is – I, although am someone who is vehemently Anti-Imran Khan lend my full appreciation and admiration to the PTI-Supporters and workers for their efforts in trying to help people register and mobilize them to vote.
The following is from their site page:

The Verification Process:

The ECP representative will bring the Electorol Lists with them. If your name is present in the list and the address and information is correct, you will just verify it and will not be required to fill a new form.

If your name is missing in the list, or you are registering your vote for the first time, then you will FILL THIS FORM.

Which Documents Are Required? 

1. Copy of Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC).

2. If your current address is different than your CNIC address, you will be required to provide a proof of residence in the form of a Utility bill (Electricity, Gas, Water or Telephone) or rental agreement.

Who is eligible to register as a voter? 

As per ECP: I am entitled to be registered as a voter, if:

  1. I am a Pakistani citizen
  2. I am not less than eighteen (18) years of age
  3. I have not been convicted by any court of law
  4. I am a resident of the area/ owner of, or in possession of immovable property in Pakistan.

Election Commission did not visit my house, my vote is still not registered!

In case no representative from ECP visits your house till 30th sept, you must contact ECP or your local PTI organizer.

Contacting Election Commission Contact:


ECP Secretariat, Election House,

Constitution Avenue G-5/2 ,


Secretary Office Telephone:   
 (+92)(51)(9201975) (+92)(51) (9206062)

For ECP Provincial Offices: CLICK HERE:


How Can I Help In This Campaign:

Help out to register the vote:

1. You can take a printout of this FORM (A) 

2. Make as many photocopies as you can and distribute it among your family and friends.

3. Make sure you encourage and help to register.

Spread the Word:

1. Discuss the importance of registration of votes at your educational institutions.

2. Start youth mobilization campaigns at your educational institutions.

3. Write about it in newspapers, magazines, notice boards.

4. Make awareness on social media – Twitter, Facebook, Forums, Youtube etc.


For a nation that seems to have a natural propensity to whine about the situations in the country and is defined by inaction, voting should be the start for them in contributing for a change in Pakistan.

One who does NOT bother to fulfill his duty to vote does NOT have the right to cry and crib about the state of Pakistan, what is happening in the country or call himself a concerned and responsible citizen.

Better to make an effort than whining for the rest of the 1825 days after the elections.

So spread the word. Get all those eligible in your family to verify their information in the voter lists by co-operating with the ECP Officials and taking them to register their names for it if they haven’t before. Engage people in discussions relating to this matter and spur them into action.

Convince and help them to get enrolled as voters. Prompt the people in your educational institutions, area, among friends, relatives. Make posters, prinoutouts with catchy slogans. Propogate the significance of voting. Use internet activism. Print out the registeration forms and hand them out.

Democracy can only function properly in Pakistan if its people have a democratic mindset and wish it to work by availing what it involves and believing in its effectiveness; voting, protesting etc.

If one by one, the individuals in Pakistan come to make almost 200 Million people. Vote by vote, change can come to Pakistan.

You owe your vote to your country.

So please, Get Yourself Registered. Vote Your Voice For The Revolution of The Polling Station. Create the Change!

~ Hafsa Khawaja

4 comments on “Getting Registered As A Voter!

  1. mahakhalid says:

    Thank you! This was much needed.

  2. Thanks a lot, it really helped to register our votes; Our class of people have to be blamed who have left this duty of voting to only that class of people who can be easily exploited by corrupt leaders. We need to bring change other wise the future of this great nation seems too dark. this is high time to get out and help each other.Best of luck and thanks to IK who has given us a wake up call.

  3. Sajjad Qaiser says:

    Its really very tough job collect the relevant exact information and submit for others,its really nice work. keep posting continously.

  4. Ishaq Khan says:

    Democracy is the best revenge?

    No, Vote is the best revenge……….

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