Bravo, Greenshirts!

My letter in the NewsPost today :

‘We lost a whole series just before the World Cup. Our country was denied the right to host the World Cup. Our players were shunned by the IPL management. Three of our cricketers were convicted of spot fixing while we also had the honour of having a runaway wicket-keeper. We suffered humiliation at an international level and as a result, we had a demoralised team. Who would have thought that our team would make it to the semi-finals? This is called winning! We should all be incredibly proud of our team. Our captain should not have apologised. He may not have won the Cup but he has surely won the hearts of this nation.

Our journey ended at this year’s World Cup but our team managed to unite the whole Pakistani nation as one. A tremendous homecoming should be given to our players. Plus, I hope that the atmosphere of ‘Pakistaniyat’ that had been created in the country before the India-Pakistan match would persist even after it!

Hafsa Khawaja,


My post on why we should be proud of Team Pakistan as it returns home.

4 comments on “Bravo, Greenshirts!

  1. Imran Lalika says:

    Great and Team was given a warmed welcome both in Karachi and Lahore! CM Punjab along with his cabinet received Team Green at Lahore airport and announced Rs 500000/ for every players! Lala sada shaer aay Baqi haer Phaer aay!!

  2. Kashmiri says:


  3. Bilal says:

    The spirit of Pakistaniyat must sustain even after this worldcup match. But I am afraid it wont. Just a day after this match I see again Sindhis and Punjabis speaking against each other.

  4. Delirium says:

    World cup indeed was a draught of fresh air and team did salvage pride for all of us back home.

    To sum it all up ” Play the game in the spirit of the game” & the “show must go on”.

    Keep it up greens!

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