Aging Players

My letter in the NewsPost today :

“This is in response to Mr Abdul Rauf’s letter ‘Aging players’ (Nov 1). I believe he’s got his answer by now as to why the PCB keeps on giving chances to a player like Abdul Razzaq after seeing his unbelievable performance in the second one-day international against South Africa. We should judge players on the basis of their performance and the way they put up a fight. After all Sachin Tendulkar is 37 and is still playing.
Getting rid of older and more experienced players will harm our team. Young and emerging players need the guidance, confidence and encouragement of the senior players to hone their skills. We should learn from how India’s cricket team trained and polished new players like Kohli in the presence of senior team members such as Sachin, Dhoni etc. In the end, hats off to the Master Blaster for his memorable century.

Hafsa Khawaja

One comment on “Aging Players

  1. Le Mystique says:

    We need to get rid of Ijaz Butt sahib!

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