Mob Insanity or Justice? Save Pakistan From Itself!

 The basic structure of a society consists of laws and their regard which help to make it civilized. A society where the people take the law and process of justice into their own hands is in plain words : Chaotic and barbaric.


On August 19th, a video surfaced of two brothers Hafiz Mugheez Sajjad and Muneeb Sajjad being mercilessly beaten by batons to death by villagers in front of area police and a mass gathering in Sialkot. Their bodies were then hanged upside down with poles and then paraded in the back of a tractor trolley around the city which is known as ‘Shehr-e-Iqbal’.


Both brothers Mughees who was 19 and Muneeb who was 17, were Hafiz-e-Quran. It is being said that :

“At the early morning of 15th August 2010, the two brothers set of on their motorbike to play a cricket match. whilst on their journey, were distracted by a group of people who were looking for robbers who open fired on two people. The two brothers were wrongly accused of robbery, and without a fair trial, the police let angry mob of people kill the two innocent brothers.

They were murdered ruthlessly during the holy month of Ramadan. At the time of their death, both brothers were fasting whilst beaten to death viciously.”

Dawn News writes :

“On the the very day newspapers reported the Sialkot double-murder, they also carried a news item about the awarding of the Tamgha-i-Imtiaz to the DIG Gujranwala, Zulfiqar Cheema, for “maintaining law and order”. The police officer, in whose jurisdiction Sialkot also falls, appears to do his job in a manner that is condemnable.

Meanwhile, SHO police, alleged mastermind of killing of two brothers, has fled away and is still at large, police sources said.”

This is not a case first of its nature in Pakistan, mob justice has been a routine practice especially in our country. Many incidents as such emerge from time to time. From catching alleged robbers and burning them, to killing non-Muslims on account of ‘blasphemy’  to stripping the sister by a family of whose girl the woman’s brother fled with.

When the general public, mostly which is uneducated begins to to play judge and executioner, it is time that the Government and Judiciary wake up.


One is left shocked and appalled after viewing the gruesome video leaving one wondering as why none of those who were present at the time of this incident including the eight policemen did not stop the barbarians committing this crime? Not one in the many who witnessed this spoke a word of protest! This clearly evinces the crumple down of our society’s moral framework and the virtual absence of the rule of law.

People are giving mixed reasons as to why the two brothers were battered to death ; while some say they were involved in crime, others say it was a petty rivalry.

However, even if they were (as alleged) guilty of committing a crime they should have been brought to the courts. No civilized society of the world or sane human would do what had been done to them.

Pakistanis proudly procalim to be a Muslim nation, yet what recenlt happened clashes with the saying of Propeht Muhammad (PBUH) :

“Whoever of you sees wrong being committed, let him rectify it with his hand, if he is unable, then with his tongue, and if he us unable, then with his heart, and this is the weakest of faith — or in another version: beyond this there is not a single mustard seed’s weight of faith (iman).”

Those who silently watched the teenagers being dragged into the mouth of death are equally blameworthy and censurable for the bestiality for them being  acquiescent to the cruelty.

Chief Justice of Pakistan, Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry has already taken Suo Moto Notice of the savagery and summoned the police officials while in the same vein Interior Minister Rehman Malik has also ordered an investigation while vowing to hang the culprits in the same place.

Indeed, those who had played a part in this should be dealt the same way.

As Islam says “An eye for an eye.”

The videos uploaded of the gore happening shows the faces of those who killed the boys as identifable and with the aforementioned commencements, the whole nation expects the matter to be solved and those behind it to be strictly and severely retributed rather letting the reality of this brutality to fade out .

The culture of sheer mob madness churned with naked atrociousness, masked under the name of ‘Mob Justice’ must be completely spurned by the iron hand of justice.


 After 63 years, this is what we have come to as a nation? Devoid of even a smidgen of compassion, humaity and conscience! Neither are we a civilized society nor a we a nation worth following. This is not the Pakistan Jinnah and Iqbal has thought of. Majority of Pakistanis believe and talk of Pakistan needing a revolution but revolution means change which we only deserve after evolving from being such animals into humans that reform the society. What we have today is what we are worthy of because the heart of this nation is rotten. With such occurences that slightly expose the ugly face of our society, one must say Allah has still been very kind to us as a nation.


I would only quote what Iqbal had once beautifully written :


“Ya Rab Dil-e-Muslim Ko, Woh Zinda Tamana De,

Jo Qulb Ko Garma De, Jo Roh Ko Tarpa De”

May heart bleeds for them,

May the soul of the brothers rest in eternal peace!

And Allah save Pakistan from itself!

– Hafsa Khawaja

5 comments on “Mob Insanity or Justice? Save Pakistan From Itself!

  1. Ali says:

    i am amazed at the kind of savagery on display here..God help us all….

  2. ahmed says:

    Yesterday, 4 people were killed in karachi by dacoits in different locations. Their crime was that they refused to hand over their mobile phones.

    I live in Sialkot and the truth is that these two boys were surrounded in a house where they were committing a robbery. People asked these boys to surrender but instead they fired shots and tried to escape. 3 people were shot by their firing and taken to hospital. The kids were not able to escape and were caught after being overpowered by the villagers. They were then taken to a rescue 1122 office and arrested but at that moment news came in that one of the person shot, bilal, had died and the other was in coma. The villagers then went mad over hearing this news and lynched these kids in the most brutal manner. Even now if one visits Buttar Village, they proudly claim of killing these ruthless killers. They are more worried about the one relative who is still in coma because of the insanity shown by these young criminals.

    I have never heard of people protesting over the brutality shown by these killers on motorbikes who fire shots and kill people over mobile phones.
    But the same senseless idiots, have now openly come to defend these killers.

    As prophet muhammad rightly said, if you see a wrong then correct it with your hands. The villagers corrected the wrong with their hands immediately. If they were taken to court, then the family of the victims would have been threatened to withdraw cases. Our courts are corrupt. It takes 20 years for a verdict. I am glad the villagers heeded the advice of prophet muhammad and killed them right at the very spot where these killers shot three people.

    And stop writing that hafiz quran lies, most suicide bombers are also hafiz quran.

    • hafsakhawaja says:

      You live in Sialkot, did you see with your own eyes that these boys robbed a house?
      If not, neither can I believe you nor can you believe this story which is most popularly being spread around under the propoganda of the Police.

      People always condemn target killing or any kind of murder but because the video of this brutality was shown – the rage has been fulled.
      Is that how barbaric the people of the city of Iqbal are?

      Lets say, even if they were robbers – should they have been treated that way? Yes, our Prophet (PBUH) did order that but let me reiterate that in Islam, such a thing can only be done when there is not even a single SPECK OF DOUBT left that the person is guilty after trying him or catching him red-handed. Were Mughees and Muneedb tried? Seen robbing a house by EVERY ONE OF THOSE who beat them to death or saw them being killed?

      NOTHING justifis what happened to the boys.

      I am not shocked at you being glad over what happened to them considering you hail from the city that is now being said around the world to be burnt down as a retribution to their criminal silence.
      Courts are the right way, 20 years or 80 years – no one has the right to murder even a fiend like what the Sialkotis did.
      But the murderes didn’t. You based it on all your assumptions such as “If they were taken to court, then the family of the victims would have been threatened to withdraw cases.”

      Did you all even try going to the courts? Approaching the media? Writing to the CJ?

      If that were the manner, I could also beat you to death saying you was a theif and the courts are too corrupt. Would that be right too?

      Hafiz Quran lies? One of them had the privilege to lead the Taraweeh prayers in Ramzan last year people have acknowledged.
      Most suicide bombers are also Hafiz-e-Quran? What absurdity, if thats the yeardtsick to identify suicide bombers then you must agree all Muslims are terrorists which includes you and me.

      Shame on you for being glad. The people of your city should have died from disgrace after what happened. There are illiterates like the people of Sialkot that fail to interpret the Quran and blotch its image and of Pakistan by acting this way under the label of Islam.

      I hope those who killed them are caught, lynched, hung upside down on every chowk and their dead bodies paraded all over the country.

  3. ahmed says:

    stoning to death publicly, cutting of hands and feet are all barbaric punishments.

    On the one hand you quote hadiths and quran and on the very next line you completely go against them. Hypocricy at its best.

    • hafsakhawaja says:

      Free barbaric punishments? Are you criticising Islam? They are not barbaric until and unless they are done to the guilty one who himself has committed such a crime.

      The whole nation is humiliated at what the Sialkotis did and yet you feel proud of what happened.
      Who needs Taliban when there are people like those in your city present?
      Shamelessness at its best from your part.

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