Fickle and Mausami Pakistani Cricket ‘Fans’, Take A Hike!

After Pakistan lost the Semi-Final of the T20 World-Cup to Australia, majority of Pakistanis started updating their Facebook statuses abusing and cursing our Team while blaming Afridi for the loss. While anger or depression is natural when you are such a nation that sees the face of depair as much as the rising of the Sun every morning and this game is a single reason for us to smile  but what was surprising was the sudden capricious change in the words and emotions of the Pakistani ‘fans’ who showed their despicable attitude of hurling harsh words at our Team players when only moments ago they were showering them with praises until the tide of the game turned against us.

Our people should have accepted the defeat with grace, remembering the blazing performances by the Akmal brothers and the excellent bowling of Muhammad Amir and Abdul Rehman.

As far as Saeed Ajmal’s bowling in the last over is concerned, then I believe he was the right person at the wrong time. Ajmal is being constantly being censured and being held responsible for the ‘win turned defeat’ at the hands of Australians. Let me also remind all those hurling insults at him to revive their amensia-striken brains about his fantabulous performance as a world-class spinner and an exceptional player, proving to be a lethal weapon for us in previous matches to be used against other teams.  He was the highest wicket-taker for Pakistan in this tournament and the 3rd highest wicket-taker for the T20 WC 2010. He himself was considerably heavy-hearted and dysphoric in disbelief at the end of the match.

In my opinion and for me, Team Pakistan is and will always be the centre of my pride and adoration. Yes, our Team may not have performed upto our expectations in this Tournament and they did make mistakes that could have been avoided but no win is forever. Our team did not put up a fight with the Aussies but a battle. They fought like lions and tried their best. No one would ever want to lose on purpose and it should be realized by now that they are all humans and making mistakes is a component of a mortal’s life and so is loosing and winning entwined with a game as are two sides of a coin. We should all acknowledge their efforts and appreciate their attempts on trying to capture the place in the Final.

At the Presentation Ceremony, it was evident that all our players were crest-fallen and dispirited especially our Captain, Afridi. They have alot of mental pressure on them currently and as a nation we should back them and welcome them home warmly.

As for those mausami fans who rarely watch cricket and criticise the Team just for the sake of showing their involvement in the game and their analytical ability, assail national players with insults and those who have too much of an attitude of scornful or jaded negativity infused in them that they can’t take a defeat or appreciate the positive aspects of a picture, I say, take a hike because Pakistan has had enough of pessimists and cynics.

I admit our Team needs restructuring and organizing to be close to what we want them to be but at the end of the day, Team Pakistan will always represent us and at one time or another, be the source of joy and pride for this nation as it has been in the past. What was never meant to be by the will of the Creator can not be ascribed to people. Cursing or humiliating them means we are deriding our own country and our own selves so support your Team in every situation!

Team Pakistan forever!

– Hafsa Khawaja

Updated : Pakistan lost its first match in the Cricket World Cup 2011 today to New Zealand by 110 runs and all of a sudden, all the aforementioned Mausami ‘Fans’ began to pop up like popcorns. Just a few days before when Pakistan won from Canada, Sri Lanka and Kenya – they were screaming with support and this is a shame.

Fans aren’t those who appear when their team is winning but those who support their players in the worst and best of times. All the rest are those who watch the game for sheer entertainment or time pass.

I say, its not the end of the world that they lost. Our Team did not come into the WC with the guarantee of winning every match, we needed this loss to realize that we need to still be working hard. We already lost the World Cup Hosting rights and in just months saw a runaway wicket-keeper along with 3 players guilty of spot-fixing.

We should be proud of our Team who have struggled and performed well despite all the demoralising incidents.

Our Team needs US now!


‘She’s My Mother’

My first published article in ‘Us’ Weekly Magazine of  ‘The News’ for the youth on the occassion of Mothers’ Day:

“If death comes knocking on my door,

I shall smile and welcome it in my home,

But never will I abandon my land, my soil, its sand…

 As inseparable as the human’s flesh and spirit,

Until death’s fragrance stings the heart’s core,

For my soul is Pakistan and I am a body,

And without it,

I am what the body is without the soul,

A mere heap of flesh and bones…”   

As the ideas about giving the perfect gift to my mother on Mother’s Day churn in my mind, the flood-gate of memories opens in my heart. I close my eyes and dwell into the realm of remembrance, going back to 1994, the year I was born and opened my eyes into this world.

I never recognised or heard her name until the age of four, yet she loved me unconditionally since my birth. She nurtured me gently as I played in her green gardens, full of blooming flowers that splashed their colours into my eyes, which soon turned into dreams filling my childhood with the sweet scent of joy. Every time I would fall, she would give me her hand and help me stand up again. Whether in rain, thunderstorm or the worst of summer, I always knew that I could seek refuge in her bosom, and in her embrace lay my haven from all brutalities of life.

But today, I see white strands of hair on her head and creases on her forehead. Faint wrinkles can be traced on her fair face. She wears a dark green suit, torn from many places, and sewn numerous times from some. Paths of tears can be traced on her once rosy cheeks and the glow of light has been fluffed out. She cannot stand up, for her body has become frail from years of tragedies and continuous rape of her dignity. She seeks help to feed her starving children, who live with pain and helplessness. Yet there are others that cast stones of hatred at her. They hurl insults at my mother, blaming her for breeding those who have destroyed the peace of the world. She cannot answer them, for she has lost all her strength. Her feet are in shackles and she is dragged around as a symbol of terror.

Why is she like this today, I wonder. Just because her children chose to abandon her to lead their own lives, leaving her fate into the hands of disguised traitors, never bothering to turn around and check her condition, forgetting that she is their mother, watching her pain yet sinking in deep slumbers, not bothering to change her state.

But on this Mother’s Day, I will vow and promise to work in order to try and change her fate; for she is my mother, and to her I belong after Adam and Eve and to her I have a duty. She has suffered, struggled and her existence is in jeopardy today. I do not have her blood in my veins nor have I seen her face, yet in my soul I feel her pain for she is the reason why I live, the identity of my existence, the haven from my fears, the land of my birth, the home of my destined grave… my mother, the woman in green, my motherland … my Pakistan.

– Hafsa Khawaja