Lets Keep DHA Green and Waste Electricity On A Routine?

Street-lights lit on during broad daylight : Captured By Me.

Recently while crossing into the DHA of Lahore, I noticed the street-lights were still lit as far as one’s eye could see even during broad-daylight.

Today we face a shortage of 4000 megawatts causing the load shedding of nine to seventeen hours. According to analysts energy projects being worked on will not able to fulfill
the nation’s energy needs even in 2011 to 2012. The Governor of EGAT (Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand) Vitaya Kotcharak Iin 2009 said the authority estimated that power supply requirements for local consumption at the end of 2016 would total 48,271 megawatts.

The government and the local people of DHA along with those of other areas where such practises of keeping lights on are a routine, should take this issue up with DHA itself.
This will never end until the local authorities start to keep the electricity crisis in consideration along with projects of keeping the area ‘green’ and we start contributing to saving energy on an individual basis.

It is said that little things result into making a huge difference and we can all help in making that difference.

– Hafsa Khawaja

One comment on “Lets Keep DHA Green and Waste Electricity On A Routine?

  1. rehanud1975 says:

    The word “Green” means green color to a lot of us , literally. We think “Green” is about greenery and lots of plants , where as it is also about a lifestyle that focuses Refuse , Reuse and Recycle as well as conserving the energy and using green energy sources ( i.e., environmental friendly ones). As a nation , waste is something very natural for us. We think that as long as we can pay for it or we are not supposed to pay for it , it is not an issue. The best solution is to start from our homes I guess. Let’s start by turning off that extra light bulb today .. That is how we can bring about a change !!

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