“Change Awaits At Our Door”


“I open my eyes,
To an unusual world,
Stinged are my ears by the hollowness of cries,
There lies a blood-soaked soil,
By the sun of anarchy it is broiled,

Terror combs every street,
In every mind fear roams and fleets,
Lives are cut short,
My prayers get longer,
For Allah is our only resort,
Graveyards get crowded,
In the wrap of uncertainity we remain shrouded,                                           

We search for the winds of peace gone adrift,
From the good and bad, it is hard to sift,
For behind their masks and masquerades,
They’re all the children of one seed,

But deep inside us,
Passion stirs and brews,
For each dark night brings with itself a brighter dawn,
And these dreams of ours will not be of times foregone,
A Pakistan we’ll create that to Iqbal’s philosophy be a mirror,
To the thorns of times, we will not yield,
The wounds of our land will be healed,

We, the sons and daughters of Pakistan, to our ambitions will soar,
Waiting for us to pursue.
And the Pakistan of Jinnah to renew,
As change awaits at our door..”

 – Hafsa Khawaja


One comment on ““Change Awaits At Our Door”

  1. S.Z.H says:

    beautiful 🙂

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